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Supernatural Gen Fic Exchange - Fic: This Bitter Earth 1/2
The Winchesters and the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit investigate the same case, a series of mysterious deaths on the grounds of a South Carolina plantation. For the prompt: "Crossover with Criminal Minds. How do you profile demon hunters?" Set late in the 4th season for both shows, but specifically after "On the Head of a Pin" in the SPN timeline.
supernatural  criminalminds  crossover  length-medium  samwinchester  deanwinchester  derekmorgan  aaronhotchner  spencerreid  case  ghost  during-season4  spn_summergen  gen  art_savage 
august 2013 by ratcreature
Supernatural - presterpress: Black Dog on My Shoulder Again 1/2
When Sam left for Stanford, he planned to leave the hunting life behind him forever. But when he stumbles into a case halfway through his sophomore year, he learns that the most frightening monster of all refuses to be left behind.
spn_summergen  year:2010  fic:Supernatural  SPN:pre-series  SPN:S5  SPN:SamWinchester  SPN:BobbySinger  SPN:Brady  scenario:college  genre:case!fic  genre:episode-related  pairing:none  sex:none  author:sophiap  rating:R  length:10k-25k 
september 2010 by tarod45
Supernatural - spn_summergen: Fic: Fightin' Words for caffienekitty
Sam and Dean have both been through many trials, together and apart. They have lost faith. They have lost hope. They have even lost their lives. And, on more than one occasion, their dignity.
spn_summergen  year:2010  fic:Supernatural  SPN:pre-series  SPN:futurefic(S5)  SPN:SamWinchester  SPN:DeanWinchester  SPN:JohnWinchester  SPN:JimMurphy  genre:humor  genre:crack!fic  comment:Hilarious  pairing:none  sex:none  author:sophiap  rating:PG  length:5k-10k 
september 2010 by tarod45
[Supernatural/Burn Notice] Smoke on the Water, by ?, for claudiapriscus (1/3)
Fantastic crossover from Michael's POV, when the Winchester boys cross his path during a case. She nails all the voices across the board here, and even matches up the shows' timelines.
recs  new_recs  gen  crossover  burn_notice  supernatural  case  spn_summergen 
august 2010 by Arduinna
Supernatural/Burn Notice - spn_summergen: Fic: Smoke on the Water for claudiapriscus (1/3)
Casefic. Former spy Michael Westen has enough problems of his own not least of which is figuring out who burned him and why. Now, on top of that, his mother is accepting jobs on his behalf. He really doesn't have time for this, but when he starts investigating the unsolved deaths of young people in Miami, he finds himself crossing paths with an unlikely pair of brothers. In Michael's line of work, suspicion is par for the course, and he has to figure out whether Sam and Dean Winchester are friends or foes before even more lives are lost.
spn_summergen  year:2010  fic:Supernatural  fic:BurnNotice  xover:SPN/BurnNotice  SPN:S3  BN:S2  SPN:SamWinchester  SPN:DeanWinchester  BN:MichaelWesten  BN:SamAxe  BN:FionaGlenanne  BN:MaddieWeston  BN:Carla  genre:case!fic  genre:crossover  trope:outsider!pov  theme:hurt!Sam  theme:protective  pairing:none  sex:none  author:ratherastory  rating:PG-13  length:25k-50k 
august 2010 by tarod45
Supernatural - spn_summergen: Fic: Life Used to Be So Hard
It’s only their second month, but the girl at the grocery store recognizes Dean as he plonks his purchases on the checkout counter and starts tugging his wallet out of his jeans pocket.
spn_summergen  year:2009  fic:Supernatural  SPN:futurefic(S2)  SPN:SamWinchester  SPN:DeanWinchester  AU:event  theme:domesticity  trope:transformation  scenario:nonhuman  pairing:none  sex:none  author:roque_clasique  rating:PG-13  length:5k-10k 
january 2010 by tarod45
spn_summergen: Art/Fic: Angels in the Architecture 1/3
Crossover with Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles. (Potential spoilers for both seasons of Terminator and season four of SPN.) Both shows are like duct tape; they have a light side and a dark side. So does this story, but the light will prevail.
supernatural  terminator  scc  pre-canon  futurefic  crossover  timetravel  gen  johnconnor  samwinchester  deanwinchester  johnhenry  cameron  spn_summergen  redo-fic  pov-3rd  pov-samwinchester  pov-johnconner  length-medium  davincis_girl 
october 2009 by ratcreature
Supernatural - spn_summergen: Fic: Palindromes
She became the shivering tremble of a whetting stone across the edge of a blade, the heavy scent of gun oil and long afternoons working on the once-hated Impala. AU. John dies on the ceiling, and Mary goes after the YED.
spn_summergen  year:2009  fic:Supernatural  SPN:pre-series  SPN:S1  SPN:SamWinchester  SPN:DeanWinchester  SPN:MaryWinchester  AU:event  AU:alt!childhood  pairing:none  sex:none  author:charlie_d_blue  rating:PG-13  length:5k-10k 
august 2009 by tarod45
spn_summergen: Fic:And Burn the Long-liv'd Phoenix in her Blood
*from the prompt* Mary never died, but she couldn't run from hunting forever (bonus if everyone in the family survives in the AU 'verse)
supernatural  gen  au  pre-canon  pov-dean  pov-mary  pov-3rd  mary-survived  mary's-family-hunted  spn_summergen  deanwinchester  samwinchester  mary  stanford-era  yed  visions  teen-chesters  psychic!sam  h/c  fonapola 
august 2009 by ratcreature
spn_summergen: If the Shoe Fits
the bowling shoes are haunted. sam is traumatized.
spn  casefile  spn_summergen  musesfool 
september 2008 by failing_light
spn_summergen: A Loaded God Complex (1/3)
there's a hostage situation at sam's middle school. medium-crossover.
spn_summergen  spn  teenchesters  awesome  outsider!POV  crossover 
september 2008 by failing_light

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