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Mary Robinette Kowal on Twitter: "Also, I love directions in space. Outboard=away from the station Nadir=under (toward Earth) Zenith=over (away from Earth) Fore=to the front of the ISS (in the direction of orbit) Aft = back Port = left Starboard=right"
“Also, I love directions in space.

Outboard=away from the station
Nadir=under (toward Earth)
Zenith=over (away from Earth)
Fore=to the front of the ISS (in the direction of orbit)
Aft = back
Port = left
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11 weeks ago by ceargaest
T - 10 Minutes until an incredibly bright - pass over the UK.

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july 2019 by alvar
RT : T - 30 Minutes until the second - pass over the UK

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july 2019 by scottkeir
Tiangong-1 frequently asked questions • Rocket Science
There's an 8.5-tonne Chinese space station that's out of control and is going to crash to Earth in a few weeks:
<p>Due to the orbital inclination of the Tiangong-1, approximately 42.8 degrees, and the likely uncontrolled nature of the reentry, the final impact point can be anywhere on Earth between 42.8 degrees North and 42.8 degrees South in latitude.

<img src="" width="100%" />
<em>Map showing the area between 42.8 degrees North and 42.8 degrees South latitude (in green), over which Tiangong-1 could reenter. Graph at left shows population density. Credit: ESA CC BY-SA IGO 3.0</em>

As you can see in the chart at right in the map above, the re-entry location itself is not uniformly distributed. Due to the geometry of the craft’s circular orbit, the probability of reentry happening at the maximum (42.8 degrees N) and minimum (42.8 degrees S) latitude are higher than at the equator.

Why is this?

Because of the low eccentricity and non-polar inclination of the orbit (in other words, because the orbit of the space station around the Earth is circular and at an angle with respect to the equator), the space station spends more time near the edges of the band then it spends crossing the equatorial region of Earth. This leads to a higher likelihood of reentry occurring near the edges of the latitude band, i.e., the top and bottom of the band in the map above.</p>

More updates <a href="">here</a>. Have you booked that quick break holiday to northern Europe/Canada/Antarctica yet?
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march 2018 by charlesarthur

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