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Racing the Moon by esteefee
Post-EatG and declassification, John and Cam are sent on a press junket. Cam's the pretty one.
sga  sg1  john/cameron  esteefee  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
8 hours ago by tittakv
Little Kisses
My (21M) flatmate (20M) keeps giving me lil kisses when he thinks I'm asleep. How do I ask him to do it when I'm awake too?
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  earthside  sweet  cute  first!time  romance  1000-9999 
20 hours ago by popkin16
Far Better Things
Detective John Sheppard arrives on assignment in Fullwood, a small town where memories - and animosities - run deep.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  pre-slash  brumeier  1000-9999 
20 hours ago by popkin16
Keeping Up With The Joneses
While Teyla is on maternity leave for her second child, Sheppard decides to train up Captain Jason Jones to become a team leader. As Sheppard and JJ seem to become fast friends, Rodney feels more and more left out. He decides that in order to gain Sheppard's attention back, he will have to become what he believes Sheppard desires - stoic and manly.
sga  mcshep  canon  angst  jealousy  pining!rodney  pining!john  team  gorgeous/favorite  10000-29999 
20 hours ago by popkin16
Page Torn
It never occurred to David that maybe he was supposed to be the one to reach out.
sga  mcshep  canon  angst  outside.pov  established!relationship  0-999  jeannie.miller 
3 days ago by popkin16
Everything Works Out Fine by Valmouth
John does what got him into this mess in the first place- he thinks about where he is in the universe. And then he thinks about where Cam is. And oddly, he doesn’t see any reason why they have to be in two different places at all. It’s odd because he doesn’t do big romances, gay or otherwise.
sga  sg1  john/cameron  valmouth  post-series  wordcount:10.000-19.999  futurefic 
3 days ago by tittakv
John doesn’t remember who kisses first.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  hot  pwp  1000-9999 
3 days ago by popkin16
evilauthorday | Kindred by Keira Marcos
John sacrifices the last of his humanity to save McKay

[McKay will die without power and John allows Atlantis to transform him enough that he can charge the ZPM.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:dreamwidth  site:ead  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  sentient!atlantis  plot:transformation!genetic  ata!sheppard  ancient!sheppard  ancient!device!contretemps  bashing!carter  de-aged!mckay  de-aged!sheppard  -rating:3/5  saved 
4 days ago by dievillain
evilauthorday | The Reckoning by Keira Marcos
Sheppard is re-activated and promoted to a full bird to replace Ellis at Atlantis after the Wrath find Earth.
f:stargate  sga  sg1  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:dreamwidth  site:ead  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  fullbird!sheppard  ata!sheppard  kickass!sheppard  smart!sheppard  bashing!elizabeth  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 days ago by dievillain
21 Days by Minxie
Cam knows that for all that John hates to talk, once he gets started, once the first crack in the dam is made, it trickles out of him in fits and spurts until he gets to the real issue and then the floodgates break open.
sga  sg1  john/cameron  minxie  post-series  bdsm  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
4 days ago by tittakv
Epiphany by Minxie
It takes months, but John finally has an epiphany.
sga  sgc_au  atlantis_au  john/cameron  minxie  bdsm  bigbang  wordcount:20.000-29.999 
5 days ago by tittakv
Nothing I Should Care to Leave Behind by busaikko
While staying in Pegasus with not much to do and too much time to think, Cam works hard not to make a decision. He manages okay, until he gets stranded on an uninhabited planet with John Sheppard.
sga  sg1  john/cameron  busaikko  post-series  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
5 days ago by tittakv
Unhealthy Attachment - amireal - SGA - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
John woke up again, later. Or at least he assumed it was later since the shadows were all slanted differently.

"Awake again, huh? Give me a minute to finish this-- ah there we go." A face peered over him, looking grumpy and unshaven. "Are you uncomfortable? Not that I care."

John blinked a lot.

The face frowned. "Do you have some sort of brain damage? Because that's not on your chart and it's really not fair if they don't warn me about something like that."

Maybe he needed more drugs.
sga  RodneyMcKay/JohnSheppard  Mature 
5 days ago by leahclaire
Five Years Later by bluflamingo
Five years after John joined SG-5

*** Part 3 of Grey Skies
sga  sgc_au  john/cameron  bluflamingo  short  wordcount:0-999 
5 days ago by tittakv
Back to You
When Atlantis finally got the go-ahead to return to Pegasus, Rodney didn’t go with them. He stayed on Earth, with Jennifer. As the months pass, though, Rodney finds he misses more about his time in Atlantis than he realized. He also realizes—with a little help from one Jeannie Miller—that perhaps his unrequited crush on his best friend may not be as unrequited as he’d originally thought. So, newly single, Rodney sets plans in motion to move back to Atlantis but his return is not what he thought it would be.

John Sheppard has gone missing and no one knows where he is. In order to find out if John returns his feelings, Rodney first has to find him.
sga  mcshep  canon  earthside  angst  romance  first!time  hurt/comfort  team  sweet  30000-49999 
5 days ago by popkin16
Gray Skies Surround Me by bluflamingo
He still thinks he’s maybe dreaming, because there’s a man, sitting by his bed. A man in Air Force dress blues, smart, blond, head bent, still pretty, even half turned away
sga  sgc_au  john/cameron  bluflamingo  preslash  wordcount:10.000-19.999  episode_related  vegas_au 
6 days ago by tittakv

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