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Kinky Retail Professionalism
Hot Not Homeless Prosthetic Arm Queer Guy brought Captain America and Falcon to my goddamn store today."
Avengers  Bucky/Sam/Steve  00-03  Slash  Polyamory  Threesome  Fluff  SexShop  Author:DiraSudis  OutsiderPOV 
september 2014 by LilyC
I knew I should have taken that off after 25 mintues.
SheBop, a "female friendly sex toy boutique," in Portland, Ore., has a great blog where they post comprehensive guides, among other things, on less-often addressed sex and sex-toy issues like the sex toy cleaning guide, Lube 101, how to use a cock ring, and the lowdown on Kegel exercises. Probably NSFW.
cockrings  kegels  lube  nsfw  oregon  portland  sex  sexshop  sextoys  shebop  from google
july 2011 by katyggls
The Grrrl | Stargate Atlantis slash fan fiction
An outtake from "Scenes from a Vacation". John and Rodney discover the Leather Master of Key West shop.
sga  slash  thegrrrl  earthside  pwp  mckay/sheppard  humor  mmmchelle  length-short  establishedrelationship  kink  toys  sexshop  experiments  tense-past  pov-3rd  pov-sheppard 
august 2008 by ratcreature
All Dudley wanted to do was deliver the letter and return to his perfectly normal, relatively pleasant existence. Luckily for him, fate and Millicent Bulstrode intervened.
hp  dudleydursley  millicentbulstrode  dudley/millicent  het  postwar  sexshop  knockturnalley  harrypotter  firsttime 
april 2008 by ratcreature
SexShop - KONASUTRA - Sex Shop
Altough with a name kind of nasty it's a reasonable shop.
february 2006 by pedrosanta

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