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Email Deliverability Solution | SendGrid
SendGrid's SMTP service provides reliable email delivery from their cloud-based SMTP servers.
mailing  service 
15 hours ago by dpcat237
rails/activeresource: Connects business objects and REST web services
"Active Resource (ARes) connects business objects and Representational State Transfer (REST) web services. It implements object-relational mapping for REST web services to provide transparent proxying capabilities between a client (ActiveResource) and a RESTful service (which is provided by Simply RESTful routing in ActionController::Resources)."
rails  rubyonrails  model  activeresource  resource  REST  API  web  service 
18 hours ago by ebouchut
oratio — Billions of customers only a conversation away
Offer customer service through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger with oratio – personally and at scale.
promotion  mobile  service  customer_service 
yesterday by dpcat237
Laser Cutting and Engraving – Your Product Designs Custom Made By Our Designers and Robots, Fast - Ponoko
Laser cutting and 3D printing for makers & businesses – Get your product designs custom made by our designers and robots, fast - Ponoko
3d  diy  laser  printing  3dprinting  service  cnc 
yesterday by ctirpak

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