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The easiest way to create and share read-only versions of your calendar with whoever you want.
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7 hours ago by sfriedenberg
Translate your website | Localize.js
Website translation is easy with Localize.js. Launch a localized version of your web application in just a few minutes.
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7 hours ago by inxilpro
What service objects are not — Medium
Service Objects show what an application does.
They are easy and fast to test since they are small objects with one entry point.
They use dependency injection heavily so they are loosely coupled with the rest of the application
Service Objects encapsulates a single process of our business.
They are Rails independent and don’t know the surrounding application context.
They can model domain behavior.
Service Objects have no state, they are identified by their actions.

class CreateTask
include Wisper::Publisher

def call(attributes)
task = Task.create(attributes)

if task.valid?
publish :success, task
publish :error, task

class TasksController < ApplicationController
def create
create_task_service.on :success { |task| render_json task }
create_task_service.on :error { |task| render_error task }

def create_task_service
@create_task_service ||=
service  rails  ruby  pattern 
8 hours ago by hellsten
Translate your website | Localize.js
Automatic website localization
Translate your website with one line of code
javascript  localization  service 
10 hours ago by forestinsb
Placeit: Free Product Mockups & Templates
Placeit creates instant product mockups. Let’s say you want to create an iPhone mockup for your new app or an iPad mockup in a work setting. You just provide us with the screenshot or URL of the site and we’ll generate as many device mockups as you’d like.
images  mobile  generator  service  online  photography 
11 hours ago by taffit
Amazon brings one-hour delivery to New York City with Prime Now | The Verge
Amazon today announced a new service called Prime Now, which promises one-hour delivery for a range of "daily essentials." The service is available for Amazon Prime subscribers, and launches today...
amazon  prime  delivery  service  now  one  hour  the  verge 
16 hours ago by mbspb - Never Wait on Hold Again | Virtual Queuing
Lucyphone is a free tool that waits on hold for you when you call customer service.
service  tools  customer_service  productivity 
yesterday by bradbarrish

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