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entregas/delivery as a service. Uber.
yesterday by fiatjaf
"Transcribe audio to text with our online transcription software"
transcription  service 
yesterday by stumax
Gingko App
Gingko is a new kind of tool, that lets you shape your ideas
with lists, outlines and cards, all in the same clean interface.
writing  text  editor  service 
yesterday by segfault
Better Code Hub
Better Code Hub guides you in writing Better Code.
development  github  service  code  java  javascript  python  ruby  c++  php  swift  go  quality 
yesterday by keimlink
Know about security vulnerabilities affecting your dependencies and projects.
security  service  commandline  ruby  python  javascript  php  packaging  vulnerabilites  development 
yesterday by keimlink
Kate Tarling – Medium
Strategy, design, research and evidence-based practice for organisations and startups.
service  design 
yesterday by rwalbutt
What is Blackbox?
Blackbox is a shipping company for independent artists. We take care of everything that happens after your customers click the “buy” button… the checkout process, credit card processing, customer service, and the worst part, the actual shipping. We’ll even pay your sales taxes for you.
ecommerce  service  shipping  indy  independent  artist  fulfilment  cards 
yesterday by msanders

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