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Dealerships Use RFID to Connect With Service Customers
Greeting a customer quickly is the start to a good service-lane experience, according to J.D. Power. In its 2016 U.S. Customer Service Index study, the firm found CSI scores rose 44% if a service-lane customer was greeted within two minutes of arrival. 

Texting a customer with repair progress information also boosted CSI scores, especially with younger customers. In the J.D. Power study, 37% of Gen X and 38% of Gen Y customers preferred to receive information via text or email.  But, few dealerships provide service information that way, says J.D. Power.
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22 hours ago by automotive
The definitive guide to making a successful SAP S/4 HANA business case - by @dahowlett
"It's been a long time a-coming but I think we have finally got the bones of what an SAP S/4 HANA business case ought to look like. Here it is, along with some numbers."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  customer  service  management  frictionless  enterprise  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work 
23 hours ago by jonerp
Hound - Your code, always in style.
Hound comments on style violations in GitHub pull requests, allowing you and your team to better review and maintain a clean codebase.
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yesterday by tkab
Turbo-boost your curation to break through the noise - by @jonerp
"We're all curators, but often in a half-baked way. There is value in taking it further. Here's my motivational case on why it's worth the effort - along with some real world examples from enterprisey curators."
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2 days ago by jonerp
Google Cloud Stackdriver - Hybrid Monitoring
Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics for applications on Cloud Platform and AWS.

Google Stackdriver provides powerful monitoring, logging, and diagnostics. It equips you with insight into the health, performance, and availability of cloud-powered applications, enabling you to find and fix issues faster. It is natively integrated with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and popular open source packages. Stackdriver provides a wide variety of metrics, dashboards, alerting, log management, reporting, and tracing capabilities.
google  monitoring  online  service  logging  cloud-computing  Amazon 
2 days ago by liqweed
Google Cloud Archival Cloud Storage - Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
Highly available, affordable solutions for backup, archival and disaster recovery.

Redefining Archival Cloud Storage.

Nearline and Coldline offer ultra low-cost, highly-durable, highly available archival storage. Coldline is ideal for cold storage - data your business expects to touch less than once a year. For warmer storage, choose Nearline: data you expect to access less than once a month, but possibly multiple times throughout the year. Both options are available across all GCP regions and provideunparalleled sub-second access speeds with a consistent API.
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2 days ago by liqweed

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