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File: README — Documentation for mimic (0.4.4)
"Mimic is a testing tool that lets you set create a fake stand-in for an external web service to be used when writing integration/end-to-end tests for applications or libraries that access these services.

There are already some good tools, like FakeWeb which let you stub requests at a low-level which is fine for unit and functional tests but when exercising our code through integration or end-to-end tests we want to exercise as much of the stack as possible.

Mimic aims to make it possible to test your networking code without actually hitting the real services by starting up a real web server and responding to HTTP requests. This lets you test your application against canned responses in an as-close-to-the-real-thing-as-possible way.

Also, because Mimic responds to real HTTP requests, it can be used when testing non-Ruby applications too."
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yesterday by ebouchut
Course: Development Impact & You: Learning Modules - DIYLearntoolkit_1.0
The Open University has partnered with Nesta and The Rockefeller Foundation to create DIY Learn, an online learning programme in innovation. Based on Nesta’s DIY Toolkit, it includes ten practical modules. The DIY Toolkit  is quick to use, simple to apply and designed to help busy development practitioners invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results. DIY Learn has been designed to support a deeper understanding of how to get the most out of the Tools.
design  development  society  service  innovation  change  transformation  impact  toolkit 
yesterday by juliantait
Next generation financial management for your small and medium-sized business
service  finance 
2 days ago by fabioyamate
Twilio - APIs for Text Messaging, VoIP & Voice in the Cloud
Build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication APIs for every application.
api  messaging  voice  video  service 
2 days ago by vistur
DoNotPay - get free legal help in under 30 seconds.
Get help to appeal hour parking ticket, for free - by a online lawyer bot!
admin  service  free  finance  legal 
2 days ago by JohanHWB

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