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instantly share data with anyone and make it searchable

from the people from Fieldbook.
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yesterday by fiatjaf
Word Service
Transform words to sentence case, remove smart quotes, etc.


WordService provides a large number of commands for working with selected text:
Reformat text paragraphs
Clean up tabs, quotes, line endings
Remove unwanted text parts
Sort lines or paragraphs
Change case
Shift paragraphs right or left
Obscure using Rotate 13
Insert date, time, or file path
Get text statistics
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yesterday by saltcreek
RDI Corporation Careers and Employment |
Research and review RDI Corporation jobs. Learn more about a career with RDI Corporation including all recent jobs, hiring trends, salaries, work environment and more.
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yesterday by wmaceyka
【分享】知道Pgeon Delivery的服务有段时日了,浏览网站后也大致理解其操作。只是一直没有实际使用和体验。前几天向一位书友买了几本童书,交涉后知道对方可以安排Pgeon,于是就请对方做出相关安排,结果对方10月2日傍晚把包裹交到蒲种的Pgeon点寄出,我隔天下午就收到短信通知可以到住家附近的Pgeon点自提包裹。回家时顺路去领取了包裹。只需要展示手机上的短信(追踪号码),之后工作人员点击里头的链接就会出现一组barcode,扫描确认后就可以把包裹带走了,挺方便的!
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yesterday by lohsingyee
How Workday Bridges the Gap between Amazon and OpenStack
"“What I will strongly recommend is to build something,” Magana advised. “I keep calling it ‘middleware,’ but something that abstracts the back-end platform, your pipeline system, from the way to deliver your application artifact to production. I strongly recommend that.”

It is nothing like Aporeto’s CEO described it: succumbing to the relentless will of a monopolistic beast with its sights set on world domination. If anything, Workday’s strategy is a do-it-yourself program for making global public cloud deployment viable for an organization that is not, and may not ever be, rooted there to begin with."
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2 days ago by jonerp
sdwolfe32/trumail: A Fast and Free Email Verification API written in Go
trumail - :email: :white_check_mark: A Fast and Free Email Verification API written in Go
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2 days ago by reorx

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