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Stamplay | Connect. Automate. Invent.
The modular backend platform for web developers.
Create web applications without writing ton of backend code.
stamplay  webdev  nodejs  api  baas  backend  webapp  service  hosted  201504 
8 hours ago by jakoubek
Droplet: The Smartest Button You'll Ever Press by Sohan Japa — Kickstarter
"Droplet is a wireless button that can be attached to anything that needs a reminder.
Whether it’s a reminder to take your medication, feed the fish, floss at night, or take out the trash, simply attach Droplet to an object and tap it when you complete the task. Droplet will record it through the dedicated app so you can keep track of your activities and goals. Droplet can be set to only remind you if you have forgotten the task and won’t bombard you with unnecessary notifications and reminders."
Nymote  device  IoT  crowdfunding  service  from iphone
17 hours ago by amirmc
Instant status overview of all the services you depend on.
service  uptime  monitoring 
yesterday by sebastianmarkow
better customer service for small business
customer  service  facebook  chat  saas 
yesterday by pdurlej
music to boost concentration
music  productivity  service  streaming 
yesterday by pdurlej
Rapid Prototyping Services | ExOne Parts on Demand
Need Parts? ExOne offers full 3D printing and rapid prototyping services through Production Service Centers across the globe. Click to learn more.
ondemand  3d  printing  service  metal 
yesterday by salokin
Upload service.
File Upload Widget, Cloud Storage with API, and CDN
files  upload  image  service 
yesterday by nsteiner

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