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Short-term File Sharing — Torpedo
You don't leave important packages outside forever. Why let the files you send hang around forever in the cloud? Torpedo's share links self-destruct as soon as your file is downloaded. Drag any file to the menu bar. Choose 48 hours or one download.
file  sharing  online  service 
10 hours ago by jfehlis
By following the lean coffee approach, Qoffee allows you to keep your meetings on track by enforcing talking points, and allowing attendees to choose what to discuss.
scheduling  service  meeting 
11 hours ago by kiranmaxweber
Biicode: c++ dependency manager
biicode is a file-based deps manager for C and C++. Build your projects from scratch with one include. Code reuse made simple!
development  programming  service 
13 hours ago by objectx
Mix, Share and Play Without Limits
web  service  storage 
14 hours ago by pluser
Miniver Cheevy: Policy violations
RT @MrAlanCooper: "every organization works…because people violate policy out of their sense of professionalism."
policy  violations  organizations  design  user  ux  business  service 
yesterday by tham

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