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HUBzero - Home
"HUBzero ® is a powerful, open source software platform for creating dynamic web sites that support scientific research and educational activities"
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1 hour ago by tsuomela
ViziCities - See your city in revolutionary ways
ViziCities is a 3D city and data visualisation platform, powered by WebGL.
visualization  service  opensource 
4 hours ago by masterjo
Terminals are virtual computers that start, resize, and scale in seconds.
service  hosting 
10 hours ago by junya
The Great Subaru Service Swindle (now capped price servicing) - Subaru - Automotive
Every 12,500 kms OR 6 months


Whichever comes first.

Are you f'n kidding me. How can they possibly justify servicing a car that has travelling 5000kms.

How about 12,500 kms OR 12 months. A bit more reasonable.

I get the impression Subaru see a nice little market in servicing, trying to convince people their cars are so specialized that only dealers can service them and they need regular servicing just to keep them so unique.

Service intervals in USA don't match those in Australia, from what I can gather they get longer time frames.
Subaru  Forester  service  Whirlpool 
16 hours ago by coffeebucket
"Get more out of RSS, for free".
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yesterday by brunogasparromualdo

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