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mobile customer service software and in-app help desk solutions
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8 hours ago by pdurlej
A framework for scheduled integrations between popular services
ruby  saas  integration  service 
yesterday by otis
Wami MAP | OSM data for everyone, easily.
Sei pronto ad incontrare il tuo amico del posto?
map  api  osm  service 
yesterday by raberaucht
"Personal book makers, authors, photographers, business people—whoever you are, welcome. Blurb's independent publishing platform gives you the ability to create, publish, sell, and distribute photo books, trade books, and magazines in print and digital formats. We're here to simplify self-publishing for everyone."
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yesterday by markhgn
The Problem With International Development—and a Plan to Fix It | New Republic
nd rich countries need to spend less time debating how to divide up the tiny sliver of our GDP we spend on development and more time figuring out how to leverage our vast economic and political power to let it happen on its own.
james  jon  development  service  africa 
yesterday by pia
IPAA Courses for 2014 to 2015
per email from DPC list
IPAA’s Public Sector Events, Forums, Workshops and Training Courses
iapp  public  service  training  courses 
2 days ago by fang

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