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How a Mat Rental Service Can Keep Your Gym Clean, Safe, and Well Represented
While a mat rental service is a useful resource for businesses across many industries, it can be an especially helpful tool for fitness centers.
mat  rental  service 
2 hours ago by Adventure_Web
These Are The Mind Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money
A skilled server can sell you anything, again and again. They will up-sell you, get the best tips out of you and you will come back and do it again. … So, if you employ good salespeople and sell a good product, your customers come back. Good sales is about amplifying honesty.
restaurant  hospitality  service  pricing  sales 
3 hours ago by soobrosa - URL Scanner is a service for detecting and analyzing web-based malware. It provides detailed information about the activities a browser does while visiting a site and presents the information for further analysis.
security  service  work  sysadmin 
5 hours ago by kr4d
Integromat - The glue of the internet
Integromat is the glue of the internet
Integromat is the most advanced online automation platform. We've redefined work automation so everyone can get back to what matters the most.
automation  ifttt  productivity  service  zapier  integration  webservice  webhooks 
8 hours ago by sebbi
Filmstro | Adaptive Music Library & Software
"Download static versions of all our royalty-free music tracks for FREE. YouTube cleared. Explore the library and start creating!"

"Three sliders, infinite possibilities. Create unique and moving soundtracks for your films and videos. No musical experience necessary."
music  online  service  shop  video  creative  ux 
yesterday by eric.brechemier
House Cleaning & Handyman Services | Handy
House cleaning, home cleaning, furniture assembly, TV mounting and other handyman services. Book in 60 seconds. Top-rated local professionals. Handy Happiness Guarantee.
home  service  cleaning 
yesterday by davidmerrique
Java Obfuscator - Lite
"Obfuscates" Java code by converting it to unicode escaped characters. Okay for showing off code, but not for handing out code.
java  code  service 
yesterday by edzard

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