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"Have an issue with a business?
Let us make it right.

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yesterday by cosmic
Notifico is an open-source replacement for the now-defunct service. Notifico receives messages from services and scripts and delivers them to IRC channels.
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yesterday by slav0nic
swissmiss | Truebill
Truebill helps you find and track your paid subscriptions, fees, and other charges and cancel unwanted payments. Definitely giving this a try.
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yesterday by jfehlis – Browse public files in KBFS
Serves content straight out of public directories in the Keybase filesystem. For example, if you drag and drop a file into /keybase/public/yourname, it will be available on, instantly.
privacy  security  filesystem  hosting  online  service  sharing  P2P 
2 days ago by liqweed
Keen IO - Analytics for Developers
Keen IO is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to collect, analyze, and visualize events from anything connected to the internet.
analytics  api  javascript  metrics  service 
2 days ago by kimroen

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