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Ravage Mix Series 101 | Ryan James Ford by Ravage | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Ravage Mix Series 101 | Ryan James Ford by Ravage Ryan James Ford [ Clone Basement Series • SHUT • MDR ] CA RA:
 IG: FB: SC: @ryanjamesford Follow Ravage here:
ifttt  soundcloud  Clone  Basement  SHUT  MDR  ACR  Repitch  Berlin  Ravage  Mix  Series  Amsterdam  "Ryan  James  Ford"  "Dream  Ticket"  "Marcel  Dettmann  Records"  favorite 
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Driving Nascar Cup Series GIF by Homestead-Miami Speedway - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF sports, sport, race, cars, racing, nascar, driving, fast, drive, speed, dash, bolt, sprint, faster, momentum, adrenaline, agility, fastest, homestead, homestead-miami speedway, nascar cup series, homestead miami, homestead miami speedway, miami speedway, accelaration Giphy ______
sports  sport  race  cars  racing  nascar  driving  fast  drive  speed  dash  bolt  sprint  faster  momentum  adrenaline  agility  fastest  homestead  homestead-miami  speedway  cup  series  homes 
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Stages of Touch - autoschediastic - Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Geralt longs for solitude, Jaskier longs for legends. One gets what he wants, the other what he needs
thewitcher  geralt.of.rivia  jaskier  geralt/jaskier  series  wip 
3 days ago by vianvamp
He Shall Wait For Eons
Wei Wuxian wakes up further in the past than what was planned for. He waits and watches as time goes by.
fic  au  mdzs  lan.zhan/wei.wuxian  series 
3 days ago by allieyy
Political Education – Red Braid
Every few months, Red Braid Alliance organizes a political education series called Conditions of Struggle, which helps us sharpen our tools for collective analysis and action.
politics  read  education  series  monthly  analysis  action 
3 days ago by markhgn
And You Sure As Hell Can't Lie to Me Now
whisperedstory - Geralt/Jaskier, E --- 3,317

Part 2 of the Truth series

"The ale tastes kinda funny, right?" Jaskier asks and brings the tankard back to his mouth before Geralt can react.

Someone slips Jaskier a truth serum.
ao3  witcher  geralt/jaskier  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  truth-serum  established  sex  series  pov-geralt 
4 days ago by we.are.golden
It's What My Heart Just Yearns to Say
whisperedstory - Geralt/Jaskier, T --- 1,667

Part 1 of the Truth series

Geralt gets hit by a truth spell. His only hope is that he can brew the antidote and break the spell before Jaskier notices. But of course luck is never on a witcher's side.
ao3  witcher  geralt/jaskier  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  truth-serum  pining  first  series  pov-geralt 
4 days ago by we.are.golden
Peliculas y series online
peliculas  series  online 
4 days ago by beradia
Living For Love by Tasha
(Sequel to Revenge For Love) Set in an alternate season 3, the story picks up about a week after Revenge For Love ended. Faith and Wesley arrive in Sunnydale, and sparks fly all around. Identities and truths clash with lies and the past. Also thrown in are bits of chaos that Ethan Rayne would be proud to see. The PTB (Powers That Be) decide to interfere in things the rest of the Scoobies wish they wouldn't have. The Council still can't get it through their heads that Sunnydale is off limits. True loves grow, other relationships emerge, old enemies become new again, and new enemies are found. Through it all we shall learn that death is not the end of life for some, merely a new beginning.
Character:Spike  Time:BTVS:Season3  Words:25k-50k  Character:DawnSummers  Character:Faith  Character:WillowRosenburg  Character:Wesley  Character:JoyceSummers  Series  Character:Buffy  Character:XanderHarris  Status:WIP  Fandom:Buffy  Site:DarkSolace  Character:RupertGiles 
4 days ago by Mieeka
Out of the Bin and Into Your Heart
"Lan Zhan!” Wuxian exclaims as soon as the door to Lan Wangji's apartment opens. “Fake-date me!”

The door slams shut in his face.

or, The Best Laid Plans of Wei Wuxian.
fic  au  mdzs  lan.zhan/wei.wuxian  fake.relationship  series 
5 days ago by allieyy
Stages of Touch: Discovery
autoschediastic - Geralt/Jaskier, E --- 8,627

Part 1 of the Stages of Touch series

Geralt longs for solitude, Jaskier longs for legends. One gets what he wants, the other what he needs.


Geralt glances at Roach as if she has some advice on dealing with a benignly-addled bard. She offers her usual snorting judgement about his life choices and carries on nibbling at flowers. He takes a long, slow drink from his skin and weighs over a half century of experience against Jaskier’s inexplicable determination to stick close. "Are you trying to ask me for a fuck?"
ao3  witcher  geralt/jaskier  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  banter  first  bj  fuck-buddies  series  pov-mixed 
5 days ago by we.are.golden
you and me and the ghosts make three
When Ryan was a kid, he fell into a pile of bricks. They were playing hide and seek, and he thought he had the best hiding spot: high up in a thickly lush tree, his knees drawn to his chest so that he’d blend in. But the branch broke. He hit his head and doesn’t remember much of what happened after that. When he woke up a few hours later, the sun was setting, and his friends were gone, and his parents were calling for him, their flashlights swinging across the grass. There’d been blood on his bangs.

Anyway, now he can see ghosts.

Kind of.

Look, he’s not great at it.


Or: Ryan, personally, has three lists: “NICE GHOSTS,” “GHOSTS I DON’T FUCK WITH,” and, “IDK, SPOOKY STUFF.”
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  romance  first!time  series  10000-29999  humor  angst  gorgeous/favorite 
6 days ago by popkin16
No recess from love
Wei Wuxian risks another incursion outside the Cloud Recesses' domains to get his precious jars of Emperor's Smile. Will Lan Wangji thwart his plans once more?
fic  au  mdzs  lan.zhan/wei.wuxian  series 
6 days ago by allieyy
The One Where Ryan Aten't Dead
"Great news!" Ryan said, grinning ear to ear. "I'm dead!"
buzzfeed:unsolved  canon  angst  romance  first!time  humor  series  1000-9999  siriaeve 
6 days ago by popkin16
Something Yet to Learn
“Wei Wuxian,” the man grits out, and he pauses with one hand reaching for the door handle. The disciple who had come in to speak to Lan Qiren brushes past him and exits the pavilion without a backwards glance. Wei Wuxian turns back to Master Lan, one eyebrow tilting up in question. “An urgent matter has come up,” Lan Qiren says, every word sounding like it’s being forcibly dragged from him. “His Excellency requests my presence. Their current instructor is ill, I was meant to take over classes for today,” he continues, gesturing towards the tiny juniors. He swallows heavily, and the next sentence sounds bitter. Choked. “I cannot leave them unattended.”

Wei Wuxian just blinks at him.


Wei Wuxian is asked (under duress) to babysit a class of tiny Lan cultivators for just a few minutes. A few minutes turns into an hour, turns into two hours, turns into an impromptu literal field trip and now there's an entire class that is weeks ahead of their curriculum, their most junior disciples have apparently imprinted on Wei Wuxian like baby birds, and Lan Qiren has no one to blame but himself.
fic  mdzs  lan.zhan/wei.wuxian  post-canon  series 
6 days ago by allieyy
Wait, What?
Time travel from the outsider perspective mostly looks like you somehow missed *a lot* of character and relationship development.

AKA, that time sixteen-year-old Wei WuXian showed up at Cloud Recesses, took one look at Lan WangJi and declared, "That's my future husband!" ... and Lan WangJi said, "Mm"
fic  au  mdzs  lan.zhan/wei.wuxian  series 
6 days ago by allieyy

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