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Sealie - Somnus
the team & Carson go off-world, find a Healer hall with a dangerous android
sga  sealie  gen  missions 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie
Sealie - Cusp
Rodney & John & Carson use the chair to figure out odd, malicious behavior from Atlantis
sga  sealie  gen  sentientatlantis  ancientdevice 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie
jimandblair: SPN: Two Comment/Prompt fics
U of how Dean reacted about Castiel being in the hospital. Dean actually goes and gets Castiel himself. This means seeing Castiel on the hospital bed, in a hospital gown. And there's nothing more adorable and heartbreakingly cute than Castiel in a hospital gown. Therefore, hugs happen./ Prompt: People don't touch Castiel, and he prefers it that way. (Or, the real reason why he paused before taking Sam's hand, and stared each time Anna made physical contact.)
spn  dean/castiel  gen  yr:2010  len:1001-5000  [PG]  sealie  season_5  spn:ep:2MinutesToMidnight  Castiel:drunk 
june 2010 by dossier1013
Two Fan Fic Addicts - There was something in the air (SGA/Traders xo) future fic
There was something in the air; everyone was very excited. Grant was not too sure what was happening. It was all very strange and electrifying; there had even been chocolate jello pudding cups served in the mess. He had tried to listen, but he had been integrating the general additive function into a recruitment array with variable extrinsic drivers as explanatory factors and suddenly the coding patterns had made sense. He had been stuck forever. Before he knew it, the light fantastic of R<- source [ref point 1,2] took him back to his lab to solve this world’s mysteries of the atmosphere-ocean interaction.
sga  traders  crossover  yr:2008  len:501-1000  [G]  sealie 
november 2008 by dossier1013
Voyage par Mer
Rodney's cousin, Grant Jansky, ends up on Atlantis.
sealie  crossover  fic  gen  SGA  Traders 
october 2008 by dexwebster
Voyage par Mer - Sealie
"McKay, I know that you're in there," John yelled through the door. He consulted the wadded up piece of paper on which he had written down the private home address that he had wheedled out of Elizabeth.
sga  traders  sealie  earthside  h/c  mckay/sheppard  gen  crossover/fusion 
july 2008 by cunningplan
Chipping Stone
Rodney snapped, “We shared head space -- that doesn’t make us friends. I don’t care if this is the way that you treat people and they accept it. I don’t want it.”
sealie  sga  trope:angst  hurt/comfort  rating:pg13  length:novelette 
may 2008 by spockface
Voyage par Mer
"McKay, I know that you're in there," John yelled through the door. He consulted the wadded up piece of paper on which he had written down the private home address that he had wheedled out of Elizabeth.
crossover  traders  sga  sealie  trope:gen  length:novella  rating:pg 
may 2008 by spockface

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