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A Travesty of Financial History – which bank lobbyists will applaud - New Economic Perspectives
Financial textbook writers tell happy-face fables that depict loans only as being productive and helping debtors, not as threatening social stability.
history  creditors  review  debt  finance  civilisation  opinion 
21 hours ago by markhgn
Neuroscientists' Open Letter To DIY Brain Hackers
We now know that if you take the same subject and do tDCS with exactly the same settings on different days, they can have very different responses. We know there's a huge amount that can actually change what effect tDCS has. What you’re doing at the time tDCS is administered, or before tDCS is administered, has an effect. There are so many different things that can have an effect -- your age, your gender, your hormones, whether you drank coffee that morning, whether you've had exposure to brain stimulation previously, your baseline neurotransmitter level — all of this stuff can affect what tDCS does to your brain. And some of those things vary on a day-to-day basis.
neuroscience  tDCS  brain-hacking  neurohacking  ethics  experiment  review 
yesterday by zzkt
Hasselblad XPan in NYC (II) | – Matthew Osborne Photography
shot xpan with some Eastman Double X? Eastman Double-X 5222 is a film made for motion picture cameras
xpan  panorama  review  cinestill  eastman5222  moviefilm 
yesterday by bwiese - independent tests and reviews of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements
This is a website that tests vitamin supplements and other products in a lab and compares the results. Cost $39 for 12 months.
health  nutrition  consumer  review  science 
yesterday by mmmb
Practice Coding Interviews - Byte by Byte
Coding interviews are hard. That's why you need to practice. I offer practice coding interviews, resume reviews, customized study guides, and much more.
resume  review  personalized  softwaredevelopment  interview  assistance  trainer 
yesterday by lgtout
Fake Controversy, Terrible Comedy | Jacobin
Paul Feig directs as if he were drunk driving, swerving his camera and drifting around woozily while the awkwardly grouped actors try to say their lines. There might have been more laughs if Feig had been willing (or able) to focus on the actors’ delivery and hadn’t instructed his editor to cut precisely at each laugh-killing spot.
Humor  Review 
yesterday by crbassett
Hasselblad vs Kiev 88 | – Matthew Osborne Photography
Could I tell the difference between a photo taken with a Hasselblad and a photo taken with Kiev 88? I think no. Both camera systems can capture sharp images and I think the choice of film used has an equal part to play in the final results. I don’t remember the Kiev 88 ever giving me soft images as such I but just notice that Hasselblad images can look almost forgivingly sharp when stopped down.
hasselblad  review 
yesterday by bwiese
Hasselblad vs Mamiya RZ67 | – Matthew Osborne Photography
I think the Hasselblad has had more beneficial impact on my photography than any other camera.

RZ67: my only complaint is the fact that the Mamiya RZ requires a battery. I found I used the RZ more without a battery and at the 1/400 fixed shutter speed.

501C: My favourite lens is the super sharp Zeiss Makro-Planar 120mm f4 CF lens as it lets me focus closer than the 80mm Planar kit lens and is incredibly sharp.

Both the Hasselblad and Mamiya RZ67 camera systems are capable of producing very sharp images and I cannot call a clear winner here. As such I think it comes down to what camera I enjoy using more. The Hasselblad is smaller, lighter, arguably better built but also more expensive than the RZ. If you are on a tight budget I would say you can capture equally good photos with a Mamiya RZ but if you want a camera system for life I would get a Hasselblad everytime. The Hasselblad 501C will still be with me together with the Leica M3s for years to come where as I think the Mamiyas will come and go.
hasselblad  rz67  review 
yesterday by bwiese
Kodak Ektar vs Kodak Portra Film: Portraits | – Matthew Osborne Photography
I am starting to prefer the pinky-green tones of Fuji Pro 400H vs yellow-orange tones of Portr
filmphotography  film  review  portra  portraits  advice 
yesterday by bwiese

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