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Liz Phair’s ‘The Girly-Sound Tapes’ Sheds Light on a Songwriting Legend In-the-Making | Album Review — Albumism
Liz Phair
The Girl-Sound Tapes
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The Girly-Sound Tapes are three demo tapes recorded by Liz Phair in 1991, two years before the release of her hit 1993 debut album Exile in Guyville. Like a collection of post-collegiate diaries, they’re a manifesto of a woman coming into her own, with a lot to say. The Girly-Sound Tapes were a near-mythological artifact of the ‘90s, impossible to come by in the time before Spotify and iTunes, hyped to exhaustion by those with access.
Now, after decades of an underground-style circulation, Matador has released all three albums together, as a glimpse into where Phair got her start.
Girly-Sound, a moniker that Phair began recording under, winks at expectations. The ultra-feminine implications of “girly” clashes against her dry cynicism and candor, redefining the word. Her music in “feminist” simply in the way it exists, unapologetically made by a woman. The demos are gritty, but not amateurish, and it’s easy to see why they were a sensation.
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Essential Eschatology
Given the over reaction to sensationalist and pop prophecy books by John Hagee and The Left Behind Series, I truly believe that we need to be able to incorporate healthy teaching on eschatology into local discipleship. This book would be a great resource to use for such an endeavor.
John-Phelan  Phelan-EE  review  KC 
19 hours ago by ivp
Mapping Apologetics
Morley’s book did not disappoint me at all. I love how he laid out all the different apologetic approaches and talked about the apologists who have formed and utilized these apologetic methods in their ministries. I also appreciated how he provided some possible criticisms of each approach.
Brian-Morley  Morley-MA  review  KC 
19 hours ago by ivp
Hebrews James RCS
Reading the Reformers in this volume will at once help the reader step outside of their own cultural context, and yet at the same time see that many of the same challenges that were presented to them interpreting and living the Scripture then are still with us today. Pick this up, and add it to your library, especially if you are one who teaches or preaches the Word!
Timothy-George  George-RCS  review  KC 
19 hours ago by ivp
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Angular vs. Knockout: Similarities and Fundamental Differences · Devbridge
BY:Tomas Kirda POSTED ON:12/01/2014 TOPIC:Engineering
Angular vs. Knockout: Similarities and Fundamental Differences

AngularJS and KnockoutJS are JavaScript libraries that help create rich and responsive web UI interactions. KnockoutJS is a library that connects parts of the UI to a data model using declarative bindings. The same can be said about AngularJS, which is where the confusion comes from. The fundamental difference between the two solutions is that AngularJS manages the whole application and defines guidelines on how the application code should be structured, whereas with KnockoutJS the application structure is entirely up to you.

Let’s review some relevant terminology:

Library - a collection of functions used to write web apps. Your code is in charge, and it references the library when it needs to.

Framework - a particular implementation of a web application, where code fills in the details. The framework is in charge, and it references your code when it needs something app specific.

Let’s compare features that are similar and review how they differ.

Data Binding
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When something like Horizon Chase Turbo rears its retro head gasket you can’t help but give in.
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