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LG 34UC98 - The Best 34" UltraWide FreeSync Monitor? - YouTube
Pricing and Availability. ♦Links Below♦ NCIX (CA) - NCIX (US) - AMAZON - My First 34" Curved ...
hardware  review 
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Pensions: Low yields, high stress
In the first article of a series, the Financial Times examines a creeping social and political crisis
pensions  ageingpopulation  investment  decline  valuation  review  impact  FinancialTimes  2016 
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The future of the Electoral Commission: Have your say! | Electoral Commission blog
Now that the high-profile polls of May and June are behind us, we have seized the opportunity to take stock and reflect on what the role of the Commission might or could be in the future.
voting  elections  review  electoralcommission  UK  twitter 
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Nations Can Be Startups, Too - Bloomberg View
Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Estonia, and South Korea could also be thought of as startup nations. Most emerged from war, civil war, the evolution or dissolution of a prior imperial or colonial relationship, or some combination of those factors. In each case there was a chance to start anew and to have founders impose a distinct vision on a new political unit. Just as we doubt that Bill Gates could have founded and grown Microsoft within the confines of the older IBM, so did the success of Estonia require freedom from the Soviet Union and Russia.

The world today seems to have lower potential for startup nations. This is in part because international relations are more peaceful and also because most colonial relationships have receded into the more distant past. Those are both positive developments, but the corresponding downside is not always recognized, namely fewer chances for reshuffling the pieces.
country  startup  review  Estonia  Israel  Singapore  UAE  SouthKorea  CaymanIslands  HongKong  Taiwan  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2016 
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Apple chief Tim Cook’s five years in five charts —
Since succeeding Steve Jobs, Mr Cook has maintained growth but left investors wanting more
Apple  TimCook  management  review  sales  profitability  profit  valuation  FinancialTimes  2016 
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Are universities worth it? —
Valero and Van Reenen find that universities do indeed seem to boost the income of their region. Double a region’s count of universities — say from five to 10 — and GDP per person can be expected to rise by 4 per cent. Double the university count again, from 10 to 20, and that’s another 4 per cent on GDP per person. Neighbouring regions also benefit. This is not a trivial effect.

Valero and Van Reenen are fairly confident that causation doesn’t run the other way — it’s not simply that regions build universities because they expect future growth. But they can’t be sure that there isn’t some third factor at play: perhaps, for example, strong and capable regional governments produce both prosperity and universities.

A more sceptical view comes from Bryan Caplan, an economics professor who, ironically, is the author of a forthcoming book The Case Against Education. Caplan points out — not unreasonably — that many students seem to learn nothing of any obvious relevance to the workplace but, on graduation, they’re rewarded with much better career prospects than non-graduates. Why?

Caplan’s answer is that education is a signal. If employers have no way to tell who is smart and diligent, a student can prove that she fits into that category by excelling in, say, Latin. The Latin is like a peacock’s tail: costly and useless in its own right but a necessary investment.
education  impact  employment  economy  region  geography  review  research  economics  author:TimHarford  FinancialTimes  2016 
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