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A Week With the Retina iMac
Good review of the iMac. I always hate that everyone is so quick to post reviews of a product they have only used for a couple of hours just to be the first to review it. But the cracks in the ice start showing after time. A full week with the iMac can give someone a much better idea of the performance (beyond benchmarks).
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13 hours ago by Evilkow
◉ Writing Reviewable Code
This document is purely advisory. Phabricator works with a variety of revision control strategies, and diverging from the recommendations in this document will not impact your ability to use it for code review and source management.
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15 hours ago by wrrn
A Week With the Retina iMac — Shawn Blanc
Design, tech, writing, and other creative matters.
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18 hours ago by nicoska
Miller’s Crossing | Larsen On Film
Despite the nihilism and violence on display, Miller’s Crossing ultimately argues in favor of a moral code, even in the most corrupt of venues. Byrne’s Tom isn’t always noble, yet he has his own version of loyalty, honesty and self-sacrifice. This is a tragedy, so you can imagine where that gets him in the end. His victory is that he gets there on his own terms.
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21 hours ago by po
Routehappy – Differentiating air travel
Routehappy is the product differentiation platform for air travel
Scores & Happiness Factors
World’s flight rating system and amenities by flight
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23 hours ago by joej2
Adventist Review Online | Current Adventist News
Pope Does It Again … Or Does He?Commentary: Four reasons to double-check what you read about the pope’s comments on evolution. How Student Project on Vegetarianism and Sperm Went ViralThe lead author is surprised that the “very preliminary study” won worldwide attention.
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yesterday by designerbrent
Coda 2.5 Available Now
Coda 2.5 Available Now

Coda is the one of a kind development app for the Mac. I've used it since version 1.0 but the latest update to 2.5 brings back some of the excitement of that first release.

Coda 2.5 for the Mac greatly improves the application interface but one of the big new features is addition of Panic Sync. With Panic Sync, the iOS and Mac contain all of the same sites which can be a pain to do manually.

While I wouldn't recommend Coda as a all around text editor, it simply can not be beat for web development. The integration of a code editor (with syntax highlighting and code completion) with a terminal and database connection is just terrific. I know someone out there is saying that they already have all of these tools separately, but Coda makes them all work better together by creating "sites."

When I connect to Macdrifter for breaking stuff, I get a terminal and SFTP window both directed at the same place. When I connect to NerdQuery, I get a different terminal and file browser plus a connection to the MySQL database. It's so easy it just feels wrong.

Coda is so much more than the individual parts. The code navigator is amazing and the advanced version control options raise the bar for any text editor. The side bar in Coda is full of powerful and precise tools for working on remote servers. Coda is a full blown web development environment and version 2.5 adds some clever new tricks.

The new plugin options really elevate the potentials for one of the best all-in-one web development apps on the Mac. You can develop your own using Panic's plugin kit. I particularly like the CSS colors and RegEx plugins.

The new themes for Coda are already excellent and promising. The color palettes look stunning on version 2.5 partly because it's made to look great on Yosemite. This is a good looking app that is just the right combination of technically advanced and comfortably intuitive.

Check out the Coda examples on their Web site and get the iBook tutorial for free.

One notable change in Coda 2.5 is that it's no longer available as a Mac App Store purchase or upgrade. But Panic took the high road and provides a free transition from the MAS version to the direct download version. They provide full serial number when making the move too. It's not some crackpot authentication that perpetually requires the MAS version to be installed.

Panic is one of the best boutique software development companies on the planet. Their designs are original and their applications are powerful. Coda 2.5 for Mac is Panic at their best.
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yesterday by macdrifter
Synology DS214play Review | techPowerUp
The DS214play also consumes very little energy, which is a tremendous asset for a NAS that will most likely operate around the clock. Its fresh DSM OS even fully supports SSD drives and, more specifically, TRIM and SSD cache; that is, if you have the money to buy large SSDs or your storage needs aren't high. A great feature of modern NAS servers, including those by Synology, surfaces after you take a look at the available applications you can install, since these NAS servers are like small PC systems. These applications create a ton of flexibility, which greatly enhances the NAS's usability. Synology's Package Center delivers as you can choose from a rich variety of applications that cover every user's needs. One of the most interesting is the fresh Surveillance Station 6.1: It transforms the small DS214play into a fully featured NVR (Network Video Recorder) and packs many security features that will meet even the demands of professional security applications. Home users will surely also install Media Server since it allows you to browse and reproduce multimedia files located on the DS214play on DLNA/UPnP devices.

But enough about the many positive aspects of this product as it is now time to mention some of the downsides I spotted. Its price is, for starters, a little higher than that of the direct competition with an HDMI port. I also don't like the fact that both USB 3.0 ports are located at the rear, and I would like it to provide the option to upgrade its RAM total, which would make the DS214play more future proof. Another two minor cons are the lack of numbering on its HDD trays, which I point to in every Synology NAS review because Synology hasn't added any yet, and the inability to format external disks to the NTFS file system. While FAT32 has been included, the much newer NTFS option has not.

To wrap up, it is obvious that you simply can't go wrong if you decide to invest in a Synology product, and today's review is clear proof of this. The DS214play is an excellent NAS, which I would call flawless if it only had an HDMI and a couple audio out/in ports. But not everything in this world is perfect, including the DS214play. Yet I still think that the DS214play is an excellent NAS for use at home, with rich multimedia-streaming capabilities, and it will, according to my multi-client tests, even easily handle the needs of a small office, though its multimedia features would most likely pass by unnoticed in such environments, making the Synology DS214+ a more suitable choice.
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yesterday by m.brittcrane
Adventist Review Online | How Student Project on Vegetarianism and Sperm Went Viral
The lead author is surprised that the “very preliminary study” won worldwide attention. An eye-catching British newspaper headline reading “Vegetarians Have Much Lower Sperm Counts” has turned a formerly little-noticed Adventist student project into an international sensation.
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yesterday by designerbrent
Microsoft Band Hands-On: An Activity Tracker That's Actually Smart
But the Microsoft Band's also doubles as a reference design for the company's ambitious Microsoft Health platform, supporting a whole army of wearables that wants to take all your data, crunch it with the cloud, and hand you back actionable information.
Most devices just collect metrics from your body and notifications from your phone only to yell them back to you. The Microsoft Band wants to give them back to you in useful form.
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yesterday by mstmorris

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