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D’Angelo Reborn - The New Yorker
"D’Angelo harmonizing with himself is one of the most acute pleasures available."
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[1502.07576] Comparison Issues in Large Graphs: State of the Art and Future Directions
Graph comparison is fundamentally important for many applications such as the analysis of social networks and biological data and has been a significant research area in the pattern recognition and pattern analysis domains. Nowadays, the graphs are large, they may have billions of nodes and edges. Comparison issues in such huge graphs are a challenging research problem.
In this paper, we survey the research advances of comparison problems in large graphs. We review graph comparison and pattern matching approaches that focus on large graphs. We categorize the existing approaches into three classes: partition-based approaches, search space based approaches and summary based approaches. All the existing algorithms in these approaches are described in detail and analyzed according to multiple metrics such as time complexity, type of graphs or comparison concept. Finally, we identify directions for future research.
graph-theory  algorithms  strings  representation  combinatorics  data-structures  philosophy-of-engineering  review  nudge-targets  consider:performance-measures 
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Workflow for iOS Update with Article Parser
Workflow for iOS Update with Article Parser

Workflow for iOS is certainly a handy little application. While not as powerful as Pythonista, it's far more simple to work with, due primarily to the clever action design.

The latest update brings support for parsing "articles", which I assume just means the body of a webpage. Whatever it means, I like it. I recently wrote about converting webpages to Markdown for sites that are visitor-hostile. The "Get Article" action in Workflow does something similar.

Here's an example that is a Workflow share-sheet action that accepts URLs. A URL goes in and a plain text version of the page comes out. Here's an example of the process (this is an example from Safari, but it can be used anywhere that I can get a URL).

It may take a second or two based on how much crap is on the page. But it creates a basic reading experience that suits me. It preserves hyperlinks and makes selecting and using the article text simple.

There's a lot more than that in the latest update. Image converters and Giffy search are just two that seem nice.

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