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2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 | First Drive Impressions, Specs | Digital Trends
Mercedes-AMG's GLA45 is the grown-up punk rocker with tattoos up his sleeve
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yesterday by robward
2017 Mercedes-AMG E43 | In-Depth Model Review | Car and Driver
A 21st-century performance sedan that powers past the competition.
This sophisticated sedan hits the sweet spot between high performance and high class. The Mercedes-AMG E43 has a lusty 396-hp twin-turbo V-6, a lively nine-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive—all specially tuned by AMG, Mercedes-Benz’s well-respected performance division. Other standard AMG upgrades include a sharpened air suspension, custom wheel designs, and a unique aerodynamic kit. Indulge in a lavish interior swathed in faux suede and nappa leather and outfitted with cutting-edge tech such as a digitized dashboard and a Burmester superstereo. The E43 has more radar than a navy submarine, which feed an array of onboard systems providing multi-car communication, semi-autonomous driving capability, and enhanced passenger crash protection. Mercedes-AMG have harmonized luxury and capability in their latest mid-size sedan in a way that supersedes all rivals.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Phenomenology of Sociality: Discovering the 'We' // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame
"Thomas Szanto and Dermot Moran (eds.), Phenomenology of Sociality: Discovering the 'We', Routledge, 2016, 337pp., $148.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781138918795."
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yesterday by tsuomela

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