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Can the Google Pixelbook Replace Your Laptop for Photography? | Digital Trends
Historically, Chromebooks haven’t really targeted serious power users, but the $900 Google Pixelbook looked like it could change that perception when it came out last year. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by evansthompson
We Tasted Hummus From 8 Popular Brands and This Was the Clear Favorite  | MyRecipes
There is no doubt that hummus is one of the most amazingly simple yet versatile dips out there. The pureed chickpea- and tahini-based spread is traditionally flavored with fresh lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, and salt. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by evansthompson
Samara's Democracy 360
Samara's Democracy 360, a report card on the state of Canada's democracy. Spoiler Alert: C grade.
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13 hours ago by tcgonline
2018 Volkswagen Golf R Manual Test | Review | Car and Driver
The ultimate Golf, with a price tag to match.
Few vehicles in Volkswagen’s current lineup are as divisive among the Car and Driver staff as the Golf R. Even a casual mention risks stirring the office pundits, triggering impromptu sermons dissecting the Golf R’s price-versus-performance statistics and quoting heavily from the holy book of the Golf GTI, a deity around these parts. It’s not that the R’s detractors don’t recognize its sublime blend of performance, comfort, and utility—after all, collectively, these same folks continue to vote the Golf R onto our 10Best Cars list along with the rest of the Golf lineup—but at $40,635 ($41,735 with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic), its critics say the Golf R simply doesn’t offer the same bang for the buck as the GTI, which starts at $27,265. Equally concerning to some is that it basically looks like a regular old Golf; if you’re going to cross the $40K threshold, they reason, why not move into a badge that carries more cachet?
Speedy and composed, communicative brake pedal, reserved styling.
Traction control not fully defeatable without venturing into software sorcery (or the fuse box), doesn’t look like $40K.
cars  vw  review 
14 hours ago by rgl7194
2017 Porsche Panamera 4S Test | Review | Car and Driver
Serious speed, some sterility.
Any day that we can drive a new Porsche is a good day, although we admit we especially enjoy examples packed to the rain rails with performance-enhancing goodies. There are many such items on the German company’s famously long list of extras, including active suspension systems, carbon-ceramic brake rotors, chest-thumping exhaust systems, aggressive wheel-and-tire combos, and Sport Chrono packages with their dash-mounted lap timers and chassis tweaks. Of course, Porsche’s more sybaritic extras are nice, too, such as massaging seats, megawatt sound systems, and leather-coated iterations of everything from the headliner to the individual vanes of the air vents.
Rip-snortin’ twin-turbo V-6, 911-like cornering grip, no longer looks like it’s wearing a loaded diaper.
More sterile than virile, blatty exhaust note, is it wrong to expect more pizazz for $127K?
cars  porsche  review 
14 hours ago by rgl7194
2018 Jaguar F-type | In-Depth Model Review | Car and Driver
Beautiful, yes, but can it keep up with the competition?
Some people drive cars for the thrill of it—the mind-body-machine connection, the adrenaline rush that accompanies excessive speed, the whoosh of fallen leaves as they spin into a cyclone in the rearview mirror. Some people drive cars because they want everyone else to know how much car they can afford. The Jaguar F-type sits precisely at the intersection of those two desires. The standard F-type, available as a coupe or convertible with a choice of a turbocharged inline-four or one of three supercharged V-6s, is quick—fast, even—and can hold any driver’s attention through curving back roads. But it’s not as brisk or as dynamically proficient as many other cars in its class. To match their speed, you’ll have to shell out big for the wicked R and SVR models, with 550 and 575 horsepower, respectively, from their supercharged V-8s. They are reviewed separately. Sheer horsepower aside, the F-type possesses one of the most distinctive and appealing exterior designs in recent memory and a cackling exhaust note that ensures heads will turn to notice both the car and its driver.
Stunning exterior, entrancing exhaust note, several strong powertrain choices.
Tiny trunk, can’t keep up with its class on the track.
A sight to behold but not a viable alternative to the best in its class if performance is your priority.
cars  jaguar  review 
14 hours ago by rgl7194
This Year’s Model Is Still Elvis Costello at His Angry Best | Consequence of Sound
The album that showed a generation that pop and punk could co-exist
“I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen. There’s no reason to do this song here.”
The words are arguably as famous as any performer has ever uttered on Saturday Night Live. Elvis Costello didn’t get so much as two verses off of “Less Than Zero” before he abruptly waved the song off, instead directing his backing band, The Attractions, to charge into “Radio, Radio”. The choice to abandon one song for another mid-taping was electrifying in its unexpectedness. But playing “Radio, Radio”, a no-holds-bar attack on airwave politics and the way sheep-like consumers play into it, made it a legendary slice of unscripted television. Calling out the commercialization of rock and roll on a show that prided itself on its ability to break new bands was the definition of shitting where you eat.
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14 hours ago by rgl7194
[1603.08270] Convolutional Networks for Fast, Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing
Deep networks are now able to achieve human-level performance on a broad spectrum of recognition tasks. Independently, neuromorphic computing has now demonstrated unprecedented energy-efficiency through a new chip architecture based on spiking neurons, low precision synapses, and a scalable communication network. Here, we demonstrate that neuromorphic computing, despite its novel architectural primitives, can implement deep convolution networks that i) approach state-of-the-art classification accuracy across 8 standard datasets, encompassing vision and speech, ii) perform inference while preserving the hardware's underlying energy-efficiency and high throughput, running on the aforementioned datasets at between 1200 and 2600 frames per second and using between 25 and 275 mW (effectively > 6000 frames / sec / W) and iii) can be specified and trained using backpropagation with the same ease-of-use as contemporary deep learning. For the first time, the algorithmic power of deep learning can be merged with the efficiency of neuromorphic processors, bringing the promise of embedded, intelligent, brain-inspired computing one step closer.
deep-learning  neural-networks  review  optimization  algorithms  hardware 
21 hours ago by Vaguery
Apple HomePod Review - a dumb smart speaker?
Apple has finally made an entrance into the growing home AI assistant market, with their recent release of the long awaited HomePod. First announced back in June of 2017 and scheduled for release by December of 2017. After some delays, only recently has it begun shipping to Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States....

The post Apple HomePod Review – a dumb smart speaker? appeared first on .
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