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Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophets
The Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophets is another of IVP’s successful “black” dictionaries. It’s edited by two respected scholars: Mark Boda and J. Gordon McConville. It is, perhaps, one of the most helpful of these black dictionaries because the prophets are clearly one of the trickiest genres.
Mark-Boda  Boda-DOT:P  review  KC 
22 hours ago by ivp
Understanding Your Teen
In this volume he comes right at the issues that are so prevalent for teens today. He makes you feel at ease by confessing his own shock when his children reach the teenage years even though ministering to families was already his lifework. At 200 pages it’s pitched just right for busy parents today.
Jim-Burns  Burns-UT  review  KC 
22 hours ago by ivp
Why Go for Node.js Developers
When using Go on the server is better than using node.js
golang  javascript  review 
yesterday by archangel
Review Summarizer for Gadget Reviews - 2017
Summary of thousands of user reviews, organized feature wise, along with pros/cons, for easy compare.
amazon  reference  review  reviews  shopping  ai  analysis  apps  online  product 
yesterday by L0bit0
Best MacBook Pro if You Must Have Legacy Ports | iMore
The 15-inch MacBook Pro (2015) is the best MacBook for anyone who wants or needs a wide variety of legacy ports.
The new MacBooks Pro have the best processors and graphics, the deepest color displays, and the fastest ports ever. Full stop. But what they don't have is the ports many people want and need. MagSafe. USB-A. HDMI. SDHC. Thunderbolt 2.
If you're one of those people, then this is the best MacBook Pro for you.
Best overall: 15-in MacBook Pro (2015)
See at Apple
The 15-inch MacBook Pro (2015) doesn't have a TouchBar or Touch ID, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3. What it does have is a MagSafe 2 power connector, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, two USB-A ports (USB 3 spec), an HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an SDHC card slot. And if you absolutely need them, you can get dongles for Ethernet and FireWire. Yeah, it's a legacy dream machine.
Starts at $1999 but you can find them cheaper refurbished.
Bottom-line: The 15-inch MacBook Pro (2015) may not have the latest processors, but it has all the familiar ports.
One more thing: The 15-inch MacBook Pro (2015) also has a traditional scissor-switch keyboard. None of that new, low-travel butterfly-switch stuff.
macbook  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
A comprehensive review of the iPhone X, Apple's newest flagship device
If you’re one of those people (like myself) who upgrades their phone every couple of years, the cycle in which Apple recently found themselves might have seemed troubling.
For a while, the annual upgrade cycle seemed to bring at least one major change with every new iPhone.
A year after the original device was released, the iPhone 3G opened the device up to a world of apps. The 3GS brought a major speed increase to the device, but left the design alone.
When the iPhone 4 came out two years later, it put those apps into a new form factor and gave users a beautiful Retina Display. The iPhone 4s brought us Siri, and the iPhone 5 introduced a taller screen, LTE support, and the Lightning connector. The iPhone 5s unveiled Touch ID, and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus provided the biggest screen size changes ever, along with Apple Pay and a bevy of new features. After that, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus brought some incremental updates to the 6 line. After that, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus brought further incremental updates, like water resistance, at the cost of the headphone jack.
The iPhone X feels like one giant leap.
iphoneX  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
US embassy proves a catalyst for £15bn Nine Elms regeneration project | Art and design | The Guardian
Standing in contrast to dark brick luxury flats, the glass citadel aims to be a benign fortress that is part of a wider rejuvenation of ‘Knightsbridge of the South’
USEmbassy  architecture  review  NineElms  London  Guardian  2017 
yesterday by inspiral
Bitcoin is none of the things it was supposed to be | The Outline
Bitcoin was supposed to disintermediate the finance industry — the system of banks and middlemen and transaction fees in which a single entity can hold your money hostage. Instead, it replicated this system and made it worse. Ordinary users all trust third parties to verify transactions and hold their money. The price is so volatile that no one wants to use Bitcoin for payments. And thanks to the current bubble, the electricity required to maintain the Bitcoin network is skyrocketing.
Bitcoin  disintermediation  review  critique  finance  TheOutline  2017 
yesterday by inspiral
Android Oreo review: conclusion • BirchTree
Matt Birchler:
<p>Honestly, if I could run all of my iOS apps on the Android operating system I think I’d feel a lot better about Android. It’s a lack of consistent quality software on the platform that really drives me away. The vast difference in quality software from non-Google companies is just depressing for someone coming from the iOS world. Websites like MacStories exist almost completely to talk about third party apps on iOS, and there is enough new and exciting software coming out on a regular basis that they can make a business of it. You simply don’t have that on the Android side, as Android-centric sites instead focus mostly on hardware, sales, and what updates Google themselves are making. In the past 2 months with the Pixel 2, the only “exciting” app releases have been AR Stickers for the Pixel 2 camera app and a new file management app made by Google.

As I return to iOS full time, I do intend to keep carrying the Pixel 2 with me for a while. I’ll carry it mostly for the camera, which is indeed quite excellent, but there will also be a few Android features I’ll miss. I’ll miss the superior notification management. I’ll miss the far superior do-not-disturb options. I’ll miss having Google Assistant as my main digital assistant. And I’ll miss picture-in-picture on my phone. I will miss these things, but as I think is very clear by now, I’ll miss those things less than I missed all the goodies iOS brings me.</p>

Nails it about Android news sites. There's really very little to chew on there.
android  ios  review 
yesterday by charlesarthur
Review Summarizer for Gadget Reviews - 2017
Paste any electronic or gadget url from
reference  review 
yesterday by ither
6 open source home automation tools |
With the Internet of Things rapidly expanding the number of connected devices in our homes, finding open source solutions for controlling them is increasingly important.
homeautomation  domotics  library  tool  review 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
The bloodiest campfire story: reading The War Nerd Iliad | Overland literary journal
By treating Homer as ‘poetry,’ we risk falling into a subtle trap. Our modern idea of poetry is cerebral and refined, a niche product created by word-nerds for fellow word-nerds to contemplate. The Iliad and Odyssey may technically be ‘poems’, but they’re also full of slapstick, lowbrow humour and grindhouse gore. Given such content, it’s easy to imagine why oral epics were such a hit at feasts and banquets. Even the Roman literati who imitated Homer loved their slapstick. Writing an honours thesis on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, I was amazed at how much its Perseus behaved like Bugs Bunny, spouting ready wisecracks as he massacred bumbling enemies. This wasn’t the solemn, Wagnerian heroism that far-righters hoped to draw from antiquity!
literature  classics  review  argument  reference  book 
2 days ago by kmt

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