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‘The Monkey King 2’ Review: Soi Cheang’s Superior Sequel | Variety
"Even the supporting roles are more vividly rendered here than in the prequel. Comedian Xiao hogs all the funniest lines but also puts an adult spin on Bajie’s image, accentuating his sleazebag side and blithely chatting up the femme demons who want to turn him into schnitzel. Resembling a Smurf who goes to the gym a lot, Wujing is little more than a brawny simpleton, but at least Law makes him winningly good-natured."

Note to self for future teaching purposes: "a Smurf who goes to the gym a lot."
西遊記  review 
14 hours ago by bokane
Get where you’re going with fewer steps using these 3D Touch shortcuts in Apple Maps
Apple Maps and fantastic 3D Touch shortcuts Christian Zibreg, writing for iDownloadBlog, pulled together this tutorial that walks you through the various ways you can use 3D Touch with Apple Maps.∞ Read this on The Loop Saved for Later, Recently Read The Loop
16 hours ago by bhr1
Using Old Keyboards with iPad +
Using Old Keyboards with iPad Proving that we are getting ever closer to iPads being able to do whatever a Mac can do: here is… Saved for Later, Recently Read + Feed
16 hours ago by bhr1
Beatboxing with Siri
∞ Beatboxing with Siri [VIDEO] Ask Siri to "beatbox" and you'll get one answer. But there's a much more interesting way to get Siri to beatbox. Saved for Later, Recently Read The Loop
16 hours ago by bhr1
Let's get in Formation
Let's get in Formation Saved for Later, Recently Read
16 hours ago by bhr1
An Object at Rest
An Object at Rest Saved for Later, Recently Read
16 hours ago by bhr1
A different design - Content delivery - Research Information
The relentless rise of mobile device use in scholarly publishing is triggering platform developers to review website design, says Rebecca Pool
academia  publishing  websitedesign  mobiledesign  responsivedesign  adaptivedesign  review  ResearchInforrmation  2015 
17 hours ago by inspiral
Repository revolution - Institutional repositories - Research Information
As institutional repositories evolve, library publishers and university presses worldwide are using the systems to publish research papers and more. What will be the impact on traditional publishing models? Rebecca Pool investigates
academia  publishing  openaccess  repositories  review  ResearchInformation  2015 
18 hours ago by inspiral

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