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Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound Processor - Xbox 360
by Turtle Beach
Platform: Windows Vista / 7, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
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22 minutes ago by dominomaster Ear Force DSS 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor: Video Games
Stereo headphones plug in one end, and the optical audio cable in is on the other end. It has a mini-USB port for power on that end as well. I have the power supplied by my PS3 and it works fine, but it does eat up one of my ports (only 2 on those new PS3s). I haven't tried one of those generic AC adapter to mini-usb port plugs, but since usb should have a standard power spec I think this should work if you don't have any other source. As I have it set up, it turns on and off with the PS3. I don't think you can hook a USB mic in through the DSS, but I just use the PS3 Bluetooth so it isn't a big problem.

With AD900s hooked in, the DSS sets up a pretty convincing soundstage. AD's sound pretty open, like the sound is coming from further away than next to your ear (this is a plus, because the point isn't to feel like the sound is in your head) and hooked into 5.1 the effect is pretty phenomenal. Immersive and enveloped in sound. Competitive FPSs like the COD and BFBC series benefit a lot, as general awareness of footsteps and gunshot position gives a huge advantage. Going from a 5.1 speaker set (which worked great for this purpose) to TV speakers back to 5.1 (headphones this time) I could hear a big difference.
TurtleBeach  EarforceDDS  headphonecinema  headphoneforsurround  review  DTS  dolbydigital  PS3 
24 minutes ago by dominomaster
DSS General FAQ - Turtle Beach :: Knowledgebase
Q:  Will it work with DTS Blu-ray movies? I have a PS3 console.  From what I read, you recommend to use the optical connection, enable dual output (HDMI/Optical) and set output type to be Dolby Digital 5.1.  From what I know of the PS3, if a movie is in DTS, in thoses conditions, the optical connection will only output stereo.  Am I right?  Can you confirm that DTS movies will be processed correctly in the DSS?

A:  The DSS contains a Dolby Digital decoder, but not a DTS decoder. Using a PS3 console, you would need to switch the default playback mode from DTS to Dolby Digital. Then you can get surround sound playback from the PS3 and DSS.

The PS3 DOES transcode DTS (or PCM for that matter) to Dolby Digital for Blu-ray movies. You must simply ensure the following settings on the PS3:
Settings -> Video Settings -> BD Audio Output Format (Optical Digital) -> Bitstream (Mix)
Settings -> Audio Output Settings -> Digital Out (Optical) -> Tick ONLY Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch -> Save your settings
Now when playing a Blu-ray, if you select a DTS/DTS-HD or PCM audio track, the audio is now automatically transcoded to Dolby Digital by the PS3.
Problem solved!
TurtleBeach  EarforceDDS  headphonecinema  headphoneforsurround  review  DTS  dolbydigital  PS3 
24 minutes ago by dominomaster
Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro Kit 2013
Neuer optischer Anschluss - Da einige Nutzer mit dem alten Standardanschluss Probleme hatten, ist der neue MixAmp nun mit einem völlig neuen, zuverlässigen optischen 3.5mm Anschluss ausgestattet.
Grundsätzliche Funktionen des MixAmps bleiben erhalten - Der neue MixAmp macht immer noch genau das was du erwartest: Dolby 5.1 und 7.1 Decodierung, Dolby Headphone Surround Encodierung, Game & Voice Balancing, MP3 Input, Daisy-Chaining von unbegrenzt vielen MixAmps, und natürlich ist das ganze System weiterhin Multi-Plattform kompatibel. Nutze es an einer Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac oder jedem anderen Gerät das einen optischen Digital Anschluss oder einen 3.5mm Klinken Ausgang hat. Außerdem lassen sich MixAmps miteinander verbinden - für ein lagfreies, privates Sprachnetzwerk.
AstroGaming  MixAmpPro2013  headphonecinema  headphoneforsurround  receiver  review 
40 minutes ago by dominomaster
Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro review by MtnSloth - Engadget
While you can watch a blu-ray movie via your PS3, do not expect support for premium surround sound tracks utilizing anything DTS; and I suspect this may apply to some of Dolby's more advanced surround modes as well. The MixAmp supports Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Digital 7.1/5.1 decoding. I was always able to find a basic Dolby track that worked, but YMMV.

The MixAmp is plastic; take that into consideration if you are hard on your gaming equipment. I should also mention that there are negative reviews on Amazon regarding the MixAmp's durability and tech support. Of all the times for gdgt to NOT provide a rating for durability!

So. What about the sound quality? It is not up to the standards of the headphone out on most AVRs, but it is a cut above the headphone outs on any of the iOS devices I have owned. As a headphone amp, its specs are not the equal of the popular Little Dot MK III (which is priced at ~$200). In fairness, the MixAmp is not aimed at audiophiles.
AstroGaming  MixAmpPro2013  headphonecinema  headphoneforsurround  receiver  review 
58 minutes ago by dominomaster
Using The iPhone 6 And 6 Plus On A Real Disneyland Trip
Personal devices like smartphones and wearable devices are made up of nothing but details. The next few years promises to continue to be kind to those who grasp control over that minutia and don’t let go. It’s not the only way, but it is Apple’s way, and the new iPhones are representative of that.
iphone  review 
yesterday by zmoog
iOS 8 review | iMore
iOS 8 is the latest version of the operating system software that powers every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. That's hundreds of millions of mobile devices used day in, day out, by hundreds of millions of people around the world.
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Adventist Review Online | God and Hope TV Credited With 2,213 Baptisms in Vanuatu
A three-week evangelistic series on the South Pacific island is filled with surprises.
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