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Three kingdoms, two empires: China’s internet giants go global | The Economist
All three firms differ from their Western peers in important ways. First, Western companies usually prefer to focus on a few core areas, whereas Chinese internet firms typically try to do everything from cloud computing to digital payments. When this works, as with Tencent’s wildly successful app, WeChat, the results can be impressive.

Second, with the exception of political censorship, the internet sector in China is lightly regulated. Facebook, Apple and Google, in contrast, face increasing scrutiny. Chinese internet firms can achieve market domination of a sort that would attract close attention in other markets.

The third difference is that they can succeed on a rapid and massive scale because the state-dominated economy is so inefficient. Often there is not even a physical infrastructure to leapfrog—so-called third-tier cities, for example, often lack big retail centres. Nationwide there is one shopping mall per 1.2m people.
Tencent  Alibaba  Baidu  internet  ecommerce  growth  review  strategy  China  Economist  2017 
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The Sharp Cut | SKIL 3410-02
Table saw review. $220 AMZN & HD. Stand won't fold w/ saw on. Another review at
diy  tool  review 
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2017 Porsche Boxster 718 Manual Tested | Review | Car and Driver
It's official: All 718s are quick.
When Porsche revised its roadster line last year, rechristening it the 718 Boxster, restyling it slightly, and swapping in turbocharged 2.0- and 2.5-liter flat-four-cylinder engines for its beloved 2.7- and 3.4-liter flat-sixes in standard and S models, respectively, we knew we would have to test every powertrain permutation of each to see exactly how the changes would affect their characters and capabilities. (It’s a tough job, we know.) Well, after this test of a Guards Red 2017 718 Boxster with the six-speed manual, we now have coverage of all four Boxster models. Say what purists will about the loss of two cylinders in the (still unfortunately sealed) engine bay behind the driver, we now can aver that every last variant of the 718 Boxster is spectacularly quick. And we’ve got the numbers to prove it.
porsche  cars  review  convertible 
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2017 Ford GT Supercar First Ride | Review | Car and Driver
The Ford GT finally shows us what it can do to our internal organs when it turns a wheel under its own power.
From the May 2017 issue
Lap after lap, Scott Maxwell gnaws deeper into the curbing. By drawing a straighter line through a shallow chicane on the road course that lies in the shadow of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Canadian pro driver with class wins at Sebring, Daytona, and Le Mans is searching for—and finding—more speed. What started as a nibble is now a chomp as he rides to the top of the red-and-white candy cane on his fourth lap. The 2017 Ford GT he’s piloting, the car in which I’m riding shotgun, swallows it whole.
cars  ford_gt  review 
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Best beaches in Tuscany: Cala Piccola, Monte Argentario - Telegraph
The rugged, exclusive area of Monte Argentario is home to Cala Piccola, a rocky cove with a small pebble beach and translucent aquamarine water.
travel  holiday  guide  beach  review  monte-argentario  tuscany  italy  telegraph 
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Instagram beats Twitter as most popular social media platform for advertisers | The Independent
Top 10 Social Media Tools - Easy Solutions for Your Needs -‎ Ad ‎ Review a Free List of the Best Social…
social  media  apps  review  independent 
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Coming to a screen near you… the 20 best new social apps | Technology | The Guardian
Top 10 Social Media Tools - Easy Solutions for Your Needs -‎ Ad ‎ Review a Free List of the Best Social…
social  media  apps  review  guardian 
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most popular social media apps uk - Google Search
Sharing is caring Description UK Users Instagram:A photo and video sharing social networking.14,000,000Google+:A social networking project used to connect with…
social  media  apps  review  google 
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Tuscany: But not as we know it (Condé Nast Traveller)
Frazione Porto Ercole Location of Porto Ercole in Italy Coordinates: 42°23′38″N 11°12′13″E  /  42.39389°N 11.20361°E  / 42.39389; 11.20361
travel  hotel  holiday  guide  review  porto-ercole  tuscany  italy 
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