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London sprawling -
In practice, the entire southeast quadrant of England – except some distant and ill-connected coastal areas – is now operating as a single conurbation. Whether this is sucking the blood out of the rest of the country or pumping it round is a matter for debate, though both notions must be partially true. But every part of the body has become defined by its relationship with this heart.
London  megalopolis  dominance  review  UK  FinancialTimes  2014 
18 hours ago by inspiral
Adventist Review Online | Egypt May Classify Adventist Church as Non-Christian
Local Adventist leaders seek prayers as they reach out to the government and media to stop the bill.
IFTTT  Pocket  adventist  review  updates 
yesterday by designerbrent
What is Google? | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
In many of the conversations I have online with commenters on my posts or on Twitter, it becomes clear people have very different conceptions of what Google is as a company. I’ve heard at least the following descriptions:
“Google is an advertising company”
“Google is a search company”
“Google is a data company”
Google  strategy  typology  onlineadvertising  search  data  review  Techpinions  2014 
yesterday by inspiral
Super Smash Bros for Wii U review: crazy eights | Polygon
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is, hands-down, the best game in the franchise's history, and for reasons you probably wouldn't expect.
It's got everything you could want from a Smash title. It's enormously content-rich, with more characters, customization options and ways to play than previous series entries have approached. There is so much mastery to develop, techniques to refine and stuff to unlock. It's a bottomless toy box, and everything in it is fun.

But there is one feature that just turns the whole thing up to 11, that breaks the barrier that has secretly limited what Smash can be. It's something that mutates into its own game-inside-a-game, and is, without a doubt, the most fun I've had playing video games this year: eight-player Smash.
polygon  smash_bros  review  multiplayer 
yesterday by rufous
Adventist Review Online | Current Adventist News
U.S. Vice President’s Wife Praises ADRA's Work in UkraineJill Biden visits a shelter operated by the Adventist relief agency in Kiev. How God Changed a Brazilian VoiceA well-known local narrator says his “girlish” voice only dropped to a deep baritone when he stood for God.
IFTTT  Pocket  adventist  review  updates 
2 days ago by designerbrent
The Quietus | Features | Strange World Of... | The Strange And Frightening World Of . . . Basic Channel
Angus Finlayson is here to take the newcomer gently by the hand and to introduce them to the sublime techno frequencies of Basic Channel . . .
dub  BasicChannel  Rhythm&Sound  2014  techno  TheQuietus  music  profile  review 
2 days ago by rjkroege
The Quietus | Features | Strange World Of... | The Strange And Frightening World Of . . . Basic Channel
Angus Finlayson is here to take the newcomer gently by the hand and to introduce them to the sublime techno frequencies of Basic Channel . . .
BasicChannel  Rhythm&Sound  techno  dub  profile  review  music  TheQuietus  2014 
2 days ago by inspiral
Review: These Were Free On My Blog | Topside Press
The likes of Twitter and Tumblr can bring us quick comfort, connection with distant friends, and a format for rapid fire short form, for experimenting with our voices. They’re also places where our voices evaporate into the corporate cloud, where the eternal “now” of content generation is antipathetic towards the task of building bodies or archives of work, or works that demand more than 30 seconds’ engagement.
review  chastain  net 
2 days ago by rubbercat

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