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Adventist Review Online | Doors Closed at 40 Area Churches, Members Enjoy Collaborative Worship, Training, Outreach
​​For one special Sabbath, members of 40 Seventh-day Adventist churches in Northern Virginia gathered at the Hylton Memorial Chapel. More than 40 Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Potomac and Allegheny East conferences agreed to close their doors on April 12 to participate in The One Event.
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2 hours ago by designerbrent
Taking On Adam Smith (and Karl Marx) -
The reason that postwar economies looked different — that inequality fell — was historical catastrophe. World War I, the Depression and World War II destroyed huge accumulations of private capital, especially in Europe. What the French call “les trentes glorieuses” — the roughly 30 postwar years of rapid economic growth and shrinking inequality — were a rebound. The American curve, of course, is less sharp, given that the fighting was elsewhere.
5 hours ago by chewhx
Rock Climbing Forums: International: Euro Freaks: Guides in catalonia?
I would be surprised if Climb Catalunya are no longer in business as my local wall has a close relationship with them and many of us have been on good courses with them.
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16 hours ago by matthewbotos
Trawling the memory banks (Part I) | A bit of an obsession
Number 4: the remote village used by the Castle’s Climbing Centre’s ‘Climb Catalunya’ trips, run by the mysterious ‘G’. Bad roads, no guidebooks, approximate grades, lots of hiking, big adventure!
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16 hours ago by matthewbotos
Alex Ross reviews ‘Gustav Mahler. Vol. III. Vienna’ by Henry-Louis de La Grange and ‘The Mahler Companion’ edited by Donald Mitchell and Andrew Nicholson · LRB 24 August 2000
"Gustav Mahler. Vol. III. Vienna: Triumph and Disillusion (1904 to 1907) by Henry-Louis de La Grange Oxford, 1024 pp, £35.00, February 1999, ISBN 0 19 315160 X The Mahler Companion edited by Donald Mitchell and Andrew Nicholson Oxford, 652 pp, £50.00, May 1999, ISBN 0 19 816376 2"
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16 hours ago by tsuomela
Mutant vase by Yiannis Ghikas has a sci-fi surface pattern
Designer Yiannis Ghikas has created a 3D-printed vase with a ribbed surface inspired by sci-fi effects that show creatures moving under a person's skin.
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17 hours ago by prrd
Solving Differential Equations by Symmetry Groups
A very readable tutorial on solving differential equations (ODEs) by symmetry groups
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17 hours ago by HM0880
OnePlus One hands-on Preview - CNET
CNET previews the OnePlus One hands-on. Find release date, prices, specs and more on CNET.
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yesterday by kif
Review: Samsung 16mm f2.4 (Samsung NX Mount) - The Phoblographer
Specs pulled from the Adorama listing of the lens.

Focus Length 16mm (equivalent to 24.6mm in 35mm format)
Elements in Groups 7 elements in 6 groups (2 Aspherical lens)
Angle of View 82.6deg.
Aperture F2.4 (Min. F22, Number of Blades: 7, Circular Aperture Diaphragm)
Mount Type Samsung NX Mount
Optical Image Stabilizer No
Minimum Focus Distance 0.185m
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yesterday by dominomaster

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