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Then Play Long: The PRETENDERS: Pretenders
(#221: 19 January 1980, 4 weeks)
Track listing:  Precious/The Phone Call/Up The Neck/Tattooed Love Boys/Space Invader/The Wait/Stop Your Sobbing/Kid/Private Life/Brass in Pocket/Lovers of Today/Mystery Achievement
“Change has a way of just walking up and punching me in the face” – Veronica Mars
The scene now changes; this blog is now being written by two people – Marcello Carlin and me, Lena Friesen.  For the rest of this blog’s (un)natural life we will both be writing here, and it has been a long wait for me to arrive; in part because I am a bit younger, and thus was a mere bystander to the on-going colourful slo-mo crash which was the 1970s.  So I am starting right here, in 1980, with the first album I ever owned, knowing that this was my new favourite band; that this was more than just an album, in some ways.
pretenders  music  80s  review 
23 hours ago by rgl7194
China's factories in Shenzhen can copy products at breakneck speed—and it's time for the rest of the world to get over it — Quartz
Years ago, experts in the hardware industry would have had more sympathy for Sherman. Now, no one does—not even Sherman himself. While discussions of intellectual property in China’s manufacturing centers once focused on how brands and investors could protect their designs from China’s rapacious copycats, things have changed. Startups and foreign manufacturers are embracing a new reality—someone in China is going to make a knockoff of your unique invention, almost immediately. All any company or entrepreneur can do is prepare for it.
hardware  intellectualproperty  copycat  crowdfunding  review  speed  critique  China  Quartz  2016 
yesterday by inspiral
Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition (S$258) Review
Jabra is back with the Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition, these revolutionary wireless earphone capable of heart-rate monitoring has received some nifty upgrades. The top-of-the-line earphones from Jabra is built with the needs of athletes in mind. These bluetooth audio devices seek to deliver you the perfect workout by not only supplying you with your...

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Jabra  Sports  Pulse  Special  Edition  (S$258)  Review 
yesterday by vrzone
The 2016 Golf R: Ars puts Volkswagen’s hottest hatch to the test | Ars Technica
All-wheel drive, 292-horsepower, all wrapped up in a practical Golf exterior
AUSTIN, Texas—It’s a rare thing for a modern-day car to excite me. Don’t get me wrong, most of the cars now on the market are fantastic machines—they do exactly what they aim to do, and they do it well. It’s just rare to find an everyday car that inspires any kind of excitement. The 2016 Volkswagen Golf R, however, is a whole different animal.
cars  vw  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
2017 Mercedes-AMG SL65 Test – Review – Car and Driver
You want ludicrous? We got your ludicrous right here.
Context matters. While it’s one thing to read that our track test of the 2017 Mercedes-AMG SL65 recorded a zero-to-60-mph blast in 3.7 seconds, it’s another thing entirely to see it happen on the street. One vigilant defender of public safety secreted behind a building saw this one light up 74 mph on his radar gun, which wouldn’t be remarkable if he hadn’t first seen it standing still just on the other side of a broad exurban intersection. Our test driver—who admits yielding to temptation when the light turned green only after confirming that there were no pedestrians or other traffic in sight—agreed with the wide-eyed police officer that this would be a one-time experience for them both. But think on it while you count off five seconds: More than two tons of static sculpture converted itself into a left-lane-on-the-freeway projectile in less time than it takes to think, “Is that a cop?” Our guy says he actually lifted before the radar got a reading on this matte-gray missile.
Or, here’s another context: In the same 12.8 seconds it takes a Mitsubishi Mirage G4 to achieve 60 mph, the SL65 can be doing 130 mph.
cars  mercedes  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
Concise. Curated. Evidence.™
Authoritative and curated breaking medical news written by medical professionals.
medicine  literature  review  curate  evidence  cme  obgyn 
2 days ago by pgorrindo
work portal for reviews & things
work  review  keno 
2 days ago by eNonsense
Still ticking: The improbable survival of the luxury watch business | Simon Garfield | Life and style | The Guardian
In an increasingly digital world, people are still willing to spend huge amounts on analogue timepieces. The question is, why?
watch  luxury  market  profile  review  Switzerland  Guardian  2016 
2 days ago by inspiral
The Best WordPress Membership Plugin of 2015
Excellent, deep reviews of paid Membership plugins for WordPress - 2016-10-20
wordpress  review  plugin  web_design 
2 days ago by wellsa
Taking PHP Seriously
Why PHP as a backend languages makes sense even in 2016
PHP  review 
2 days ago by archangel
The Death of British Business | by Simon Head | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
It must now embark on a series of marathon negotiations with its EU ex-partners, certain only in the knowledge that the trading regime that will emerge from them may be far less favorable to business located in Britain than the one that exists now. It is hard to imagine a set of circumstances more likely to convince foreign businesses in Britain that they should act on their warnings to leave the country or reduce their presence there, and instead take up residence within the secure  confines of the Single European Market. The British economy and the British people will suffer the consequences.
Brexit  economy  impact  review  financialservices  manufacturing  critique  author:SimonHead  NYReviewofBooks  2016 
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