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OS X audio Player Review
OS X Audio Players: Review by Headfonia - The Headphone Enthusiasts' Website
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16 hours ago by orlin
“Fiio X7 – Potential End Game DAP” - Brooko’s Review of FiiO X7
A couple of the things I’ve noticed which will no doubt get ironed out over the coming months:
I tried to change the default language to English NZ, and next thing I knew everything was in Chinese.  Thankfully I was able to reset – and get English back by returning to English US as default.
The play / pause physical button works every time pausing music, but sometimes (after the player has been off for a while) pressing play again doesn’t work, and I have to turn the screen on manually to restart. The light is still on – so I guess it has gone into stand-by mode.  I haven’t had enough time to really nut this one out yet.
The battery indicator can be a bit hit and miss, showing full for long periods, then all of a sudden going down rapidly.  This seems to be a lot better after the latest updates.
Sort order (covered previously) with the default Fiio app.
Use as DAC only doesn’t work yet
From Artist you get to options – album or track.  The problem with this is that all the tracks are mixed up, but if you take album, there is now ay I can see to get track listings.  You can press the play button on the right, and it will start playing the album, but then there is still no way to get the track list (counter-intuitive).
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17 hours ago by dominomaster
Shortwave radio reviews and a comprehensive shortwave radio buying guide to help you select a new shortwave radio.
This page contains shortwave radios reviews. It is intended to assist the beginner in finding a quality shortwave radio. Parents, spouses, or friends who are interested in buying a good shortwave radio for a potential SWLer, but aren't familiar with them, may also find it helpful. While there are many shortwave radios available, and detailed guides you can also purchase offering professional reviews of them, this list isn't that comprehensive. Nor is it intended to be. Rather, it recommends a small, select group of radios that offer the most for the money spent, and that will serve the beginner to the hobby and the experienced shortwave listener equally well.
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yesterday by objectif

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