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Why Amazon wants Twitch | Beyond Devices
After weeks of reporting that Google would acquire game-streaming site Twitch to bolster its YouTube empire, it appears those talks have fallen through and Amazon will now acquire the site. The YouTube logic was so obvious that it didn’t even require explaining, but Amazon’s acquisition is a bit more of a head-scratcher. I thought I’d look at the context for Amazon’s  acquisition to see why they might be doing this, and what it might mean. This analysis builds in part on several previous posts on Amazon, which you can see here. The first part of this post focuses on the context, which may be useful if you haven’t looked at Amazon’s media business in depth. If you just want to skip straight to the analysis of where Twitch might fit in, you can click here.
Amazon  Twitch  takeover  review  opportunity  BeyondDevices  2014 
9 hours ago by inspiral
NwAvGuy: Behringer DAC Modifications
INTRO: The little Behringer UCA202 DAC, for under $29, did surprisingly well in my review.  In all areas but one, the UCA202 is a respectable performer. The photo shows the much larger output capacitors (big black objects above the volume control) laying on their sides that are part of the modification.
audio  hardware  Behringer  UCA202  DAC  USB  review  mods 
13 hours ago by coffeebucket
NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA202 Review
INTRO: The little Behringer UCA202 has a rather loyal following and I’m not aware of anything that comes close for its bargain $29 price. I also was hoping it might make at least a decent USB headphone DAC. I love finding bargains that perform far better than their price would suggest!
audio  hardware  Behringer  UCA202  DAC  USB  review 
13 hours ago by coffeebucket
Adventist Review Online | Church Sponsors First Religious Liberty Event in Britain
The 2,000 attendees agree to promote freedoms wherever they go. , British Union Conference Some 2,000 attendees at the Adventist Church’s first religious liberty festival in Britain committed to promote the freedoms in their communities and wherever else they have influence.
IFTTT  Pocket  adventist  review  updates 
13 hours ago by designerbrent
Adventist Review Online | Adventist Church Names 2 Renowned Doctors as Honorary Health Leaders
The appointees are Dr. E. Albert Reece, medical school dean at the University of Maryland, and Harvard Professor David R. Williams.
IFTTT  Pocket  adventist  review  updates 
14 hours ago by designerbrent
Display retargeting 101: a handy guide to the buzziest ads on the internet | Econsultancy
Retargeting is the process of advertising to users based on their past online activity.
This means that users who have already visited your site or searched for a keyword related to your area of business, will see your brand ads across various ad networks. This form of reminder advertising is done through display ads, search ads even emails that are sent out to prospective customers.
Retargeting can be done based on two broad criteria:
A.    A specific action a user performed like searching for a particular keyword, visiting your website, looking at a particular product, visiting a competitor’s site, opening an email etc.
a.    Site retargeting
b.    Search retargeting
c.    Email retargeting
B.    The source of a user’s visit gives clues about what interests the user, their profile information as well as how serious they are about making a purchase
a.    Social Media retargeting
b.    Retargeting from clicks on SEM Ads and Content marketing pieces
onlineadvertising  retargeting  guide  review  Econsultancy  2014 
23 hours ago by inspiral
Portable, Closed Headphones Mega-Review –
Without further ado, here are my rankings, followed by condensed reviews of each model:
headphones  review  author:MarcoArment  Marco  2014 
23 hours ago by inspiral
Do We Really Want Immigrants to Assimilate? | Brookings Institution
A few years ago Nathan Glazer posed the question: "Is Assimilation Dead?" His answer was yes, more or less—certainly as a national ideal or policy objective, though he stressed that assimilation remains an ongoing social process. While I certainly agree with Glazer that assimilation persists as a social reality, I strongly disagree that it is dead as a national ideal or policy objective. To be sure, assimilation is moribund among many of our elites, especially ethnic, racial, and minority group leaders. But as an animating force in our communities and in our national life, assimilation is alive and well.
immigration  assimilation  profile  review  USA  BrookingsInstitution  2014 
23 hours ago by inspiral

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