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The Taming of Tech Criticism - The Baffler
What does it mean to be a technology critic in today’s America? And what can technology criticism accomplish? The first question seems easy: to be a technology critic in America now is to oppose that bastion of vulgar disruption, Silicon Valley. By itself, however, this opposition says nothing about the critic’s politics—an omission that makes it all the more difficult to answer the second question.
evgeny  morozov  review  glass  cage  nicholas  carr  book  technology  criticism  society 
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The Accident Season and Other Tales of Distress | Kirkus Reviews
tBS ana review of The Accident Season, w/list of readalikes
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iPhone 6S review: a very good phone ruined by rubbish battery life | Technology | The Guardian
Apple’s latest iPhone has a better camera, pressure sensitive 3D Touch screen, faster processor and quick fingerprint sensor, but lives fast and dies before bed
iPhone6S  review  battery  Guardian  2015 
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New Demons: Rethinking Power and Evil Today // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame
"Simona Forti, New Demons: Rethinking Power and Evil Today, Zakiya Hanafi (trs.), Stanford University Press, 2015, 388pp., $29.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780804792950."
book  review  philosophy  evil  ethics  morality 
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