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Amazon… A virtual marketplace, or Big Brother? | imy santiago
Amazon arouses ire of author reviewers and refuses to explain its policies; it acting like a monopoly
amazon  review  policy  controversy  q3  2015  transparency  censorship  2sochap 
19 hours ago by csrollyson
aBlogtoWatch World's Most Popular Watch Blog - Watch Reviews, Buying Guides, News & Discussion
World's Most Popular Watch Blog with Honest, Independent Wrist Watch Reviews, Buying Guides for Wristwatches, Industry News, Commentary & Discussion
watch  news  review 
22 hours ago by coyawa
Adventist Review Online | Nominating Committee Chooses Continuity and Change
Delegates unanimously reelected G. T. Ng as General Conference (GC) executive secretary and GC undertreasurer Juan Prestol-Puesan as General Conference treasurer.
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23 hours ago by designerbrent
Adventist Review Online | “It’s A Very Humbling Experience”
Reelected president Ted N. C. Wilson talks about the burdens of his role, getting more sleep, handling disappointments, and what he will focus on in the next five years.
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yesterday by designerbrent
Adventist Review Online | Ted N.C. Wilson Re-elected GC President in Landslide Vote
Delegates overwhelming elected incumbent General Conference president Ted N.C. Wilson to another five years in office on Friday.
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yesterday by designerbrent
Apple Music first looks trumpet curation over algorithms
Apple Music launches later today, but Cupertino’s given previews of the service to a handful of folks across the web. Which, aside from providing us with some interesting tidbits, also gives…
apple  music  streaming  review  siri 
yesterday by jonkit
Adventist Review Online | Electronic Voting Debuts at GC Session After a Snag
The electronic voting system—a first use for a General Conference session, replacing the handheld voting cards—didn’t quite go as planned during the initial Thursday morning business meeting. The high-powered Alamodome Wi-Fi system apparently was the culprit.
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yesterday by designerbrent
4 Ways to Boost Your Gmail Productivity for Good
4 Ways to Boost Your Gmail Productivity for Good

According to Radicati Group, the volume for both sent and received email messages on a daily basis is estimated to be over 205 billion in 2015. The pace isn’t slowing down, either; the projected amount for the year 2019 is over 246 billion messages daily.

Considering that the total number of messages is constantly growing (which is probably going to happen in your case, too), some practical advice is needed to handle all the emails that are waiting for you.

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