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I am never taking off Bose's QC 35 noise-cancelling wireless headphones | iMore
Who needs to live their life outside a noise-cancelling bubble, anyway?
The world is noisy. Barking dogs, noisy subway neighbors, obnoxious airline seatmates, angry politicians — we've all had days where we wish we could just tune out for a quick second.
Me, I tune out best with music. For the last year, I've been rocking the Jabra Move wireless headphones, which remain (in my opinion) the best Bluetooth headphones you can buy for under $100. But the Move is a pair of on-ear headphones, and a cheap one at that — while it's good at delivering music to my ears, it's not so great at the whole "drowning the outside world in rock and roll" sort of thing.
No, for that, you want the Bose QC35. I picked up these wireless headphones on my first day in San Francisco for WWDC, and as anyone who saw me wandering around can attest, I have not taken them off since.
wireless  headphones  review 
11 hours ago by rgl7194
How Piracy Has Become the Best User Experience in Media
Broad review of media apps, and calls for UX help on the UI and commercials.
UX  review  tv  applications 
17 hours ago by alastc
Can Xiaomi Live Up to Its $45 Billion Hype? - Fortune
The “Apple of China” gets a reality check as its smartphone sales slump.
Xiaomi  review  revenues  management  critique  valuation  Fortune  2016 
23 hours ago by inspiral
Why Brexit happened and what it means - Marginal REVOLUTION
Quite simply, the English want England to stay relatively English, and voting Leave was the instrument they were given.  That specific cultural attachment is not for Irish-American me, no, I feel no sentiment, other than perhaps good humor, when someone offers me “a lovely biscuit,” or when a small book shop devotes an entire section to gardening, but yes I do get it at some level.  And some parts of the older England I do truly love and I am talking the Beatles and Monty Python and James Bond here, not just the ancients like Trollope or Edmund Spenser.
Brexit  referendum  UK  England  identity  immigration  review  author:TylerCowen  MarginalRevolution  2016 
yesterday by inspiral
NBA Draft Grades: What did we think of the Lakers' draft? - Silver Screen and Roll
It's safe to say our motley crew is pretty high on Los Angeles' new roster additions.
Thursday was arguably the biggest night of the Los Angeles Lakers' offseason, the 2016 NBA Draft. The team didn't shock anyone with their first round pick, selecting Duke forward Brandon Ingram, a choice that was apparently unanimous in the front office.
The front office also selected 7'1 Lakers fan center Ivica Zubac in the second round, a player the team believes has the talent of a first rounder and had general manager Mitch Kupchak privately comparing him to Marc Gasol.
The Lakers are obviously pretty high on their night, but do our writers match their enthusiasm? Let's grade the Lakers' big draft haul.
basketball  lakers  draft  review 
yesterday by rgl7194 2016 NBA Draft Team Grades
Los Angeles Lakers: A Grade
2. Brandon Ingram, SF, Duke
32. Ivica Zubac, C, Croatia
Ingram was the no-brainer pick at No. 2, and the Lakers added some needed size inside with their second-round pick.
basketball  lakers  draft  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
What Are the Odds We Are Living in a Computer Simulation? - The New Yorker
Considered as a parable, the simulation argument is essentially ironic. In the end, it’s a story about limits. On the one hand, we maximize human potential by creating worlds of our own; on the other, by doing so, we confirm the impossibility of ultimate knowledge about the universe in which we live. Transcendence enforces humility. The fulfillment of godlike ambition makes the universe harder to know.
simulation  philosophy  science  ElonMusk  review  NewYorker  2016 
yesterday by inspiral
We long to watch disabled characters like us. Instead we get Me Before You | Penny Pepper | Opinion | The Guardian
Penny Pepper
The new film is another wearying example of cliched representation. We have real stories, and long to tell them

• Warning: spoiler alert

‘What perhaps is a clever device for writer Jojo Moyes, to me underlines the increasing view that you are better off dead than a living, disabled burden on your loved ones.’ Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin in a scene from Me Before You. Photograph: Alex Bailey/AP
Wednesday 1 June 2016 18.38 BST Last modified on Wednesday 15 June 2016 08.08 BST
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Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, would dislike Me Before You. There’s no bite, no blood and guts. Lots of medications in shiny cupboards in a very posh flat. Definitely no sex. Which of course there should be in such a film, even if a bit fluffy, with no front bottoms. We get a bit of snogging, but Lou – played by Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke – doesn’t even undress Will, the “hero”. Not even to help him in to his PJs, poor thing. But there is death. Will’s end, of his own choosing, supposedly at Dignitas – or at least in a huge luxury Swiss chalet nearby, not in the actual grey industrial building.

I’m no fan of a romcom but even I get that killing off the hero is not standard fare. But that is the key reason I can’t get on board with this film. Many of us can’t. A piece of fairytale romance is what it purports to be, but what perhaps is a clever device for writer Jojo Moyes, to me underlines the view that you are better off dead than a living, disabled burden on your loved ones.

The last week has been quite a rush. Involved with the Not Dead Yet UK protest at the premiere of Me Before You, I glued myself to the internet while my tougher comrades braved the chill in person, including actor-activist Liz Carr and Jane Campbell. Live tweeting plainly showed the cast and Moyes caught by surprise. It quickly went viral, with our tweets and hashtags trending high on the Me Before You page. #MeBeforeYou became #MeBeforeEuthanasia and great sarcastic outpourings attached to #LiveBoldly.
film  movie  review  guardian  disability 
yesterday by ndf
The 9th Berlin Biennale: A Vast Obsolescent Pageant of Irrelevance
"New York fashion collective DIS utterly dis-appoints, dis-integrating the Berlin Biennale, what was once one of Europe’s most socially engaged and politicized biennales, into a bricolage of ahistorical rubbish, second-rate post-internet aesthetics, and crass co-branding opportunities. (..) The ninth Berlin Biennale opened to the public on June 3, 2016, curated by highfalutin fashion collective DIS, a media entity that seems more concerned with upcycling art-world trend reports, cyber-utopianism, digital flânerie, and looking cool in Slavoj Zizek t-shirts than in curating anything that could remotely be considered a serious, relevant, or important exhibition of contemporary art. (..) Indeed, since the announcement in 2014 that DIS — composed of Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, and David Toro — were to be curators for BB9, speculation has run rampant that one of the continent’s most vital institutions of contemporary art would be transformed into a marketing gimmick of “post-Internet” vanity aesthetics, design, and fashion masquerading as art."
berlin  berlinbiennial  berlinbiennial2016  review  postinternet  branding  upcycling  cool  vanity  aesthetics  vanityaesthetics  design 
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