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How to install Ubuntu 14.10 on a Retina MacBook Pro
howto  retina  Ubuntu  mac 
yesterday by mbischoff
Designer's guide to DPI
o phone or tablet uses 4K as of toda
Guidelines  Screen  Retina 
yesterday by turbo
Eye II. By Thomas Tolkien My beady right eye, as seen by me, again. Revisited from Website | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter Copyright Tom Tolkien. If you use this photo under the Creative Commons license, please attribute the photo with a name credit and a link to my website. For example: "Photo by Tom Tolkien". Thomas Tolkien Photography.
IFTTT  Flickr  blue  iris  brown  macro  eye  lens  photo  nikon  photographer  image  vision  photograph  eyeball  seeing  creativecommons  spy  tolkien  pupil  beady  retina  ispy  thomastolkien  tomto 
6 days ago by tolkien
Grumpicon. A Web app for the Grunticon workflow.
Generador de iconos en css a partir de svgs con fallbacks en png
svg  retina  css  generator  icons  fonts 
9 days ago by gorilas

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