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iPhone 6 Screens Demystified
Articles about PaintCode's new features, interviews, application development topics.
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17 days ago by ulfurr
Yes, I bought a non-Retina MacBook in 2015 — and it's awesome | iMore
I agree totally with your purchase!!
I had a 2011 MBP then bought a 2013 rMBP, worse decision of my life, after about two replacements the final straw was when it stopped backing up to Time Machine, the 'geniuses' couldn't figure out how or why my ONLY system drive was in the list not to back up. After several reinstalls etc, I got rid of it and bought a new 2012 non Retina last year (2014), and haven't looked back since.
1) It can troubleshoot problems by swapping out memory and disks.
2) I can update it to the latest SSDs with no hideous Apple pricing.
3) I can upgrade the memory.
4) I can replace the battery without either a) writing off the MBP or b) inhaling toxic fumes as I split the battery while trying unglue the battery (something even Apple service technicians have been told NOT to do!)
5) It has a DVD drive, so when I work away I can take a few DVDs with me, I do not see why I should be buying them all again to make more money for Apple. PLUS, some of my DVDs are not available in the store.
6) It has a Kensington lock facility. One thing I noticed with the new crap is no Kensington, I visit sites and often need to go away from my machine for a while; for example, I don't want to go to the toilet with my MBP, so I lock it to the desk/counter I am working at (this was another reason why I won't EVER get another new retina Macbook of any description).
Those are a few that spring to mind.
The new Retina Macbook is a joke, what use is ONE connector? Don't forget that Apple have form, they heralded the wonder that is Firewire/400/800 as the future of computing, then Thunderbolt, now they drop both lol One of the craziest things about the new Macbook is the dropping of the Magsafe connector. I thought Magsafe was one of the greatest pieces of thinking since notebooks began, everyone has had a tale of tripping over the cable and either getting hurt, or worse, breaking the Macbook (which one assumes was the reason why Apple come up with it in the first place). Some companies have a Risk Assessment that includes Macs with the Magsafe, now Apple have brought in a trip hazard where there wasn't one before lol Yes I know the USB-C cable has to be pretty secure, it is after all a data cable, but that is exactly the point, the two functions should be completely separate. So Apple are selling a near on $2,000 notebook, with no Kensington lock that is a trip can't make this stuff up.
No matter what 'innovation' Apple think they've began, success almost always depends on PC manufacturers and vendors, that's why Firewire and Thunderbolt are failing, and USB3 in the ascendancy. USB-C means that on my travels, in order to get the functionality from a Retina Macbook that I can get on my 2012 MBP, I'd need:
1) USB-C to HDMI adaptor
2) USB-C to USB3 adaptor
3) a USB DVD writer [that requires #2 above]
4) a USB-C to RJ45 adaptor (some clients only have RJ45 topology)
5) a 'dongle' that allows me to connect my SDHC cards
6) a safe to put the Macbook in, due to lack of Kensington lock
7) USB-C to Thunderbolt adaptor for my backup drive
Of course the performance of the new MB isn't meant to make it a replacement for a MBP, BUT, if this is the way Apple are going, they can stick their expensive notebooks where the sun doesn't shine lol
Sure the new MBPs have slightly higher performance, but the dual-cores aren't that much faster, I only think it a shame they don't do the quad-cores in non-Retina anymore, but what is Apple up to? A lot of 'converts' I know got into Macs by 1) my badgering and 2) the Mac Mini. The Mini was great, small enough to hide (and thus less desk clutter) and you could use all your original peripherals, these folks were waiting for the new Mac Mini, then the news that the Quad-cores are discontinued. I mean, Apple, what are you doing? People with a 2012 2.3 or 2.6 i7 have a machine FASTER than the top-of-the-range newer Mini -and again, no self upgrading.
I swear Apple are bipolar, their mood swings swinging one way then another...not just gear, everyone remember .mac, iTools, MobileMe before iCloud, Apple were pushing people to them "This is the future" then out of the blue they drop them. How long is iCloud going to be around for?
The only way I'll still be buying Apple in five years is IF they still make the 2012
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23 days ago by foliovision
Pixel Density, Demystified
How pixel density works and how it affects your designs
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5 weeks ago by spaceninja
imgix • Real-time image processing and image CDN
Resize, crop, and process images on the fly, simply by changing their URLs.
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6 weeks ago by MichaelX

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