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Device Metrics - Google Design
A collection of screen density metrics across various devices. A good reference doc, especially for aligning real world devices with Android’s device density classification:

mdpi (Baseline): 160 dpi 1×
hdpi: 240 dpi 1.5×
xhdpi: 320 dpi 2×
xxhdpi: 490 dpi 3×
xxxhdpi: 640 dpi 4×
design  mobile  cross-platform  screen_density  retina  reference 
yesterday by andrewsardone
My icon design workflow
Here’s some tips for creating icons — anything from a single colour pictogram to a highly detailed app icon.
icon  guide  workflow  design  ios  osx  mac  illustrator  retina 
7 days ago by yellinben
A Better Way To Design For Retina In Photoshop
Recently, I had a project in which I needed to produce high-fidelity screens for a tablet. I was to present these screens on the device and also produce a…
1-software  design  development  photoshop  retina  2-tutoriel  image  img  resources  responsive 
14 days ago by evilkarlothian
A Better Way To Design For Retina In Photoshop
I will walk you through the problems I faced in creating Retina mockups to be displayed on a tablet device. I will then explain a way to work that is easier and gives you better performance. This is about my experience with Photoshop, but it could be applied to Illustrator and other software.
webdesign  retina  tutorial 
14 days ago by josephaleo

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