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Cómo evitar la persistencia de imágenes en las pantallas de Apple - Soporte técnico de Apple
En este artículo se explica cómo evitar la persistencia de imágenes en las pantallas de Apple y se describen las características exclusivas de la tecnología IPS.

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3 days ago by fitobierzo : establishing geek cred since 1305712800
According to me, the best solution when you work with foundation is to use Interchange. This javascript library uses media queries to load the images that are appropriate for a user's browsers, making responsive images a snap.
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11 days ago by schmlblk
Apple's New MacBook Hands-On: Gorgeous, Featherlight, But a Bit Awkward
I just lifted Apple's gorgeous new MacBook with a single hand. For a moment, it felt like I was holding nothing at all. It's so light. With a laptop in my left paw, a DSLR camera in my right, only one of them felt substantial. It's the first of many things to love about Apple's new machine. But it's not completely lovable.
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4 weeks ago by tomaspihl

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