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Using Vector Images in Xcode 6
Finely crafted software for the discerning client.
design  ios  retina  images 
17 hours ago by kimroen
Drawing Tools Use built-in vector drawing tools to design controls, icons and other graphic elements. StyleKit Export a single Objective-C, Swift or C# class that contains all your drawings, available as class methods. Library All your colors, gradients, shadows and images, ready for reuse across the document. Variables Define variables, then connect them with shapes in the canvas to create parametric drawings. Transforms Rotate and scale your drawings easily.
Developer  tools  iOS  retina  icons 
4 days ago by robertozoia
DisplayPort 1.3 supports 5K displays, 4K at 120Hz
This is good news for Retina desktop display enthusiasts...
DisplayPort  TechReport  4k  5k  retina 
4 days ago by areitz

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