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Grumpicon. A Web app for the Grunticon workflow.
Grunticon processes a set of SVG files, generates PNG fallback images for legacy browsers, and exports a demo page showing how to use the final icons.
css  retina  vector  svg  tools  generator 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Easy retina-ready images using SCSS by Jason Z. of Basecamp
If you’re interested in adding retina image support to your website or app and you happen to be using SCSS, here’s a handy shortcut that makes it dead simple.
scss  retina  mixins  images 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Big Favicons - nashape
The original favicon was a 16x16 pixel file named favicon.ico that lived in the top directory of your public web files but with “retina” displays becoming more common, and with favicons used in many places other than browser tabs, the approach now is to provide a much larger image, at least 64x64 pixels.
design  favicons  retina 
2 days ago by spaceninja
We’re in an icon-sharpness limbo
Icon fonts are awesome, but.. they are not sharp. I mean really sharp, pixel-perfect kind of sharp. Using font-face for icons has become quite popular. But there is a flaw that keeps bugging me. They are still a tiny bit blurry on “non Retina” displays (which are still a huge majority).
icons  fonts  typography  retina 
2 days ago by spaceninja
The Best Font for Programming: M+ -
Narrow programming font suitable for retina displays, as it supports many weights and letter distinction.
I seem to have used this before but can't recall. Supports Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, Kanji and Kana.
nützlich  Schriften  Typografie  Meinungen  Programmierung  Retina  untested 
12 days ago by Stolzenhain
Dense is a jQuery plugin for serving retina-ready, high pixel ratio images with ease. Small, ease-to-adapt, yet very customizable and works cross-browser. With Dense, your content images get support for data-ratiox attributes and Apple's retina image naming convention.
image  retina  polyfill  shim  images  server 
13 days ago by guillehorno

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