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Retina Monitors — Liss is More
[2017] 4K monitor recommendations by Casey Liss, ranked by price.
monitor  4k  retina 
28 days ago by rexarski
Why is WindowServer consuming 48% of my CPU? | Official Apple Support Communities
(On reducing WindowServer’s CPU usage:)
"I had a similar issue on Sierra, and after some testing it seems setting the scaling back to 'Default for display' improved it by 15%-25%.   I am running dual GTX 970s on 6 monitors ( 6x Samsung U28D590 4K with NVIDIA web drivers on Sierra 10.12.3), and I am not sure why any scaling would have anything to do with software processes, rendering should all be done on the hardware, but there is significant improvement after changing it."
windowserver  2017  mac  cpu  scaling  retina  monitors  macos 
29 days ago by handcoding
Designer's guide to DPI
A guide to multi-DPI and platform design
design  guide  reference  resolution  dpi  retina  ppi  screen  ui  webdesign 
5 weeks ago by speckz

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