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How to add retina ready pin marker to your Google maps?
How to add a custom retina pin marker in Google Maps.
googlemaps  retina 
yesterday by mbischoff
A Laptop for Writers - Matt Gemmell
The new 2015 MacBook is the ideal laptop for a very specific type of user.
matt  gemmell  writer  blog  blogger  write  writing  macbook  new  review  mac  portable  osx  portability  ultra  ultralight  thin  12  inch  retina  screen  display  small  one  usb  type-c  type  c  port  connectivity  charging  external  displays 
8 days ago by mbspb
Choosing A Responsive Image Solution – Smashing Magazine
This article leads you through the basics of making responsive images and arms you with the information you’ll need to pick the best responsive image solution for your situation.
design  image  responsive  retina  tutorial 
9 days ago by plcmch
Easy High DPI Images - HTML5 Rocks
Displays with high pixel density are quickly becoming the norm. Content creators need to adapt to this fact. This is a short guide on how to serve high quality images on the web today, without polyfills, JavaScript, CSS hacks, and browser features that aren't quite implemented yet. In a word: without drastic changes to your workflow.
image  design  css  retina 
9 days ago by plcmch
5 Things I learned designing for high-resolution retina displays
Below are just a few techniques I learned while designing for high-res devices
css  design  retina  image  responsive  tutorial 
9 days ago by plcmch
Michiel de Graaf - Retina for web workflow - Designer and writer of CSS & HTML
The biggest pain of retina becoming the standard for computer displays is the extra work that's involved in making it work on the web. But it's possible to automate your retina (@2x) for web workflow thanks to Slicy, CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less and retina.js.
css  design  tutorial  retina  images  responsive 
9 days ago by plcmch
Mo’ Pixels Mo’ Problems · An A List Apart Article
Mobile devices are shipping with higher and higher PPI, and desktops and laptops are following the trend as well. There’s no avoiding it: High-pixel-density, or “Retina,” displays are now becoming mainstream—and, as you’d expect, our websites are beginning to look a little fuzzy in their backlit glory. But before we go off in the knee-jerk direction of supersizing all our sites, we must identify the problems ahead and figure out the most responsible way forward—keeping our users in m...
css  responsive  image  retina  tutorial 
9 days ago by plcmch
Designing on a Retina Screen: My Thoughts on the Retina MacBook Pro | Design Shack
Reading an article entitled Designing on a Retina Screen: My Thoughts on the Retina MacBook Pro on Design Shack.
responsive-design  retina  Design 
17 days ago by DavidRoberts
What is the Staingate?

We are a group of Apple customers that paid more than 2000 USD/EUR for a Macbook that is showing horrific stains in the screen.

The stains can start as early as 7 months after the purchase. There is no clear pattern as to how it starts: some experience it in small spots around the edge, on other screens it appears in the middle as large patches.

Apple hasn’t responded accordingly to this problem and have told us that this is a “cosmetic damage and it is not covered by the warranty”.

Repair costs are around 800 USD/EUR with a 3 month warranty, so probably in 12 months the Macbook would start showing stains again.
apple  macbook  retina  warranty  repair  hardware 
23 days ago by desaprobado
Density — Pixel Calculator for Mac
Density is a really simply app for Mac that lets designers and developers calculate dimensions for multiple screen sizes. It is by far one of the most simp
mac  android  osx  design  app  ios  display  hires  hidpi  retina 
24 days ago by emory

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