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Easily Upgrade Your Image Fields for Retina! | CHROMATIC
What if you could create hi-resolution versions of these images without a ton of added filesize overhead? What if you could do this all within Drupal? No special coding, no uploading of multiple versions, no special field templates or unnecessary javascript. Just a basic Drupal image field with a special image style defined.
drupal  retina 
21 hours ago by bvt
Hi-Res Images |
CSS px are not intended to be mapped 1:1 with screen pixels. They are actually defined as an angular measurement:
Web browsers running on modern hi-res screens need to be calibrated by "zooming in". This happens automatically with Apple Retina Display. For images to fully utilize hi-res screens, image dimensions need to be twice the CSS dimensions.
drupal  images  retina  rwd 
21 hours ago by bvt
Image Style Quality |
Having high quality images improves the visual quality of your site. Problems can arise where you have dynamic content such as a page background images that users can upload. Having high image quality can lead to 2mb+ download sizes when using full 1920x1024 image styles. With this module, you can scale the quality of your large images down and leave your smaller thumbnails at your defined default.
drupal  images  rwd  retina 
21 hours ago by bvt
Apple iMac with Retina 5K display review | The Verge
Every once in a while, a gadget completely resets the curve. Once I started wearing good, expensive headphones, I suddenly couldn’t even tolerate Apple’s EarPods anymore. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  apple  imac  mac  retina  tech 
3 days ago by digitalbirdy
RT : 5K 이미지는 에서 보세요!
5K  retina  iMac  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by dalcrose

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