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Retinize It - Photoshop actions for slicing retina assets @2x @3x
The best Photoshop actions for preparing designs for iOS (supporting iPhone 6 /Plus) or optimized for Retina-display websites
ios  retina  design  actions  plugin 
4 days ago by mbxtr
A Week With the Retina iMac — Shawn Blanc
Design, tech, writing, and other creative matters.
shawn  blanc  writer  author  retina  5k  imac  review  a  week  one  arlt  adopter 
10 days ago by mbspb
High Resolution Guidelines for OS X
High-resolution displays provide a rich visual experience, allowing users to see sharper text and more details in photos than on standard-resolution displays. The high-resolution model for OS X is based on Quartz. Introduced in OS X v10.0, Quartz allows developers to draw into an abstract coordinate space—user space—without regard for the characteristics of the final drawing destination: printer, screen, bitmap, PDF. The OS X implementation of high resolution extends this flexible imaging model throughout the system, to the level of the display.

When you run a high-resolution-savvy app on a high-resolution device, the text, vector drawing, and UI controls are sharp. This is due to the increased pixel density—pixels are smaller and there are more of them per unit area. Each point in user space is backed by four pixels. The increase in pixel density results in higher details for drawing and text rendering. As shown in Figure I-1, a standard-resolution display has fewer pixels available to approximate the shape of a curve, resulting in a jagged look when magnified. But a high-resolution display has quadruple the pixels available to approximate the curve, resulting in a much smoother-looking curve. Magnified or not, when you look at the same shape on a standard-resolution display and a high-resolution one, the difference is obvious immediately.
retina  osx  tiff  reference  cocoa 
12 days ago by vancura
iOS Assets for Multiple Scales (1x, 2x, 3x)
The new Retina HD display will need 3x assets. How to generate multiple asset versions from a single vector shape in a Photoshop file.
ios  design  resource  retina  2x  3x  optimization  photoshop  resolution  png  vector  export  assets  icons 
13 days ago by DEWILLS
- Allow to use sprites in retina with Compass.
webdev  retina  sprites  sass  compass 
15 days ago by monxoom

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