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sga_flashfic | Choice by Miriel
It might not have been much, but John liked the freedoms of working on the ice...
sga  sheppard  earthside_au  quantummirror  author:miriel 
may 2018 by mischief5
Angle of Incidents - belford - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
"Toynbee idea in Kubrick movie Stardisc resurrect dead on Planet Atlantis!"
sg1  canon_au  oc  bill_lee  quantummirror  author:belford 
september 2014 by mischief5
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall by Tarlan
When John Sheppard ends up in an alternate reality, he relies on Rodney McKay to get him home, and discovers far more about the scientist.
angst  mckay/sheppard  quantummirror  slash  tarlan  AU  SGA  sumnerland  long  abuse  author:tarlan  genre:slash 
september 2011 by slashbluegreen
Jigsaw by Dira Sudis (dsudis)
When a mission goes horribly wrong and Jack wakes up the sole survivor of SG-1, he decides to do whatever it takes to find his team again.
I thought this was going to be good, but it was so much better than I expected.
fic  sg-1  bigbang  au  angst  teamfic  ot4  characterdeath  jack/sam  sam/daniel  jack/daniel/sam/tealc  awesome  favourite  sam/daniel/tealc  rodneymckay  generalhammond  janet  quantummirror 
july 2011 by ashtree22
deancastiel: Change My World - chapter 1
Summary - When Dean wakes up the morning after Ellen and Jo's funeral, it's to find himself transported to another world, and only Castiel can help him get home again.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2010  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  croatoan6000  alternate-reality  quantummirror  Dean:girl  Castiel:girl  Sam:girl  born-that-way 
june 2011 by dossier1013
cloudy_verses: FIC: The Mirror, Dean/Castiel
Summary: When Dean touches a strange mirror, he's whisked away to one alternate reality after another and it doesn't take him long to realize the universe is trying to tell him something.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2011  cloudyjenn  au  au-alt-canon  alternate-reality  quantummirror  len:10001-30000  [R] 
february 2011 by dossier1013
inyron: Fic: “This Time” (Gen, PG-13)
The quantum mirror had been ordered destroyed, but the NID wasn’t quite ready to give up something so potentially useful.
fic  sg1  gen  quantummirror 
april 2010 by yarngeek
Of course, it's a lot safer than actually going through," Jackson says, glancing up again from whatever he's doing in his corner. And Cam supposes Jackson would know, since the man has been through this thing not once, but twice. "If Sam and Bill are right, the experience will be closer to the Gatekeeper's virtual reality than a trip through the Quantum Mirror.
sg1  gen  mitchell/tealc  jackson/mitchell  yr:2008  len:5001-10000  [R]  quantummirror  ivorygates  virtualreality 
april 2010 by dossier1013
stargate_vegas: In my Haste, I said all Men are Liars (sequel to Lonely Man of Faith)
Summary: Just as McKay feared, the hole in space-time is causing a whole lot of trouble, several dozen alternate realities worth at least. He is about to meet many more variations on John Sheppard.
sga  gen  au-Vegas  quantummirror  hasida  yr:2010  len:1001-5000  [PG]  series:LonelyManofFaith 
march 2010 by dossier1013
cm_tropefic | 'and speak each other in passing' by Sid (NC-17, Cam/Daniel)
Summary: Cam and Daniel escape from the Ori by fleeing through a Quantum Mirror, and seek help to get back home from the alternate universe’s SGC.
sg1  jackson/mitchell  yr:2009  len:5001-10000  [NC17]  sidlj  quantummirror  challenge:cm_trope  au 
november 2009 by dossier1013
Tafkar - One Dimension Removed
Sha're's husband Daniel Jackson and brother Skaara are abducted from Abydos by the Goa'uld Amaunet. To fight for their return, Sha're must join the newly created Stargate Command. But can Sha're become the woman she will need to be to get them back? (AU from the moment the Stargate opens in Children of the Gods.)
sg1  gen  yr:2009  len:50001-100000  [R]  au  human-aliens  alternate-reality  quantummirror  rape  tafkar  series:DivingToDrown  jackson/share 
august 2009 by dossier1013

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