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Novak Djokovic’s Lovely, Victorious Crisis | Brian Phillips
On Novak Djokovic’s confounding marathon win against Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final.
14th  july  2019  tennis  brian  phillips  ringer  sport  wimbledon  roger  federer  novak  djokovic 
july 2019 by pnjman
Michael Novak's Last Word
Truth matters; failure of socialism; democracy better than dictatorship; freedom is moral, or it is nothing.
rmc  novak 
april 2019 by chrischantrill
Technology, Ranked
스미스소니언에 연재하던 Paleofuture(현재는 Gizmodo로 이전)에서 지금까지 인류 역사상 가장 중요한 기술 100개를 선정했다.
당연히 필자 Matt Novak의 주관이 들어간 것이니 재미삼아 보면 좋다.

1위는 핵폭탄, 2위 불, 3위 바퀴.
인터넷이 10위 밖에 안된다니 좀 실망.

이외에 내가 뽑은 재미난건:
프로작 14위, 길로틴 단두대 28위, 활자 30위, 콘돔 40위, AK-47 소총 41위, 우주왕복선 67위, CRISPR 87위 (오...)
smithsonian  rank  paleofuture  matt  novak  gizmodo  technology 
january 2019 by yun
Novak Conversions Home
Novak Conversions is the leading company in high quality Jeep Conversions foir GM powertrains. We specialize in all kinds of swaps, and provide quality Made-in-America precision maching.
jeep  conversion  novak 
january 2018 by kilroy2
Novak Djokovic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Novak Djokovic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Novak Djokovic accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from John McEnroe, Niall Horan, Sabine Lisicki and Bernard Tomic. He nominates Conchita Wurst, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and Michael Jordan to participate and raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. #ALSIceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS Novak Djokovic ALS Ice Bucket […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Challenge  als  AlsIcebucketchallenge  John  McEnroe  (Tennis  Player)  Johnny  Mac  Novak  Djokovic  One  Direction  (Music  Video  Per...  StrikeOutALS 
august 2017 by wotek
Lose the Story, Lose the Culture
Michael Novak reminds how American culture is threatened by the left's Cult of Secularism
rmc  culture  novak 
july 2016 by chrischantrill

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