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lay your armour down - stilinski - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Long case-fic AU where Stiles and Derek, agents with different agencies, go undercover together to catch a serial killer
teenwolf  derek/stiles  hurt-comfort  angst  domestic  contemporary-au  au-with-werewolves  au-with-magic  plotty  allison  boyd  erica  isaac  kate-argent  nc17 
yesterday by mklutz
Shadowhunters: Body of Memory by glorious_spoon (NC17 / 57,154 words)
"What?" Izzy says blankly, and then, "Jace, you didn't tell him? *Magnus* didn't tell him?"

Alec stares at her. "What the hell does some warlock have to do with any of this?"

"Some...oh." A shiver of something Alec doesn't understand at all reverberates through their bond, and the expression on Jace's face is... lost, almost. He shakes his head. "Alec, no. He's not—"

"What?" Alec snaps, just barely controlling the urge to grab Jace by the shoulders and shake him, like he can rattle the answer loose from his teeth by force alone. "He's not what?"

Jace's mouth works soundlessly for another second, and then he says, all in a rush, "It's Magnus, okay, you're married to Magnus."


"Magnus Bane. Or, Lightwood-Bane, actually. Technically."

Alec recoils. His breath comes out of him like he's been punched. He *feels* like he's been punched. "That isn't funny."

"No, I know it isn't, trust me." Jace hesitates, then steps forward to set a hand on his shoulder. Alec jerks away. His chest feels tight, constricted, like his lungs aren't working right. His heart is thundering. The ring in his hand is an anchor pinning him in place, and he's never felt so exposed.
!recced  shadowhunters  shadowhunters:alec/magnus  aooo  nc17  >40000  plotty  romance  amnesia  casefic  marriage 
2 days ago by coprime
Dragon Age: Wool Socks by xenosaurus (NC17 / 1,731 words)
"Well, aren't we in a good mood this evening," Dorian says, setting down his book. Maxwell only grins harder, to the point where it looks almost painful. Dorian is starting to feel suspicious. Max is looking *far* too pleased with himself.

"Alright, what is it?" He asks, and Maxwell thrusts a bundle of fabric at him. Unthinkingly, Dorian accepts it. It's a pair of wool socks. The confusion is incredible.
dragonage  dragonage:dorian/inquisitor  aooo  nc17  <02500  cute  courtship  gettingtogether 
5 days ago by coprime
makes the heart grow fonder - Chapter 1 - fallingintodivinity - The Witcher (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Ah!” says the innkeeper, as the rowdy crowd finishes singing a song about Geralt’s heroics and segues seamlessly into a saccharine love ballad about the fairytale romance between the daughter of a baron and a lowly bard. “This song, it’s by the very same bard who sang those songs about you, Master Witcher! So in love, he is, with his beautiful lady.”

“Oh, it’s so romantic,” sighs the barmaid dreamily. “That handsome bard, marrying a noble lady!”

Geralt squints up at them doubtfully. “This…bard,” he says. “Dark hair, blue eyes, never shuts up?”

“Aye,” the innkeeper says. “That’s the one.”
fic  the-witcher  geralt/jaskier  nc17  kink:possesive  ***** 
9 days ago by akaelissa
Show Me Your Igloo and I'll Show You Mine - DiscontentedWinter - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is finally going to meet the online friend he's had for years.

Instead, the hottest guy in the world walks in.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  erica/boyd  contemporary-au  cute  sweet  pining  nc17 
10 days ago by mklutz
worth the wait to give you my heart - heyitsathrowaway - Fire Emblem: Fuukasetsugetsu | Fire Emblem: Three Houses [Archive of Our Own]
“Guess now Dimitri can freak out about the coronation instead,” Sylvain says. Felix makes a vague noise, like he’s done with talking, but Sylvain’s in a chatty mood. The war is over and Felix hasn’t insulted him yet this morning. Obviously it’s a day for miracles. Might as well bring it up now. “Mm, maybe you can finally do something about the way you’re always looking at him.” Complex plans don’t really go well with Felix grinding down against him, and anyway: with Felix, it’s usually just best to be straightforward.

Felix goes still above him. Sylvain slides a hand in his hair to try to pull him back down, but he won’t go. “Excuse me?”

“Oh, is this going to be a whole thing?” Sylvain asks. “Are we going to pretend you haven’t been head over heels for the guy since we were all the same height?”
fic  feth  felix/dimitri  felix/sylvain  felix/dimitri/sylvain  nc17  *****  kink:threesomes 
10 days ago by akaelissa
Only Time
When Justin went to New York, it turns out it was just the beginning of the story.
Brian/Justin  NC17  Series  M/M  QueerAsFolk(US) 
4 weeks ago by Logical-Nonsense
No discipline of forgetting by wanderlight (Aoftheis)
“A story about Arthur and Eames, in Limbo, for a long, long time — and the world they make together.”

(Eames was a psychology major, to begin with.) [Arthur/Eames]
Inception  NC17  medium  Eames  Inception!Arthur  Inception:AU  amnesia 
6 weeks ago by adevyish
Break Me Into Halves - Swlfangirl - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Uh, not this again. I’m legit. I’ve just got one of those faces that make me look like a prepubescent kid,” he said, taking a second to flick his gaze up and down the full length of the stranger’s body. “Are you some sort of new hire? Dude, I dunno who did your orientation or whatever, but you should know that you’re supposed to bounce people going in, not coming out.”

Stiles couldn’t really believe what was happening. He took out his wallet and flashed his I.D. anyway. The last thing he needed was someone calling the sheriff, which would have totally ruined his light buzz.

The wall of muscle looked it over and scoffed. “There is no way that this is your name; It has to be made up. What did you do? Just push a bunch of random keys together?”

“Harsh, man. That IS my real name by the way, and I’ll have you know just because you can’t pronounce it, doesn’t make it fake."
teenwolf  derek/stiles  prostitution  nc17  kink  pining  angst  sheriff-stilinski  homelessness 
10 weeks ago by mklutz
Seaweed Song by VIII_XIII
"Eames moves to a tropical island. Arthur is afraid of the ocean." Or, Eames has an early mid-life crisis. [Arthur/Eames]
Inception  NC17  medium  Eames  Inception!Arthur  Inception:future 
10 weeks ago by adevyish
Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home) series by gyzym
“People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules.”

Aka the domestic verse. [Arthur/Eames]
Inception  NC17  novel  Inception!Arthur  Eames  Inception:past  Inception:future  fluff/sap  hurt/comfort 
10 weeks ago by adevyish
The Courtship by dvs
Five hundred years after the rise of the first mutants, Erik Lensherr of the House of Magneto needs to find a spouse also descended from a storied mutant background. Enter Charles Xavier. [Charles/Erik]
Marvel  NC17  novel  Charles.Xavier  Erik.Lensherr  Marvel:10005  spoils-XMFC  Marvel:future  action/drama  reincarnation  hurt/comfort  marriage 
10 weeks ago by adevyish
arabis - Signature
Post-ROTF. Struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, Sam slowly comes to learn that he brought something back with him from the Egyptian desert. This is my take on Steelfeather’s Instability story.
transformers  sam/bee  long  nc17  @ao3  injuryillness  angst  h/c  alteredsam  bonding  favourite 
11 weeks ago by blissfire
On the Rebound - gryvon - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
"Do you want a blowjob? I'd really like to suck on your cock, if that's something you're into."

"Yes?" Kakashi says because there really is no other answer.

(After he gets out of the hospital, Iruka wants a rebound. Kakashi is up for it but looking for something more. NC17 but pre-relationship)
naruto  Kakashi/iruka  nc17  kink 
12 weeks ago by mklutz
Side Effects Include: Inception by Croik
“The night before the big job Eames checks in on Robert, and discovers you don't need Inception to ruin a man's life for the better. Just lots of sex and and some drugs.” [Eames/Robert]
Inception  NC17  medium  Eames  Robert.Fischer  Inception:AU  hidden.identity 
12 weeks ago by adevyish
Higher Emotions Are Out to Get Us (and we soldier on, together) by Ciircee
“about building a relationship, making it work, and having it last.” From the first military experiments until now. [Arthur/Eames]
Inception  NC17  long  Inception!Arthur  Eames  Inception:past  Inception:future  action/drama 
december 2019 by adevyish
Your Answers, Please - Anonymous - Die Hard (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Lucy calls John and has him pick up Matt, because living in a hotel is just fucking depressing.
diehard  matt-farrell/john-mcclane  hurt-comfort  nc17 
december 2019 by mklutz
All the world is bullet shaped by pushdragon
“If Arthur thinks that, just by waving enough money around, he can get Eames to risk his life and reputation to rescue him from a death sentence, he's got another thing coming. So Eames sets a malicious, undignified price on his services, one he can be certain that a man like Arthur would never condescend to pay. It turns out to be the first of many mistakes.” [Arthur/Eames]

Gritty realism and a slow drip of backstory.
Inception  NC17  novel  Eames  Inception!Arthur  Inception:future  violence/gore  action/drama 
december 2019 by adevyish

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