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malleablyfic - The Doctor Is Out
Some people, when they study medicine, develop a mild form of hypochondria. It's understandable. Suddenly being informed of all the myriad ways you could die - of all the ways the human body can break down - well, it can be a little disconcerting. McCoy never considered himself particularly soft, though there are certain things - flying objects (particularly being in them), snakes, constricted spaces and clowns - that rattle him and do fit the symptomatic bill for being dubbed "phobias". Which is of course ironic given his current situation - working in a small, constrictive flying thing with a bunch of clowns.
st:aos  gen  leonard.mccoy  ensemble  malleablyfic  postcanon 
september 2011 by silentfire
The Doctor is Out by malleablyfic
Leonard McCoy, between missions. Some ensemble bonding.
fic  startrek  gen  st:reboot  mccoy  bones  leonard.mccoy  malleablyfic 
june 2009 by ashtree22
the doctor is out [malleablyfic]
The Enterprise crew has apparently, since McCoy's drunken coma, been getting all cozy. When McCoy finally descends from his lair - room - not bothering to shave or shower, but changing his underwear and socks (he will give the people that) - he spots the hobgoblin and Kirk's ex canoodling (in that strange, emotionally reserved, Vulcanish way) by the library. When they see him, they go a bit dark with embarrassment, but then they call out to him: earnestly and as friends. It's rattling, like a clown show. McCoy is a gentleman though, and so he waves politely back.
startrekxi  gen  PG-13  malleablyfic  * 
june 2009 by pouncer
The Doctor is Out, by malleablyfic
Leonard McCoy, between missions. Some ensemble bonding.
startrek  malleablyfic  gen  leonard.mccoy 
may 2009 by flyingcarpet
malleablyfic: The Rank, The Kids, The Silence, The Noise
Christopher Pike's family hears about Vulcan through the news. Awesome post-movie slice of family life, the good and the annoying.
malleablyfic  fic-ST  Christopher.Pike  newtrek  gen 
may 2009 by merrily
malleablyfic: the doctor is out
Grumpy adorable Bones is grumpy and adorable. Set post the events of XI.
malleablyfic  fic-ST  newtrek  Leonard.McCoy  gen 
may 2009 by merrily
building on shaky foundations [malleablyfic]
Pike's rational side had to admit: action was rare, and not always desirable. He signed up for zazen meditation classes offered by the San Francisco Zen temple, and he learned to calm the internal tumult. When he sat, everything unraveled. The academics became easy. Things gained perspective. And his knuckles healed. Younger Pike becomes like a strange character, etched in memory, for older Pike's amusement. He can't even remember getting so wound up about things. What was his problem? he chuckles to himself. One afternoon, Suzuki-roshi at the Zen temple greets him ("Old friend!") and warns him ("We shouldn't make a habit of teasing our previous selves, we are building on the foundation they laid.").
startrekxi  gen  PG  malleablyfic  angst  * 
may 2009 by pouncer
Building on Shaky Foundations, by malleablyfic
Not many people knew that Christopher Pike was an angry young man.
startrek  malleablyfic  gen  christopher.pike 
may 2009 by flyingcarpet

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