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Not Dark Yet by bluflamingo
When a rescue mission goes wrong, Cam struggles with his role in it and the challenges of being deputy civilian commander of Atlantis. Meanwhile, John and Cadman are more focused on the struggle to survive, and their fading hopes for rescue
sga  gen  bluflamingo  johnsheppard  lauracadman  wordcount:10.000-19.999  bigbang 
june 2016 by tittakv
Rock Happy - ArwenLune - Generation Kill, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
"You want to recruit me for what? You want me to gowhere?"

Sgt. Brad Colbert has been on a lot of strange missions, but this promises to be his most out there yet: Atlantis

This is not a story about falling in love. This is a story about falling in team.
gen  crossover  generationkill  length-novel  outsider_pov  marines  bradcolbert  originalcharacter  atlantis  alienculture  actionadventure  letters  sga  lauracadman  everydaylife  arwenlune 
april 2016 by ratcreature
[Laura Cadman] first thing that you want (last you'll ever need) by meansgirl
Laura Cadman at the end of the world.//Part 2 of the Zombie Apocalypse AU series
She was trapped in a mall at the end of the world with a bunch of maladjusted people who all wanted to sleep with each other, and she was stuck watching it all happen and trying not to die. Horror movies had failed to prepare her for this.
fandom:SGA  LauraCadman  TeylaEmmagan  genre:au  genre:angst  author:meansgirl  theme:zombies  theme:apocalypse  theme:introspective  setting:modern  (★★)  type:fic  status:series  lenght:1-2k  year:2010  [AO3]  !♥ 
march 2016 by bodyofwater
[Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka] In Another Life by meansgirl
In a shopping mall at the end of the world, a group of people wait out the zombie apocalypse.//Part 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse AU series

[Zombie apocalypse!AU, the team is holed up in a mall in New Jersey waiting for death or salvation whichever comes first. Background implied McKay/Sheppard. This was exquisite. ~via:sga_newsletter]
fandom:SGA  Lorne/Zelenka  pm:McKay/Sheppard  LauraCadman  genre:au  genre:angst  rating:nc-17  author:meansgirl  relationship:established  theme:apocalypse  theme:zombies  kink:blowjob  kink:anal  top!Lorne  bottom!Zelenka  setting:modern  (★★★)  type:fic  status:series  lenght:2-5k  year:2009  [AO3]  !♥ 
march 2016 by bodyofwater
A Farm in Iowa 'verse by sheafrotherdon
AU where John leaves the military after inheriting his grandfather's farm and leads a quiet life until one day when Rodney crashes his car just off the property.
Absolutely love this series.
fic  stargate  sga  slash  au  john/rodney  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  ronon  lauracadman  jeanniemckay  author:sheafrotherdon  afarminiowa!verse  favourite 
february 2014 by ashtree22
For Definitions of Happy [by WritinginCT], NC-17
A Jeannie who has lost Madison, a John who is lucid but still buggified. One can't go back to Earth and the other has nothing to go back for...
sga-fic  *  JeannieMiller  JohnSheppard  *becoming!fic  *birthday!fic  *bodyimage  *bug!John  *cuddle!fic  *first-time  *friendship  *grief!fic  *hug!fic  *parent!fic  EvanLorne  KateHeightmeyer  KatieBrown  LauraCadman  RodneyMcKay  RononDex  TeylaEmmagan  CarsonBeckett  °writinginct 
january 2014 by mayachain
And a Parrish in a Pear Tree [by clwilson2006], PG
There are new marines on Atlantis, and they have to be trained in all things Pegasus. That's Major Lorne's job. (And the scientists'.)
sga-fic  genfic  EvanLorne  MikoKusanagi  RononDex  Parrish  JohnSheppard  °clwilson2006  LauraCadman 
may 2013 by mayachain
Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down by leah k (blinkiesays)
John says, "so we've figured out a way to get rid of the Wraith, for good." Zelenka and Rodney nod in eerily perfect synchronization.

Rodney says, quickly and in one breath, "but the catch is, everyone in Atlantis gets stuck in a parallel, uninhabited, Stargate-less universe." Zelenka nods again, this time visibly twitching with the desire to run out of the room and start fixing things.
fic  stargate  atlantis  sga  slash  john/rodney  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  radekzelenka  lorne  elizabethweir  teyla  ronon  lauracadman  author:leahk  author:blinkiesays  domestic 
november 2012 by ashtree22
Panthalassa by sapote3
After Atlantis wins the war against the wraith and Sheppard is declared MIA, Earth decides that Atlantis needs an extra bit of protection and what better than an army of ATA children fathered by John?
fic  stargate  sga  au  futurefic  cadman/rodney  lauracadman  john/rodney  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  elizabethweir  ronon  keller  teyla  kid!fic  angst  author:sapote3  het  slash 
september 2012 by ashtree22
Rock Happy [by ArwenLune], PG-13
Sgt. Brad Colbert has been on a lot of strange missions, but this promises to be his most out there yet: Atlantis
generationkill  sga-fic  *crossover  *friendship  *loyalty  *pre-het  *atlantislink  SamanthaCarter  EvanLorne  CameronMitchell  LauraCadman  DustyMehra  JohnSheppard  RodneyMcKay  °arwenlune 
august 2012 by mayachain
Something's Come Up [Porthos1013]
Cadman and McKay got separated at the end of Duet, but little did Laura know that she took a bit of Rodney with her. [Last Update 06/12/06 - Ch. 8]
fic  sga  length:20000-50000  author:porthos1013  het  babyfic  wip  mckay/cadman  rodneymckay  lauracadman 
june 2011 by SwissMisstery

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!☀  !♥  (★★)  (★★½)  (★★★)  *  *atlantislink  *becoming!fic  *birthday!fic  *bodyimage  *bug!john  *crossover  *cuddle!fic  *first-time  *friendship  *grief!fic  *hug!fic  *insomnia  *loyalty  *parent!fic  *pre-het  *tag  *trauma!aftermath  1sga:hideandseek  2sga:coupd'etat  2sga:duet  2sga:theintruder  3sga:sunday  [ao3]  action  actionadventure  addisonmontgomery  afarminiowa!verse  aidenford  alienculture  angst  arwenlune  atlantis  au  author:blinkiesays  author:havocthecat  author:jennifer-oksana  author:leahk  author:lyssie  author:meansgirl  author:medie  author:narukyu  author:porthos1013  author:sapote3  author:sheafrotherdon  babyfic  beckett/cadman  bigbang  bluflamingo  bodyswap  bottom!zelenka  bradcolbert  burnnotice  cadman/rodney  cameron/sheppard  cameronmitchell  carolynlam  carsonbeckett  chuck  colcaldwell  crossover  crossovers  danieljackson  domestic  done  dr.porter  dustymehra  elizabethweir/johnsheppard  elizabethweir  evanlorne  evanlorne:bestxo  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johnsheppard:sg1  johnsheppard:smart  johnsheppard:top  kanaan  kateheightmayer  kateheightmeyer  katiebrown/rodneymckay  katiebrown  keller  kid!fic  kidfic  kink:anal  kink:blowjob  kink:frottage  larrin  lenght:1-2k  lenght:10-20k  lenght:2-5k  length-novel  length:1000-5000  length:10000-20000  length:20000-50000  length:5000-10000  length:series  letters  lorne/cadman  lorne/zelenka  lorne(sga)  lorne  majorteldy  marines  markham  masterpost  mckay/cadman  medical  medical:injury  medical:labor  mikokusanagi  military:airforce  military:airforceblacklist  military:atlantismilitarycontingent  military:demolitionsordnanceexplosives  military:marines  military:meetings  military:paperwork  military:planning  military:running  military:sgc  military:training  military:wargames  ocsandminorcharacters  ofc  omc  originalcharacter  other:artcraftsmusicdancedomesticarts  other:foodcookingalcohol  other:gossip  other:math  outsider_pov  parrish  place:atlantis  place:atlantismess  place:cave  place:infirmary  place:mainland  place:office  place:offworld  place:sgc  plotdevice:ascension  plotdevice:caughtintheact  plotdevice:characterdeath  plotdevice:competition  plotdevice:customorritual  plotdevice:eavesdropping  plotdevice:explainingearth  plotdevice:exploration  plotdevice:girlsnights  plotdevice:intoxicationdrugged  plotdevice:mundanelife  plotdevice:prank  plotdevice:promotion  plotdevice:rescue  plotdevice:secretrelationship  plotdevice:secrets  plotdevice:therapy  plotdevice:traveltoalternateuniverse  plotdevice:unrequited  plotdevice:ust  plotdevice:wedding  pm:mckay/sheppard  pov:aidenford  pov:cadman  pov:carolynlam  pov:lorne  pov:mckay  pov:outsider  pov:ronon  pov:sheppard  preslash  race:travelers  radekzelenka  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  reccedficstoread  relationship:established  relationship:first-time  rodmckay  rodneymckay  ronon  ronondex  samanthacarter  samcarter  series  setting:au  setting:canon  setting:modern  sex:bareback  sex:bdsm  sex:dirtytalk  sex:doggystyle  sex:exhibitionism  sex:fingering  sex:firsttime  sex:kink  sex:nc-17  sex:oral  sex:rough  sex:size  sex:spanking  sex:stayingin  sex:voyeurism  sg1  sga-fic  sga.ep_doppelganger  sga  sga_on_earth  sgaseason1  sgtbates  sgtmehra  sheppard/weir  ship:cadman/beckett  ship:cameron/carolyn  ship:john/cadman  ship:john/cameron  ship:john/lorne  ship:john/ronon  ship:john/teyla  ship:lorne/cadman  ship:lorne/cameron  ship:lorne/colby  ship:lorne/keller  ship:lorne/parrish  ship:lorne/rodney  ship:ronon/keller  slash  stackhouse  stargate  stargateatlantis  status:series  tech:scientists  teyla  teylaemmagan  teylaemmagan:athosathosians  teylaemmagen  theme:apocalypse  theme:art/drawing/painting  theme:college/university  theme:dating  theme:firtmeeting  theme:introspective  theme:kiss(ing)  theme:relationship.issues  theme:reveal  theme:zombies  threesome  top!lorne  type:fic  vala  valamaldoran  wip  woolsey  wordcount:10.000-19.999  xanderharris  xover:leverage  xover:numb3rs  year:2009  year:2010  zelenka  °anon  °arwenlune  °clwilson2006  °writinginct 

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