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In 2017, we published the Azerbaijani . The stories have had wide impact thanks to the work of Transpare…
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october 2018 by sdp
The Azerbaijani : Exposed! A $2.9 billion slush fund benefiting President Ilham Aliyev's allies and more…
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september 2017 by unthinkingly
The WASH Project - Home
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april 2017 by streetlab
RT : Bank that lent $300m to Trump
linked to Russian money laundering scam |
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march 2017 by madjo
RT : Read about the project and how it all started. Cross-border collaborative reporting is powerful:…
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march 2017 by sdp
RT : How $20.8 bil+ left Russia and got laundered & why did some of world’s big banks fail to shut down the ?…
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march 2017 by omerwazir

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