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Beyond belief: HeroRats 🐀 | MetaFilter
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HeroRats: "If people step on landmines, they will get hurt, but the HeroRats are too small to press the button that explodes the bomb. Then people can dig up the landmine without it exploding and no one gets hurt." (PDF document). The associated Twitter account: @HeroRATs. They tweet at celebrities for the LOLs and to raise awareness, as well as interacting with fellow Tweeters.
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january 2015 by chaos
Das tödliche Erbe der NATO | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR - YouTube
Lands strewn with UXOs. And NATO does not help one bit with organisation / enable Afghan gov to clear wide areas pro-actively. Currently they only know of areas to be cleaned, when people die, because of exploding UXOs. UN put's pressure on NATO, but NATO doesn't budge. The whole thing, % of UXO's/UXB's, during its missions and trainings, seems to be secret. Top secret. One to shield the withdrawal process of troops etc, ending ISAF presence in Afghanistan ( ) and on the other hand, shielding the military-industrial complex's % of UXO's/UXB's, the tax payers pays for, and people in Afghanistan pay for with their lives and constant fear. || Q can a freedom of information act reveal the % of UXO's/UXB's?
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Mine Kafon – Low cost landmine clearance « adafruit industries blog
Mine Kafon – Low cost landmine clearance, December 02, 2012 at 11:00PM, from adafruit industries blog
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december 2012 by designmakecreate
Hubbian -- Generating a biosensor for the detection of landmines
> We generated a transgenic mouse model that over expresses a newly identified odorant receptor (OR) that can report the presence of 2,4-dinitrotoluene (DNT), an explosive residue mimic (Radhika et al., 2007 & Fukutami et al., 2011). Usually, a specific OR is expressed in 1/1000 neurons with a limited detection of the specific odorant as a consequence; our technique allows us to amplify the detection limit of a specific odor of interest 500-fold, which may be even further amplified by higher cortical areas of the brain. ... This is the first time that a mouse with a ‘monoclonal nose’, in which greater than 50% of the sensory neurons express a single odorant receptor gene, hypersensitive to a mimic for the explosive TNT has been created.
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october 2012 by porejide
First Person Combat: In a Minefield -
Last year, doctors at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, a critical-care hospital for troops wounded in combat, noticed a troubling trend: the number of patients requiring amputations had tripled over the previous year.

The reasons were twofold, military officials said. American Marines and soldiers were doing more foot patrols as part of counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, which required greater interaction with Afghan villagers and security forces. And in response, insurgents were increasingly burying small antipersonnel mines — designed to maim as much as kill — along heavily traveled footpaths and roads. Some were crude homemade devices, some were sophisticated weapons.
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