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omniscient - A library providing an abstraction for React components that allows for fast top-down rendering embracing immutable data for js
javascript  js  npm  react  immutable  data  json 
14 hours ago by diff_sky
eliot 0.5.0 : Python Package Index
Eliot provides a structured logging and tracing system for Python that generates log messages describing a forest of nested actions.
python  logging  elasticsearch  opensource  twisted  json 
17 hours ago by keimlink
Transit — Cognitect Blog
Transit is a format and set of libraries for conveying values between applications written in different programming languages. The key objectives of Transit are to support:

Sending values between applications
written in different programming languages
without requiring schemas/context
i.e., to be self-describing at the bottom
with extensibility
and good performance
with reach to the browser
Transit  JSON  Web 
18 hours ago by colin.jack
How to handle configuration in Go - Stack Overflow
I'm new at Go programming, and I'm wondering: what is the preferred way to handle configuration parameters for a Go program (the kind of stuff one might use properties files or ini files for, in other contexts)?
golang  json  configuration  config 
19 hours ago by danesparza
JSONiq - The JSON Query Language
JSONiq is a query and processing language specifically designed for the popular JSON data model. The main ideas behind JSONiq are based on lessons learnt in more than 30 years of relational query systems and more than 15 years of experience with designing and implementing query languages for semi-structured data.
json  nosql  language 
22 hours ago by archangel
import.io | Web Data Platform & Free Web Scraping Tool
Turn any website into a table of data or an API in seconds – no coding required.
datamining  scraping  api  data  json  web 
22 hours ago by fifigyuri

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