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x2js - XML <=> JSon Javascript convert/mapping Library - Google Project Hosting
This library provides XML to JSON (JavaScript Objects) and vice versa javascript conversion functions. The library is very small and doesn't require any other additional libraries.
javascript  json  xml 
22 minutes ago by griddell
JSON Generator – tool for generating random JSON data
"chan_id": "53fd493419a805ca1c51e12c",
"data": [
"day": 0,
"true_engagement": 11.38
"day": 1,
"true_engagement": 16.93
"day": 2,
"true_engagement": 10.06
"day": 3,
"true_engagement": 12.8
"day": 4,
"true_engagement": 10.63
json  data  javascript  generator  api  spec 
11 hours ago by xtat
An open-source distributed database built with love - RethinkDB
Enjoy an intuitive query language, automatically parallelized queries, and simple administration.

Table joins and batteries included.
database  nosql  json 
13 hours ago by wheely
Schematic Ipsum
Schematic Ipsum is a simple service that generates fake JSON data in accordance with a JSON Schema. By making requests to a simple API, you can generate rich structured data with appropriately typed content, as opposed to your average plain text lorem ipsum.
json  data  webdev  tools  programming 
16 hours ago by lsdr
WordPress › Support » JSON encode character encoding
Use param *json_unescaped_unicode* to stop the API from encoding your characters (useful if you’re not rendering this stuff for the web).
json  api  wordpress 
17 hours ago by dirtystylus
Building a robust JSON API client with Ruby - Tutorial - Binpress
If you're building a Ruby on Rails site and consuming a popular API, odds are there's a gem for it and it's as simple as a few lines of code to query and return what you need. But on the other hand, you could be introducing low-quality gem code into your application, a much bigger library than your use case requires, or code you just don't understand well. Instead of pulling in 60k of Ruby, you might be able to build your own in 60 lines. If it's a smaller service or a private API th...
json  ruby  api  tutorial 
18 hours ago by morganwatch
WP API Documentation
Access your WordPress site’s data through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API.
wordpress  json  api  documentation  rest  restful 
22 hours ago by mbraly
Creating an OData v3 Endpoint with Web API 2 | The ASP.NET Site
In this tutorial, you will create a simple OData endpoint that clients can query. You will also create a C# client for the endpoint. After you complete this tutorial, the next set of tutorials show how to add more functionality, including entity relations, actions, and $expand/$select.
odata  json  xml  webapi  2.0  asp.net 
yesterday by danesparza

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