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When to use unstructured datatypes in Postgres–Hstore vs. JSON vs. JSONB
hstore - Can work fine for text based key-value looks, but in general JSONB can still work great here
database  postgresql  json 
yesterday by lfcipriani
JSON Python Parsing: A Simple Guide
There are libraries and tool-kits available for parsing and generating JSON from almost any language and environment. This article concentrates on methods and issues arising from JSON python parsing.
json  python  programming 
yesterday by kger
How and when to use JSON Web Tokens for your services - codecentric AG Blog
How and when to use Tokens for your services - New blog post by J. M. Roetman:
JSON  Web  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by pdudits
JSON Binding (JSON-B) - Home
Java API for JSON Binding (JSON-B) Home
java  json  data_binding  jaxb  jsonb 
2 days ago by dizzzz

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