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dweet.io - Share your thing- like it ain't no thang.
Ridiculously simple messaging
for the Internet of Things.

Whoa, this is lovely and maybe very important. I love the idea of such a simple API that it just provides key-value pairs with a JSON POST/GET. We could use it for location, for timestamps, for whatever.
api  internetofthings  iot  internet  web  json  location  via:twitter 
10 hours ago by npdoty
Fortune.js - a framework for prototyping hypermedia APIs
Fortune is a framework for prototyping hypermedia APIs that implement the JSON API specification.
javascript  framework  json  api  rest 
12 hours ago by segfault
vega - A visualization grammar.
declarative  data  visualization  json  svg  canvas 
17 hours ago by orlin
A Ruby library for diffing GeoJSON files
geojson  diff  ruby  gem  location  geo  json  dev  fu  data  fu  from delicious
yesterday by carhartl

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