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skorokithakis/jsane: A saner way to traverse JSON in Python
JSane is a JSON "parser" that makes attribute accesses easier.
python  json  javascript  js 
9 hours ago by awhite
GitHub - tidwall/jsoned: JSON Stream Editor (command line utility)
jsoned is a command line utility that provides a fast and simple way to retrieve or update values from JSON documents. It uses GJSON and SJSON under the hood.

It's fast because it avoids parsing irrelevant sections of json, skipping over values that do not apply, and aborts as soon as the target value has been found or updated.
json  golang  utility 
10 hours ago by euler
Apache Jena
A free and open source Java framework for building Semantic Web and Linked Data applications.

Get started now!
api  json  json-ld  hypermedia 
17 hours ago by czj
Nanoscale.io – The fastest way to build microservices and APIs
A cloud-connector like SaaS service for building RESTful JSON APIs.
restful  json  api  saas  service  cloud  microservice 
yesterday by Tknvbe

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