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nodesocket/jsonlite: A simple, self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, json document store.
Handy json store with pure bash scripting. Easy to use from python with the sh-package
json  bash  github  database 
9 days ago by Bartcardi
GraphQL in the age of REST APIs – Chute Engineering – Medium
I’ve been excited about GraphQL since it was teased in January, and now as of Thursday the spec is finally available. Huge thanks to @leeb, @dlschafer and @schrockn for getting it out! If you’re…
restfull  semantic  json  react 
10 days ago by lucapostBo
Moving existing API from REST to GraphQL – Medium
So last 6 months I saw talks about GraphQL at almost every conference related to web development. A lot of posts and articles are issued about it. But all these things are mostly about basics of…
restfull  react  semantic  apis  json 
10 days ago by lucapostBo
RequestBin gives you a URL that will collect requests made to it and let you inspect them in a human-friendly way. Use RequestBin to see what your HTTP client is sending or to inspect and debug webhook requests.
json  api  test  request  response  http  webhook  git 
10 days ago by jonlabelle
Introduction to Protocol Buffers on iOS
Protobufs are the new JSON for Swift HTTP requests
swift  protbuf  json  webserver 
10 days ago by DivineDominion
schollz/jsonstore: Simple thread-safe in-memory JSON key-store with persistent backend
JSON ファイルでデータを保存できるやつ。シンプルでいいね。
golang  json 
10 days ago by summerwind

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