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Contentful: a developer-friendly, API-first CMS - Contentful
Bringing love back into content management: Contentful is an API-first CMS focused on the simplicity of development. Manage structured content in websites and apps.
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2 days ago by Netzhoerer
The Future of the Past: Modernizing the New York Times Archive - The New York Times
Today we are thrilled to announce that, thanks to a cross-team migration effort, nearly every article published since 2004 is available to our readers in the new and improved design.
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2 days ago by since1968
python - How to serialize SqlAlchemy result to JSON? - Stack Overflow
class User:
def as_dict(self):
return {c.name: getattr(self, c.name) for c in self.__table__.columns}
flask  python  sqlalchemy  json  serialization  solution 
2 days ago by kme
Understanding JSON Schema — Understanding JSON Schema 1.0 documentation
JSON Schema is a powerful tool for validating the structure of JSON data. However, learning to use it by reading its specification is like learning to drive a car by looking at its blueprints. You don’t need to know how an internal combustion engine fits together if all you want to do is pick up the groceries. This book, therefore, aims to be the friendly driving instructor for JSON Schema. It’s for those that want to write it and understand it, but maybe aren’t interested in building their own car—er, writing their own JSON Schema validator—just yet.
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3 days ago by archangel

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