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This library implements a client for the Pinboard API. All of the XML juggling is abstracted away, so that you can work with native PHP arrays and objects. Currently, all features of API v1 are supported.

composer require kijin/pinboard-api dev-master
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yesterday by moalex
Swift Mirrors and JSON | Chris Eidhof
Inspired by Mike Ash’s tweet, I tried generating JSON dictionaries in Swift by using the new reflection features. First of all, let’s create two structs for…
json  swift  generation  mirrors  reflection 
2 days ago by evilkarlothian
matthewcheok/JSONCodable · GitHub
Hassle-free JSON encoding and decoding in Swift Simply add the following to your Cartfile: and then run carthage update Swift 2.0 Required This project uses a…
github  json  decoding  encoding  library  reflection  serialization  swift  swiftlang 
2 days ago by evilkarlothian
ovenbits/ModelRocket · GitHub
An iOS framework for creating JSON-based models. Written in Swift (because it totally rules!) Embedded frameworks require a minimum deployment target of iOS…
framework  github-project  json  swift 
3 days ago by evilkarlothian
Converting ES6 Maps to and from JSON
When you have key-value data whose keys you don’t know in advance, it’s generally better to store it in an ES6 Map than in an object. But how do you convert…
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3 days ago by evilkarlothian

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