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lowdb - Flat JSON file database
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19 hours ago by wasser
C# HttpClient Example: System.Net.Http
HttpClient. Files from the Internet must often be accessed. This requires more time due to reduced locality. The .NET Framework provides a HttpClient class that makes downloading files on separate threads easier. It helps simplify syntax.
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yesterday by danesparza
Stand-Alone JSON Serialization
When working with JSON, the same .NET types are supported, with a few exceptions, as are supported by the DataContractSerializer. For a list of the types supported, see Types Supported by the Data Contract Serializer. This includes most primitive types, most array and collection types, as well as complex types that use the DataContractAttribute and DataMemberAttribute.
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yesterday by danesparza
Flask-Potion — Flask-Potion 0.0.0 documentation
Flask-Potion is a powerful Flask extension for building RESTful JSON APIs. Potion features include validation, model resources and routes, relations, object permissions, filtering, sorting, pagination, signals, and automatic API schema generation.

Potion is designed to handle SQLAlchemy models, but it is also possible to integrate other data stores, or even to use parts of Potion without any data store at all.
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2 days ago by chrisbuchholz

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