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JSON-to-Go: Convert JSON to Go instantly
instantly converts JSON into a Go type definition
golang  json  tools 
yesterday by lazysoundsystem
Introducing PMJSON, a Swift library for JSON encoding/decoding – Postmates Engineering – Building the best on-demand delivery product on the planet.
Today we're releasing PMJSON, a new Swift library for JSON encoding/decoding. It features an
encoder and decoder written in Swift with no Foundation dependencies, a whole suite of accessors for
working with the resulting JSON type, and some convenience methods for converting to/from
plist-compatible objects. We're already using it internally, and we're releasing it publicly today
because we think it's ready to be used by other people.
json  swift  library 
yesterday by lgtout
How I deal with JSON in Swift
It seems that the new hot thing these days is open sourcing your Swift JSON parsing library. Lyft, Big Nerd Ranch, Thoughtbot, to name a few, have their own…
dev  json  swift 
2 days ago by evilkarlothian
a documentation system so good, you'll actually write documentation
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3 days ago by robhawkes

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