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Heroku | JSON Schema for the Heroku Platform API
Today we’re making an important piece of Platform API tooling available: A machine-readable JSON schema that describes what resources are available via the API, what their URLs are, how they are represented and what operations they support. The schema opens up many interesting use cases, both for users and for us at Heroku working on improving and extending the API.
development  api  json  heroku  schema  soap  wsdl  xml  raml  alternatives 
1 hour ago by dlkinney
joyent/node-krill · GitHub
krill: simple boolean filter language
uses json syntax
predicates-programming  krill  json 
2 hours ago by negril
The Hypertext Application Language
HAL - Hypertext Application Language

A lean hypermedia type
hypermedia  api  json  rest  hal 
5 hours ago by wk
jq - command line json muncher
javascript  utility  json  cli 
14 hours ago by honestpuck
CLI query tool for JSON. Great for handling JSON responses in command line scripts.
javascript  scraper  cli  json  commandline 
18 hours ago by lepht
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.
json  cli  terminal  tool 
yesterday by florian.eckerstorfer

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