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MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh / Vladimir Agafonkin / Observable
MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh To render terrain in 3D, you need a triangular mesh — a set of 3D triangles representing the surface. The easiest way to get one from height data is a uniform grid (two triangles per pixel), but that's a lot of triangles. For fast rendering, we want to reduce this amount by adapting the mesh to the surface — using bigger triangles in relatively smooth areas, and smaller ones where there's a lot of detail. One such approach, proposed by W...
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18 hours ago by e2b
Beware of Transparent Pixels - Adrian Courrèges
If you use sprites with transparency in your game — and you most likely do for the UI at least — you’ll probably want to pay …
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20 hours ago by krzak
Free Online Image Editor | Powered by Doka
Quickly edit and crop your images online using our free image editor, apply filters, rotate, resize, and flip images, adjust colors, and add markup.
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