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Just going to bookmark the whole shi qing xuan tag
heavenofficialsblessing  reallygood  fanart  shiqingxuan 
9 days ago by sqbr
Art | Featuring Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian by eneadart
Wei Wuxian gives Jiang Cheng his golden core while Jiang Cheng stabs him with his sword.
fandom  fanart  mdzs  gen 
25 days ago by orcsofcolour
Felt like drawing 's Coffee Shop Cookie!! I loved drawing this little kitten!!

originalart  Fanart  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by icco
A Term of Disparagement - ConnorRK - Detroit: Become Human (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
He can do this. Hank is waiting for him. He can take a fucking and suck a dick long enough for his partner to come to his rescue. He’s been stabbed, he’s been shot—he lost his best friend and brother to this job. This is nothing, just another case to work through and solve. (20k. Okay I resisted this because I'm not really into reverse AUs but I'm trying to read through everything by this author and OMFG. Yeah. Made the reversal tag for this fic. I just cant. Wow. All the little details and they kept Conner true to characterization. A lot of Connor whump including forcing him to use Red Ice and then they rape him. The details of him losing Nines - parallel to Hank losing Cole - just amazing. Connor punishes himself for what happened with Nines. Connor smokes a lot. Unbelievably good. A lot of hurt and not a lot of comfort with a great realistic ending. The art is fantastic too. Commented.)
fandom:detroitbh  hankanderson/connor  fanart  reversal  noncon  forceddruguse  grief  captive  punchintheface  slap  eating_disorder  angst  torture  selfpunishment  smoking  bruises  au  severebeating 
4 weeks ago by casey_sms

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