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EvanLovely/alfred--actions: It's like Drafts for Mac
Invoke Alfred, type action and then a chunk of text you want to "action" and hit enter.
You hold Option and hit enter to edit that text in Sublime Text if you want. Save and close that file for it to be passed to the next step.
You'll see a list of things that can be done with that text (from the actions directory we set up). Select or filter the list and hit enter. Hit Ctrl+Enter to paste immediately after.
You can optionally edit your action text (clipboard contents) or create new action text after selecting an action, by hitting Cmd+Enter for 1 line editing or Option+Enter to edit in Sublime Text.
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20 days ago by Gr8whitenorth
Create Multiple Tasks in Omnifocus on iOS
Using a text editor (Drafts) in iOS to create a task for OF using TaskPaper syntax. Then adding a single script in JavaScript to allow the entry of multiple tasks from Drafts; 2017-Aug-30.
automation  TaskPaper  Drafts  iOS  OmniFocus 
4 weeks ago by amoore
Screencasts | Drafts
Documentation for Drafts 5
4 weeks ago by bonni208

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