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Weird or Confusing
Weird or Confusing... there's a lot of strange stuff out there!
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january 2019 by smitchell
Homophones: the Most Confusing Words in English (a List with Meanings) ;;;
tags: Homophones : the Most Confusing Words in English (a List with Meanings) | HTGFATS english dictionary homograph homonym Heteronym heterograph synonym antonym needsEditing ;;;
Homophones  :  the  Most  Confusing  Words  in  English  (a  List  with  Meanings)  |  HTGFATS  dictionary  homograph  homonym  Heteronym  heterograph  synonym  antonym  needsEditing  Homophone 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Vision and Mission
Prepare undergraduate and graduate business students for professional success in technically sophisticated local and global organizations.
Incorporate best-business-practice and current academic theory into all of our educational programs (certificates and degrees).
Explore, develop, and adopt new and better teaching methods.
Perform basic and applied research that advances knowledge and supports the understanding and efficiency of business activities, addresses needs of our business community, and promotes learning of our students. 
Fully engage with the St. Louis business community in order to meet their workforce needs, support the professional development of their employees, exploit the talent and experience of their managers, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships that serve our college’s instructional and research goals (guest speaker, internships, scholarships, sponsored research, and endowed chairs).
Help our university fulfill its strategic plan by increasing retention, reducing time to graduation, increasing the number of graduates, garnering more financial and non-financial aid of our alumni, expanding online offerings, and pursuing more interdisciplinary collaborations.
mission  statement  confusing 
february 2018 by suleiman
docker - What is the difference between the `COPY` and `ADD` commands in a Dockerfile? - Stack Overflow
You should check the ADD and COPY documentations for an exhaustive description of their behaviours, but in a nutshell the major difference is that ADD can do more than COPY:

ADD allows <src> to be an URL
If the <src> parameter of ADD is an archive in a recognised compression format, it will be unpacked
docker  dockerfile  configfile  confusing 
march 2017 by kme
Facebook Hate Speech Policy Leaked in Confusing Documents
The German newspaper known as Süddeutsche Zeitung has got its hands on what it claims to be are internal documents which are going to be used to guide how content is moderated on our most popular social media network, Facebook. These documents will let the world in on what Facebook deems as hate speech alongside other...

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Facebook  Hate  Speech  Policy  Leaked  in  Confusing  Documents 
december 2016 by vrzone
Confusion-as-a-Service: The massive disconnect between vision and reality - by @pfersht
"I have never known a time in the world of business when there is no much hype, confusion and unsettlement. Sadly, we are now living in a world where snippets of soundbites are so intensely shared across the variety media we use (I nearly said “omnichannel”) that our industry is completely dominated by hype, as opposed to reality."
2015  as-a-service  study  analytics  and  big  data  business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  buyers'  sourcing  best  practices  confusing  information  contact  center  omni-channel  crm  marketing  design  thinking  digital  transformation  finance  &  accounting  bpo  hfs  surveys:  all  our  survey  posts  homepage 
march 2016 by jonerp
How the gig economy has turned bad analysts into vendor advocates - by @pfersht
"The technology and services industry today is awash with individuals whose only professional activity is flitting from vendor conference to vendor conference, with the sole purpose of writing completely non-objective puff pieces praising their vendor hosts in exchange for money (or in the hope said vendors will pony up some dough in gratitude)."
analytics  and  big  data  confusing  outsourcing  information  homepage  advisors  social  networking  the  as-a-service  economy  #analysts  #archat  enterprise  irregulars 
august 2015 by jonerp

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