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Teletype for Atom
The Teletype package for Atom aspires to make it as easy for developers to code together as it is for them to code alone.

Teletype introduces the concept of real-time "portals" for sharing workspaces.
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28 minutes ago by danmichaelo
difference between instance methods and class methods
provides a nice example of how we use class methods using active records .find
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15 hours ago by harrisonmalone
introduction to modules
this provides a really simple introduction to modules, pretty much explains that modules just sit on top of classes, also the way in which you have to do a .new once you have your class inside of your module
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15 hours ago by harrisonmalone
Furby 1998 source code
(FURBY.ASM - Version 25)
INVENTOR: Dave Hampton
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16 hours ago by gohai

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