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Rush [sangga]
"Sauntering, by clinical definition, is an aimless wandering, without destination." Darien’s having a very unusual reaction to the counteragent…
fic  iman  het  darien/claire  darienfawkes  clairekeeply 
july 2009 by SwissMisstery
Beauty in the Breakdown - the Journal of Julie's Insanity - Invisible Man/X-Files Fanfic: Three The Hard Way (Part 1)
One of my only crossover efforts ... For some reason, The Invisible Man and The X-Files seemed a natural fit to me. An accidental meeting between Dana Scully, left adrift by the disappearance and apparent death of Fox Mulder, and Darien Fawkes, just adrif
x-files  het  juliefortune  crossover  invisibleman  foxmulder  danascully  darienfawkes  bobbyhobbes  mpdjk  scully/fawkes  mulder/scully  ust  lonegunmen  csm  clairekeeply  qsm  angst  pov-darien  pov-3rd  length-medium  tense-past  assassination 
february 2009 by ratcreature

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angst  assassination  bobbyhobbes  crossover  csm  danascully  darien/claire  darienfawkes  fic  foxmulder  het  iman  invisibleman  juliefortune  length-medium  lonegunmen  mpdjk  mulder/scully  pov-3rd  pov-darien  qsm  scully/fawkes  tense-past  ust  x-files 

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