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How can I create a stacked line graph with multiple values from the same log line? - Question | Splunk Answers
index=ciam_prd AND sourcetype=ciam AND host=ciam-prd AND system_cpu_time="*" | chart values(system_cpu_time) values(user_cpu_time) values(total_cpu_time) by _time
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yesterday by christianmlong
Difference between stats and chart - Question | Splunk Answers
Let's compare with two examples:

* | stats sum(x) by user, host, status will output rows that look like:

user host status sum(x)
bob host1 200 25
bob host1 404 12
bob host2 404 3
alice host1 200 17
alice host2 500 1

2) But * | chart sum(x) over user by status will output quite different rows that look like.

user 200 404 500
bob 25 15
alice 17 1

Note that the first example incorporates data about the "host" field, whereas the second one does not. We'll come back to this.

In more formal terms, stats sum(x) by user, host, status will create one row for each combination of user, host and status that are present in the data. Then for each of those rows it will also compute whatever statistic(s) or function(s) you tell it (here it's just sum(x)).

On the other hand, the chart command, will create rows that are each of the values of the single "group by" field, and COLUMNS that are each of the values of the "split by" field. (btw the timechart command you can sort of think of chart that is locked into using _time as the "group-by" field, although the reality is a little more complex)
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yesterday by christianmlong
Chart.js | Open source HTML5 Charts for your website
a js library for charts. Don't know how it works but seems to help you to create web page charts. Says: '8 different chart types'
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  chart  graphic  table  line  bar  animate  customise 
yesterday by piperh

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