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slick charting library for iOS in Swift
ios  chart  graph  visualization  library 
yesterday by DivineDominion
Sass Compatibility
Reporting incompatibilities between different Sass engines.
chart  design  development  sass  compatibility  resources  CSS  libsass  matrix  Tools  tw 
2 days ago by maepon
python - How to align the bar and line in matplotlib two y-axes chart? - Stack Overflow
Put the YoY line on the right axis, with the main metric in a bar chart on the left.
python  matplotlib  pandas  chart 
4 days ago by cgrin
sobata416 shared a chart on StockTwits
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chart  history  stock 
6 days ago by Ciudilo
DONTNOD Physically based rendering chart for Unreal Engine 4 | Sébastien Lagarde
The chart has been design for Dontnod team and with Unreal engine 4 convention for textures based on the Disney “principled” BRDF use in the Unreal engine 4 [1]. The chart is use as predefined value that the artist color pick and use when creating textures. For the different meaning of the parameters except the Porosity you can refer to the Unreal engine 4 documentation:
For the details of some values, refer to the other article from this blog like feedding a physically based shading model or GDCEurope 2013 talk : The art and rendering of Remember Me.
PBR  Textures  3D  Chart  Charts+Graphs+Information  Values 
6 days ago by tpryor

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