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styopdev/graphart: Create modern and nice graphs and charts with Graphart lightweight and high performance library.
graphart - Create modern and nice graphs and charts with Graphart lightweight and high performance library.
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3 days ago by oppara
39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes — Medium
great summary of diverse studies on perception of graphs
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4 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
iOS Version History Chart
Data source: Wikipedia, and various news sites around the web.
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5 days ago by pitiphong_p
Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition
"Take the politicians who have been active enough on the national stage to get fact-checked by PolitiFact at least 50 times since the start of 2007. Look at all of their ratings and tally them."
Rob Taber
17 July 2016
liars  lying  politicians  fact-checking  2016  chart  politics  DonaldTrump  HillaryClinton  election  2016-election  national  UnitedStates  USA  PolitiFact  MormonPress  Imgur  RobertMann  RobTaber 
6 days ago by Mykl
RT : Soon you can see our interview with , presented by & at
CHART  ChristianAndersen  from twitter
6 days ago by vonhaller

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