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JavaScript charts and maps for your projects | ZingChart
ZingChart is a JavaScript charting library designed to quickly render fast, beautiful charts with big data sets. Start building JavaScript charts today.
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yesterday by ctirpak
Tableau stock down almost 50% | Hacker News
samstave 8 hours ago

Apologies if the following is ignorant:
My exp with tableau was always that they obfuscate the final query...
Fuck that.
Looker doesn't && they even allow a meta Lang on top of them.
So for you to say "just do X" leaves many less sophisticated orgs left in the dark.
So my comment is both:
Fuck their position and yours.
I don't want to pay bullshit fees to tableau (with perf hits) && not be able to see the final query && not need an actually fairly highly competent DBA to know that x+x+x needs to be enabled in order for me to get to root.
If I pay service X give me the full fucking understanding as to how service results are generated.
(Yes yes I do understand how saas blah blah works and I'm just saying I personally find this process bullshit and immoral)
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2 days ago by berendes
dimple - A simple charting API for d3 data visualisations
The aim of dimple is to open up the power and flexibility of d3 to analysts. It aims to give a gentle learning curve and minimal code to achieve something productive. It also exposes the d3 objects so you can pick them up and run to create some really cool stuff.
analytics  chart  javascript 
3 days ago by gambrell
Generation of diagrams and flowcharts from text in a similar manner as markdown.

chart  tool  diagram  javascript 
4 days ago by flammel
Great new charting library built using reactjs, d3, and redux
recharts  charts  chart  ui  ux  react  reactjs  library  hickory  svg  d3  redux 
5 days ago by mgan
allows you to easily create text-based art (like diagrams, layouts, flow charts) and visually represent algorithms, data structures, binary formats and more. Because it's all just text, it can be easily embedded almost anywhere. Of course, exporting as images is also supported (PNG and SVG).
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5 days ago by der_dennis

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