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D3.js - Data-Driven Documents
angularjs와 함께한 1년 소개하는 자리에서 변치훈님이 마지막에 highchart에서 d3로 갈아탄다는 얘기에 찾아봄
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19 hours ago by ncrash is a free online diagram drawing application for workflow, BPM, org charts, UML, ER, network diagrams.
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5 days ago by mhulse
Axis labels inside chart area?
chart1.Series[0].XAxisType =

chart1.Series[0].YAxisType = AxisType.Secondary;
chart1.ChartAreas[0].AxisX2.Crossing = double.MinValue;
chart1.ChartAreas[0].AxisY2.Crossing = double.MinValue;
excel  chart  how_to  label  axis  inside 
5 days ago by Doire
The Population of Space | Nefarious Plots
Nefarious Plots is a data-driven web-comic, for lack of a better term. My goal with every Plot is to provide an interesting answer to a question that no reasonable person would even think to ask. Most stem from interesting data sets I stumbled upon at random, some are spin-offs of work I was doing for legitimate reasons, and some are just ridiculous questions that popped into my head.

I don't think of Nefarious Plots as a blog. You won't find opinions or arguments here; I'm not trying to convince you of anything. You won't even find a lot of text. One figure, one caption - that's the rule.

What does your tool chain look like?
Most of the Plots are rendered using D3, sometimes in conjunction with jQuery and an assortment of cool plug-ins like Chroma.js and PowerTip.

If pre-processing was required, I probably did it in Python, using my own proprietary blend of praising and swearing at it. Occasionally SciLab is more convenient.
visualization  visualisation  scilab  plots  data  jquery  d3  plot  chart 
6 days ago by bezthomas

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