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The Creative Process
A handy chart from Toothpaste For Dinner
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2 days ago by chunkbot
NHL: Player Chemistry
This chart show which players have the best offensive chemistry. Hover over to display the goal production between two players. A thicker line indicates more goals. A line that is thicker at one end indicates that player scores more of the goals when those two connect. Colours don't mean anything, yet.
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2 days ago by thatspotonthe_t
GUI front end for simple D3 based charts.
plot  chart  dataviz  D3  visualization 
2 days ago by lenwood
A charting tool that produces automatic, shareable charts from any data file
charts  visualization  data  analytics  javascript  chart  library 
3 days ago by louishouette
Pym.js: Embed iframes responsively
Pym.js embeds and resizes an iframe responsively (width and height) within its parent container. It also bypasses the usual cross-domain issues. "The NPR Visuals team uses Pym.js to embed small custom bits of code (charts, maps, etc.) inside our CMS without CSS or JavaScript conflicts."
javascript  chart  graph 
3 days ago by pipthepixie
Is the final step in charting. Paste data into it and export an svg or png chart in a style that has been predefined.
tool  chart 
4 days ago by brunogasparromualdo

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