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Replace AWK and Bash scripts with AI. Introducing
chart with AI - dashboards from a bunch of inputs including sql table and json - configurable with javasript
dashboard  chart  javascriptChart  javascriptDashboard 
3 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
樋口泰行 @ higuchidesign さきほどの円グラフアピアランス、変更箇所の説明付きaiデータにしました。アピアランス分割してもガタガタしないように少し手を加えましたのでご入り用の方はどうぞ。
chart  illustrator  from instapaper
4 days ago by unknownlabel
Charts  |  Google Developers
Interactive charts for browsers and mobile devices.
chart  graphic  api  free 
4 days ago by dpcat237
pro-life-belief-chart.png (575×1330)
Is this policy consistent with the belief that women should face consequences for having sex?
image  chart  policy  law  png  abortion  health  morality  logic  government  belief  fallacy  punishment  women  sex  breakdown  takedown 
4 days ago by cluebucket
Stacked and Grouped Bar Chart

You can modify each group's stacks using innerColumns Object.

var innerColumns = {

"column1" : ["column_name", "column_name"],

"column2" : ["column_name"],

"column3" : ["column_name"]

d3  javascript  chart  graph  stacked  grouped  bar 
5 days ago by christianmlong

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