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Anonymous Conservative -- Apocalypse Is Unavoidable, According To The Math
'... You could trigger a major K-shift just by eliminating the willingness to loan money. You could do it by calling all the debt out there and forcing it to either be paid back, or be defaulted on. You could do it just by letting the demographic monster continue as it will. You could do it by stopping the government from borrowing cash and flooding it into the system. You could do it by triggering shortages in various areas, so people will have to loot and steal to survive. You could do it by collapsing the government and suddenly rendering all those government workers unemployed. -- We are probably going to do it by doing all of the above, all at the same time. -- Think Darwin quit? Au contraire. He was just taking a little vacation to recharge his batteries, so when the real shit hits the fan, he is ready to rock. And man, is he going to rock.'
rkselectiontheory  statism  welfare  debt  rentseeking  bubble  collapse  greatestdepression 
5 days ago by adamcrowe
Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies
bubble  desktop  wrapper 
10 days ago by freiref
Naked Launch - The New Yorker
What’s really new about the big new tech companies?
technology  hype  bubble  siliconvalley  capitalism 
14 days ago by lgtout
Venture Capital 2015
A data driven review of venture capital activity in 2015.
technology  bubble 
15 days ago by lgtout

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