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The Appeal of Outsourcing | Mostly Harmless
"Let’s take the Emma Maersk container ship for example, even though the newer Triple E class ships are 35% more efficient. A trek from Hong Kong to Los Angeles takes about 14 days and burns 1,209,600 gallons of fuel. That’s a lot but it’s moving 15,000 shipping containers, each capable of fitting 36,864 t shirts. So, each shirt is responsible for 8mL of oil, which is what I would burn driving a car 266 feet. Shipping a container from China to LA uses even less fuel than trucking it from San Francisco. Buying “local” is ineffective from a sustainability perspective. It’s just ingroup bias."
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23 hours ago by sha
Uber seen reaching $10.8 billion in bookings in 2015: fundraising presentation | Reuters
"Uber Technologies Inc's [UBER.UL] global bookings are projected to rise nearly threefold to $10.84 billion this year and reach $26.12 billion the next, according to a recent presentation for potential investors seen by Reuters.

The ride-hailing service, which operates in over 50 countries, keeps 20 percent of booking revenue, showed a confidential slideshow prepared by Chinese bankers with input from Uber, aimed at soliciting investment in a fund participating in Uber's Series F financing.

Based on those figures, 2015 revenue would be roughly $2 billion, according to a Reuters calculation."
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6 days ago by sha
Tinkering versus Goals
Unlike booms and busts in the financial markets, which are often artificially created, technological booms and busts are an intrinsic feature of wealth creation itself. As Carlota Perez notes, technology busts in fact typically open up vast new capabilities that were overbuilt during booms. They radically expand access to the luck of networks to larger populations. The technology bust of 2000 for instance, radically expanded access to the tools of entrepreneurship and began fueling the next wave of innovation almost immediately.
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22 days ago by craniac

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