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The Unicorn Ledge – Don’t Jump | DIGITS to DOLLARS
I am ready to concede that there are many companies who will be threatened by new technology. And that many large, established players will need to make some big acquisitions. But whenever we talk about the entire economy be completely thrown out of whack, those are the times when we have reached the peak. The economy is big, and many of the ambitious disruptions that private companies are now talking about will take many years just to prove themselves. Remember Webvan? The last time I read pieces like McClure’s, Webvan was making big promises. Their vision eventually became the reality of Amazon, but it took a decade and billions of lost venture dollars.  I am not a Luddite, I like my technology and apps and gadgets as much as anyone else in Northern California. I just think we need to be sober about forecasting ‘Big Changes’ to everything.
startup  valuation  DaveMcClure  critique  bubble  DigitstoDollars  2016 
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Secret documents reveal official concerns over 'seven-day NHS' plans | Society | The Guardian
Dr Mark Porter, leader of the British Medical Association, said the papers proved that government had ignored warnings from healthcare organisations, especially that a lack of extra staff and more funding would hinder progress. That it has also “disregarded its own risk assessment’s warnings about the lack of staffing and funding needed to deliver further seven-day services, is both alarming and incredibly disappointing”, he added. [...] “[It] only goes to show that this was nothing more than a headline-grabbing soundbite set to win votes rather than improve care for patients.” - &! bit.ly/2bPYheU &! deception - bit.ly/2bv8JEZ &! Hospital doctors ‘miss signs of illness’ because of chronic staff shortages - bit.ly/2bcdep2
UK  Westminster  Whitehall  general  election  2015  Manifesto  George  Osborne  Jeremy  Hunt  BMA  NHS  Crisis  England  Tories  Conservative  Party  Nasty  Theresa  May  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  health  care  demand  Career  Politicians  Junior  Doctor  Contract  GP  staff  shortage  Austerity 
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After the Crisis - Mark Blyth - YouTube
this time is different - not the great depression - this time it is about inequality.
Mark  Blyth  book  economic  history  credit  boom  bubble  inequality  Sovereign  Debt  Crisis  bank  Bailout  GFC  European  Union  Brexit  far-right  right-wing 
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Lo Siento Studio | Graphic Design Barcelona
Graphic design studio specializing in Identity, Packaging & editorial directed by Borja Martínez
Inspiration  design  bubble  wrap  real  worrld 
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(Live Ticker) Bank of England cuts rates - BBC News
The post-Brexit economic problems are down to consumer and business uncertainty and will not be solved by introducing monetary stimulus. By lowering interest rates, the Bank of England will distort the economy and potentially reduce growth. Philip Booth. Research director, Institute of Economic Affairs //&! More corp bond buying - bit.ly/2b6sHX3 //&! bit.ly/2aPQJYV &! bbc.in/2axiVxx &! Osborne at it w calling for lower business rate - bit.ly/2aGUYTN &! Noreena Hartz on it - bit.ly/2ayoT5g &! bbc.in/2aWLXY6
BOE  Brexit  Mark  Carney  fiscal  stimulus  Austerity  monetary  policy  bond  bubble  distortion  aggregate  demand  short-fall  Uncertainty  business  confidence 
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NHS 'abandoning' thousands by rationing hepatitis C drugs | Society | The Guardian
Addaction says NHS England decision to treat just 10,000 people a year with costly drugs is ‘potential death sentence’
minority  NHS  rationing  health  care  demand  NHS  Crisis  sick  population  demographic  bubble  premature  ageing  chronic  diseases  chronic  disease  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  NHS  Scotland  NHS  England 
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NHS Scotland spend £38m sending patients for private care - The Scotsman
The Scottish Government wants NHS chiefs to cut the money it spends in the private sector with Audit Scotland last year warning that the treatment route did not offer value for money when used to meet targets. [...] “Scotland’s NHS is seeing more patients than ever before, carrying out a record of over one million inpatient procedures last year – an increse of almost 18 per cent, or 162,000, under this government."
NHS  Scotland  NHS  England  NHS  Crisis  sick  population  health  care  demand  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  premature  ageing 
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