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YouTube -- Keiser Report: Your Special Brexit Coctail (E932)
Stacy: "...I want to bring it back to the economic story of the UK where there used to be a huge manufacturing base, they used to be an empire, they used build all sorts of things, they used make cars, they used to make refrigerators, they used to make air conditioners; they used to make things like America used to. Right here in America we have that story of 'Make America Great Again' – Americans also don't have jobs, they don't have manufacturing jobs. Tell us about the role of that in this vote. Tell us about the role of the central banks in creating a class of people who are so ignorant of the vast swathes of the population – 95% of the rest of the population...most people in our economies are disposable, we don't need them. But we have this conflict now emerging that every time there's a vote, these people do have a vote – and I see more and more of my neoliberal friends, my friends that vote for Hilary Clinton, they're like 'We should get rid of these uneducated, stupid people who are voting; we don't want these people to vote.' So where is this clash...?"
UK  europe  oligarchicalcollectivism  centralbanking  financialization  casinogulag  saversvsspeculators  rentseeking  ponzi  bubble  delusion 
27 days ago by adamcrowe
Anonymous Conservative -- Fiat Money Creates Tryanny – Why?
'People have seen r/K since long before the terms were ever coined: "It may seem unusual that an economist would talk about culture… -- A number of economists have observed that fiat money is a prerequisite for tyrannical government, and the idea that monetary interventionism paves the way for tyrannical government is very old and goes back to Nicolas Oresme in the fourteenth century…" -- Technically, under the tenets of r/K, cash hording would be a K-stimuli, fostering a psychology of greatness among the populace by constricting available resources, and rewarding those who plan for the future. Removing the option or dissuading those from pursuing it, is purely an r-stimulus designed to reward the r-psychology. -- There it is, all r-selection, as described by those who think it a strange and aberrant state of affairs that need to be avoided. A psychological shift which weakens the desire for freedom, dissipates the drive to protect it, requires ever more protection for every individual due to motivation/drive debility, and generates a short term strategy to consume ever more ephemeral resources that by their very nature are designed to eventually run out. And so long as the free resources last, the shift will continue farther and farther. -- Bear in mind, to an r-strategist, these are wise and valid policies. They would describe the entire state of affairs quite differently. To them this is clever policy encouraging a necessary investment of present value into the system by evil “hoarders,” to produce future conditions that will further enhance the good-feels and happiness, and produce further excess investible value that will further enhance the good-feels and happiness, and produce more excess investible value. -- Best of all, all the good feels have no end. With this strategy, the happiness and good-feels can last forever. -- By contrast, if you allow “hoarding” to be advantageous, the good-feels stop, the happiness ends, and an untenable situation arises, where some will work hard and enjoy undue success and comfort, and others will not, unless they expend undue effort they may not want to expend. -- The only thing missing is the sexual aspects, and the rearing/child-concern/child-protection aspects. -- The key to r/K is that it takes the observations above, from merely being the observations of several individuals, to a clear biological mechanism that can be understood from cause, to effect, to the reasons behind it, and which is easily understood by all. -- It is the final piece that holds the promise of taking these ideas about limited government, stability, and freedom that we all knew were right, and establishing them as the ultimate truth in the minds of all exposed – on the first contact.'
rkselectiontheory  centralbanking  inflation  debt  bubble  economics  fiat 
4 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Why Uber Keeps Raising Billions - The New York Times
Because if it loses the money, nobody *else* can lose the money!
uber  bubble  crash2 
4 weeks ago by yorksranter
Dublin Facing Another Housing Bubble? | Newgeography.com
In a recent column in the Sunday Independent, Ireland's largest weekend newspaper, one of Ireland's leading economists, Colm McCarthy of University College (Dublin) raised the prospect another housing bubble in Dublin, Ireland's leading weekend newspaper. Dublin is the nation's capital and home to approximately 40% of the population. This is a potentially serious concern, given the economic devastation that the previous Dublin housing bubble contributed to across Ireland during 2006-2010.
Dublin  housing  bubble  regulations  critique  NewGeography  2016 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Boing Boing -- UK startup offers landlords continuous, deep surveillance of tenants' social media
'Here's Source Assured's pitch: landlords, if you write a requirement for tenants (and prospective tenants) to let us access their social media accounts into your lease/application process, we'll scrape all that data, use an unaccountable system to analyze it, and produce libelous, life-destroying dossiers on them that you can use to discriminate against people who seek shelter, the most fundamental human need after sustenance. -- And this is the UK, where 40% of the national wealth is in the form of property in the southeast, where whole neighborhoods are being razed and replaced with high-rise safe-deposit boxes in the sky for offshore millionaires, where defined-benefits pensions are a laughable memory of the distant past, where the entire country is leveraged to the eyeballs to afford shelter, and where, consequently, even the tiniest, eensiest bobble in the value of property threatens the entire nation. -- So this is the UK, where anything that can be done to shore up the housing market will be done: huge inheritance tax breaks for passing on houses, interest-free loans to "get on the housing ladder" (a phrase that is a kind of UK finance bubble Godwin's Law, indicating that rational discussion has ceased), and absolutely, positively no rights for tenants, because every right a tenant has is a right a landlord loses, and so every right for tenants knocks a couple p off the housing market's aggregate value. -- Making tenancy unbearably awful has the additional benefit of encouraging people to do everything -- anything -- to become home-owners...'
UK  landlordism  rentseeking  ponzi  bubble  greatestdepression  intergenerationalwarfare 
6 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Hussman Funds - Weekly Market Comment: The Coming Fed-Induced Pension Bust - May 23, 2016
“the expected return on a traditional portfolio mix is actually lower at present than at any point in history except the 1929 and 1937 market peaks. QE has effectively front-loaded realized past returns, while destroying the future return prospects of conventional portfolios, at least as measured from current valuations. As a result, the coming years are likely to see a major pension crisis across both corporations and municipalities because the illusory front-loading of returns has encouraged profound underfunding.”

On Thursday, Chicago’s Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund reported that its net pension liability soared to $18.6 billion, from $7.1 billion a year earlier, as a result of new accounting rules that prevent governments from using aggressive investment return assumptions
market-timing  bubble  investing 
8 weeks ago by hellsten
Can the Media Please Stop Referring to Company Size by Valuation? - by @kellblog
"In the end, because it (metaphorically) sells more newspapers. “Wow, some guy just quit as CEO of a billion-dollar company to actually spend more time with his family” just sounds a whole lot better than the same line with a comparatively paltry $50M instead. Man Bites Dog beats Dog Bites Man every time."
bubble  silicon  valley  startups  venture  capital 
8 weeks ago by jonerp

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