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Hard Brexit means retiring later, Britons warned | UK news | The Guardian
Drastic cuts to migration will skew the ratio of working-age people to pensioners, delaying pension payments, modelling for the Guardian shows [...] Rises in the state pension age are already anticipated as a result of increased life expectancy and large numbers of baby boomers retiring. But further delays to pension payments will be necessary if current levels of immigration, which sustains the country’s old age dependency ratio, are not maintained, the Oxford university work indicates. [...] John Cridland, the former CBI director who is reviewing the state pension age, told a recent conference run by the International Longevity Centre UK that the affordability of the state pension into the future had been made uncertain by “the Brexit factor”.
Brexit  immigration  Demographic  bubble  pension  scheme  deficit  babyboomers  budget  triple  lock  ageing  population 
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YouTube -- VPRO Backlight Documentary: The Chinese Bubble
'Don't let the glittering towers, luxury houses and neon skylines fool you. While China has undergone a profound economic transformation in recent decades, the flashy facade of wealth hides a much more complicated reality which is currently being experienced by the country's non-elite classes. The Chinese Bubble, a documentary produced by the VPRO Backlight series, explores this conundrum through personal portraits and insightful analysis. -- The country's current economic model has only deepened the imbalance between the rich and the poor. Early on in the film, we meet Li Jie, a young taxi driver who transports many of Beijing's richest inhabitants. Sadly, Jie feels that the Chinese dream they epitomize will forever remain out of his reach. The driver works himself ragged, but he can't afford even the most rudimentary life of comfort. He exposes a new custom among the area's rich; they buy up new apartments and leave them vacant until the market rises and they can maximize their profits. Angered by an inability to afford his own suitable housing, the driver pulls his taxi to the side of the road and snaps photos of these empty properties. These pictures almost serve as his form of forensic evidence. -- A majority of the wealth in China is generated through real estate. We learn that 70% of properties in Shanghai are sold to either repeat customers or wealthy buyers who don't even live in the country. The wealth generated by these deals never trickles down to the hard-working impoverished citizens who need it the most. -- The film features an interview with Wang Jianlin, the richest real estate tycoon in China, who proclaims that economic prosperity is available to everyone in the country. This assertion is intercut by scenes of Feng Lun, a construction worker who toils daily on the perilous scaffolding of Jianlin's tallest developments, but struggles to support his wife and children on a meager wage. -- China's development has quadrupled over the past decade, yet the country's per capita income remains lower than most industrialized nations in the world. According to one of the film's interview subjects, this is unlikely to improve as long as China's political leaders continue to behave like "Wall Street traders." The Chinese Bubble shows us the tragic human costs of this growing disparity.'
economics  land  rentseeking  malspeculation  bubble  china  documentaries 
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NHS conditions worst ever, say leading nurses - BBC News
Nurses also chime in w warning [...] "immediate and longer-term measures to address the issues". [...] "Unless you adopt a bolder approach, millions of older, ill and disabled people and their carers, will continue to be badly let down."
NHS  Crisis  elderly  care  adult  social  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  UK  health  demand  premature  taxation  sugar  tax  meat  Alcohol  Tobacco  public  obesity  CVD  cancer  overweight  diabetes 
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NHS 'will fail' this winter without cash injection, doctors tell Theresa May | Society | The Guardian
Leaders of 33,000 doctors urge PM to recognise that hospitals are ‘paralysed’ by soaring demand and warn of staff exodus [...] In a letter to May, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and a host of senior doctors told her that the NHS is trying to tackle so many problems with such limited resources that it is in danger of not being able to do its job of caring for patients. [...] >>> under pressure like never before in its 69-year history [...] investment levels are not sufficient to meet current or future patient needs. <<< [...] May has told Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, that the service will not get any extra money and that he should concentrate on making major efficiency savings. ///&! Nurses also chime in w warning - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-38570177
NHS  Crisis  adult  social  care  elderly  ageing  population  A&E  GP  sick  babyboomers  Demographic  bubble  Austerity  Jeremy  Hunt  Theresa  May  Philip  Hammond  health  demand 
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UK credit binge approaching levels not seen since 2008 crash | Business | The Guardian
//&! http://bit.ly/2j5VMET - Shoppers are still pulling out the plastic, but borrowing may become less choice and more necessity as budgets are squeezed //&! http://bit.ly/2hW63rg - BOE unable to put "irrational behavior" into models, ie credit binge. //&! wrong for BOE to compare levels to GDP! http://bit.ly/2iR2fGY - AUSTERITY UK KEPT AFLOAT BY CONSUMER CREDIT BINGE! - 2015 economy growth was 80% consumer! &! Carney Warning Jan 2017 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38644963
credit  card  car  loan  consumer  debt  household  mortgage  Property  bubble  UK  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  wage  growth  inflation  BOE  payday  auto  recovery  GFC  economic  history  Consumerism  materialism  Brexit  irrational  behavior  debtoverhang  austerity  ZIRP  NIRP  QE 
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Brexit racism and civil war but what else does 2017 hold for politics? - YouTube
people visibly not white prone to abuse by ideological fanatic Leave Voters. [...] Door that this protest vote opened already closing. Tories and May leaving the JAM's already hanging ... ie by making British Human Rights Act to repeal EHCR a cornerstone of 2020 general election. [...] "things already slipping a bit" [...] ///&! Brexit fallout: UK is "less happy and more racist" than six months ago - https://youtu.be/Vl_KFpG0-EE --- views Gov is London Centric!
Brexit  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  2020  JAM  Austerity  inflation  working  poor  poverty  squeezed  middle  class  affordable  housing  property  bubble  wage  growth  secular  stagnation  economic  history  recovery  income  inequality  Westminster  Whitehall  gini  Coefficient  trap  homelessness  homeless  immigration  EEA  stigma  racism  Xenophobia  prejudice  bigotry  Nationalism  Precariat  social 
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Another referendum? Yes, but this time on the NHS | Steve Richards | Opinion | The Guardian
Part of the answer to all these questions is obvious. The government needs to raise additional revenue. It will not be cheap but in the end – for selfish reasons and not altruistic ones – we need the only mediating agency available to address the challenge, and that is a government. There is no other institution available that can be held to account in the same way and that can respond to the sheer scale of demand.
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  rationing  elderly  care  adult  social  sick  population  health  demand  ageing  demographic  bubble  premature  chronic 
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