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Programmers may be the tulips of this bubble
Given the amount of investment money flowing to companies like Dropbox, you could start a company with the goal of hiring enough engineers to create a target to be bought by one of them. Programmers, it seems, are the tulips of this bubble. Create a cushy environment, and make one of the benefits a payout when the company is bought. Obviously you want to hire programmers who are good at taking the tests the big companies have for new hires. And it pays to develop their skills using the technology of the company that you want to be bought by.
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5 days ago by infosample
Billion Dollar Dart Throwing | Om Malik
One last thing — the Oculus acquisition makes it easy for Facebook to tell a story about “cool” things the company is doing. In comparison to Google which is working on cool shit like driver less cars, robotics and Project Loon, Facebook looks decidedly uncool and one dimensional (advertising focused.) Oculus changes the perception of the company with potential employees. More importantly the company has perception of being focused on the future cool things. Wall Street values promise of the future and accords premium based on that. And that alone is worth a couple of billion dollars.
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27 days ago by infosample
It's impossible to work your way through college nowadays | Randal S. Olson
Modern students have to work as much as 6x longer to pay for college than 30 years ago
college  inflation  bubble  debt 
4 weeks ago by cboyack

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