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Property bubble is ‘major risk to China’ - FT.com
To understand the scale of the resulting building boom, consider this statistic: in just two years – 2011 and 2012 – China produced more cement than the US did in the entire 20th century.
China  property  bubble  critique  FinancialTimes  2014 
yesterday by inspiral
Something very strange is happening in Miami - Salon.com
Florida's biggest city is undergoing a real-estate boom stemming from an unexpected source. But is it a bubble?
Miami  realestate  investment  bubble  foreigndirectinvestment  Salon  2014 
15 days ago by inspiral
Israel, Gaza, War & Data
"As you can see, there’s almost no mention of the incident across major Israeli media portals. Ha’aretz does cover the story, but Ha’aretz also has less than 10% readership, as it is considered to engender extreme liberal views."
media  data  gaza  israel  network  map  bias  filter  bubble 
16 days ago by markhgn
Appcubator | Homepage
Now with drag and drop plugins to jumpstart your development.
app  wysiwyg  bubble  squarespace  cms  benchmark 
26 days ago by erwankezzar
Firebase - Build Realtime Apps
A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime.
app  wysiwyg  bubble  squarespace  cms  benchmark 
26 days ago by erwankezzar
Stamplay | Create modern apps like never before.
A Facebook app to engage visitors in taking selfies with artworks and share those pics in a gallery where other users can vote and share them.
app  wysiwyg  bubble  squarespace  cms  benchmark 
26 days ago by erwankezzar
Messaging App Line Files for IPO Valued Over $10B | Re/code
Common sense, please. : Messaging App Line Files for IPO Valued Over $10B / ”
bubble  from twitter
6 weeks ago by 1l2p

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