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NHS Grampian puts cap on non-urgent surgery over winter - Evening Express
NHS Grampian has confirmed it is only booking category one and two patients, who require surgery within a month or within three months respectively, in January and February.

The health board said the move was part of its winter plans and there would be exceptions where surgeries do not impact on beds. [...] It follows a row in October after NHS Tayside announced it had put on hold all planned, non-urgent operations for three weeks over the festive period. Category three patients, who require surgery within a year, will not be routinely booked for January and February, under NHS Grampian’s plans.
NHS  winter  crisis  elective  care  surgery  rationing  Grampian  Scotland  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  Austerity  waiting  times  backlog  Council  GP  referral  A&E  bedblocking  bed  blocking 
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Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits | Society | The Guardian
Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits
Health secretary swiftly rejects service chiefs’ public warning that meeting targets is impossible with current funding [...] In an unprecedented move reflecting a widening gulf with the government, NHS England used its board meeting to warn that it had to make “difficult choices” next year that would involve limiting what it could provide for patients. [ only providing basics life saving treatments - not life improvement treatments (elective surgery) ] [...] NHS England has also said it is unable to implement best practice as advised by Nice on a routine basis – an extraordinary state of affairs. We have now reached a point where the NHS constitution will be routinely breached and NHS services are being withdrawn.”
NHS  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Philip  Hammond  Theresa  May  budget2017  rationing  treatment  delay  waiting  times  CVD  Cancer  A&E  diabetes  overweight  obesity  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  healthcare  CCG  CEP  STP  GP  elective  surgery  OAP  disabled  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  Austerity  adult  social  care  elderly  NICE  patient  safety  CQC  mental  health 
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Budget 2017: NHS trusts given extra £350m for entire winter, despite Brexit bus promising £350m a week | The Independent
Budget had also nothing on social care! -
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42065767 &! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-42096941 begging patients &! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42082602 more rationing and restrictions in the books by CCGs eg physical rehabilitation services could be cut. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5112803/NHS-prepares-ration-painkillers-routine-operations.html &! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4978787/cuts-to-patient-services-feared-after-budget/ // The NHS is getting £1.6bn in extra funding next year, less than half asked for by the NHS to keep the service running //&! https://www.gponline.com/gps-ignored-2017-budget-nhs-england-hints-cuts-services/article/1450955 - GP leaders hit out at chancellor Philip Hammond for ignoring general practice in his 2017 budget, as NHS England officials hinted that a 'disappointing' £2.8bn funding hike for the health service could force cuts. //&! http://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/national/15676761.Budget_2017__Additional_funds_for_NHS_will_not_plug_gap__Sir_Bruce_Keogh_says/ - the NHS “can no longer avoid the difficult debate” on what can be provided by the health service on the funds it is operating on. //&! https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/nov/23/conservatives-will-break-nhs-funding-pledge-labour-claims - An analysis carried out for Labour by the House of Commons library shows that despite the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announcing an extra £2.8bn in day-to-day funding, real-terms funding per head is set to fall in 2018-19, and remain flat for two years after that.
NHS  winter  crisis  budget2017  GP  A&E  Austerity  CEP  STP  sickcare  demand  healthcare  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  England  waiting  time  treatment  delay  rationing  mental  health  locum  staff  Nurses  hiring  paycap  Doctors  Junior  recruitment  stress  burnout  sickleave  Philip  Hammond  Theresa  May  Council  bed  blocking  bedblocking  adult  social  elderly  care  Disabled  Privatisation  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt 
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