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Palantir Valued At $20 Billion In New Funding Round - BuzzFeed News
RT : Palantir Valued At $20 Billion In New Funding Round - BuzzFeed News
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8 days ago by aratob
ClubOrlov: Pop goes the Bubble
Running a fundraiser (which, by the way, has been a great success—thank you all very much!) has prompted me to think about money more deeply than I normally do. I am no financial expert, and I certainly can't give you investment advice, but when I figure something out for myself, it makes me want to share my insights. I know that many people see national finances as an impenetrable fog of numbers and acronyms, which they feel is best left up to financial specialists to interpret for them. But try to see national finances as a henhouse, yourself as a hen, and financial specialists as foxes. Perhaps you should pay a little bit of attention—perhaps a bit more than one would expect from a chicken?Read more » via Pop goes the Bubble
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10 days ago by davidmarsden
Candy brothers: ‘One day they were likely lads, then they were everywhere’ | Business | The Guardian
The children, born last year to Christian and his socialite turned criminal psychologist wife, Lady Emily Crompton-Candy, are definitely not named after notorious tax havens. A family spokesman said Cayman is named after one of his dad’s favourite cars. “Christian and Emily liked the name Cayman in relation to the Porsche,” she said. It is not entirely clear why they chose Monaco for the little girl – there is no Porsche Monaco – but it is where the family live.
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16 days ago by yorksranter
US tech funding — Benedict Evans
Ben Evans vergleicht Tech-Szene vor Dotcom-Bubble mit heute
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16 days ago by hakan
U.S. Tech Funding – What’s Going On? | Hacker News
It's interesting how it seems that inequality is an unintended consequence of Sarbanes-Oxley. Before an engineer might vest after four or five years, just as the company is going public at a modest valuation. But if the company stays private, the employees are forced to go double or nothing. Either the company continues to grow, and there is a Google or Facebook like outcome with hundreds of employees getting rich. Or the company goes sideways and the stock ends up diluted to nothing. Furthermore the general public would have shared in the growth in the 1980's, but now most of the value has accrued by the time the company goes public. So for the few that make it, all the wins go to the founders and VC's, rather than having the general public get in early.

Animats 5 hours ago

"It's interesting how it seems that inequality is an unintended consequence of Sarbanes-Oxley."
No, it's a consequence of low interest rates. "Private equity" is mostly borrowed money. Think "leveraged buyout", not "all-cash deal". Here's a list of the top 10 private equity lenders for 2011.[1] #1 is Bank of America.
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17 days ago by hellsten
U.S. Technology Funding -- What's Going On?
What’s going on in the public markets? What are all these so-called “unicorns”? What’s going on in venture capital?

"This time is different." It is different. Because it's always different...
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17 days ago by inspiral

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