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Can the Media Please Stop Referring to Company Size by Valuation? - by @kellblog
"In the end, because it (metaphorically) sells more newspapers. “Wow, some guy just quit as CEO of a billion-dollar company to actually spend more time with his family” just sounds a whole lot better than the same line with a comparatively paltry $50M instead. Man Bites Dog beats Dog Bites Man every time."
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19 hours ago by jonerp
Best DIY App Makers for Small Businesses: 2016 Edition
Bizness Apps — Bizness Apps is an app creator suitable for almost any type of small business, including restaurants, bands, sports, real estate, legal services, nonprofits and even religious organizations. You can choose from hundreds of customizable templates and features, like push notifications, GPS, content sharing, social media, mobile shopping cart, mobile reservations and food ordering, custom email forms, mailing lists and more. biznessapps.com
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yesterday by erwankezzar
Social Network Algorithms Are Distorting Reality By Boosting Conspiracy Theories | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
"[Soclal network] design is having a dramatic impact on pub. policy, and the effects are only going to get stronger"
algorithms  news  Facebook  bubble  filterbubble  journalism  sides  objectivity  danger  newsfeed  conspiracy  theory 
8 days ago by can
RT : San Francisco median home prices hit record in April 2016
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8 days ago by EricScottTaylor
Bubble Indemnity
good overview of tech bubbles. great illustrations. text itself is ~okay~.
tech  bubble  illustration  ipo 
9 days ago by unphono
Is the Tech Bubble Popping? Ping Pong Offers an Answer
Sales of tables rise and fall with the startups that love them
tech  bubble  pingpong  business 
15 days ago by mirthe

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