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European banks and the global banking glut
People expect to take losses on risky investments. They don't expect to take losses on safe ones. Yet we are still trying to make the financial system “safer” and encourage investors to invest in “safe” assets. When will we learn that the safest investment is a risky one, and the most dangerous investments are those that are believed to be completely safe?
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10 days ago by yorksranter
A collective ad monitoring tool for social good
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17 days ago by noii
Quinn: Listening to the VC dog whistle - San Jose Mercury News
What these savvy and extraordinarily successful investors are hinting at, I believe, is that the investment market is going to constrict and there won't be as many investors to cover a company's burn rate. Once the music stops, not everyone is going to have a chair -- and those that don't will be out of business.
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28 days ago by inspiral
Startup Network
We developed some innovative machine learning algorithms capable to identify which startups are more likely to grow over the next few months with a success rate > 90%.
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29 days ago by kobuchan

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