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DEVICON | All programming languages and development tools related icons font
devicon aims to gather all logos representing development languages and tools in one font.
design  development  icons  programming  icon  resource  webdev  api  font  fonts 
8 hours ago by wasser
A backend agnostic REST and GraphQL based admin interface.
admin  api  dashboard  database  graphql 
8 hours ago by semanticdreamer
Transactional Email from MailChimp - Mandrill
Mandrill is a transactional email platform from MailChimp
mailchimp  api  addon 
8 hours ago by dpcat237
Introduction | Local Government Inform Plus - open data
The API allows anyone to view and download open data about local areas, such as demographic details and performance data. It's been built to support both amateur and professional developers, and can help you deliver information services that matter. It's free for the first 2Gb but developers can subscribe to extend their limit, and the limit for subscribing local authorities is larger.
opendata  api  local  government  data  LGA  resources  councils 
11 hours ago by representme
Web Platform Feature Availability
Powered by data from caniuse.com and StatCounter, this page indicates the percentage of users who have a browser that natively supports various web platform features. Obviously, this doesn't consider polyfill-ability or other fallback scenarios
development  browser  graph  visualization  support  css  JavaScript  canvas  dom  html  API 
11 hours ago by javajunky
rails/activeresource: Connects business objects and REST web services
"Active Resource (ARes) connects business objects and Representational State Transfer (REST) web services. It implements object-relational mapping for REST web services to provide transparent proxying capabilities between a client (ActiveResource) and a RESTful service (which is provided by Simply RESTful routing in ActionController::Resources)."
rails  rubyonrails  model  activeresource  resource  REST  API  web  service 
11 hours ago by ebouchut
gavv/httpexpect: End-to-end HTTP and REST API testing for Go.
Go library for REST API testing. Many others linked at the bottom.
api  go  http  testing  rest 
15 hours ago by hayzer
Turn form submissions into emails. No configuration required. Just build a form
email  api  services  tool  post  forms 
17 hours ago by Jolantis
How to Handle a Null Response from an API in JavaScript Using Fetch
An API that returns a null response can result in some really strange errors. Learn how to handle a null in Fetch and turn it into data using JavaScript
javascript  errorhandling  api 
20 hours ago by devghost

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