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Introduction to UIMotionEffect | Teehan+Lax
When Apple announced iOS 7, they presented the world with a much “flatter” design than iOS 6. Gradients and shadows were muted, replacing some of the key elements of the operating system which were traditionally used to convey a sense of depth. Apple introduced a new way to convey depth: motion effects. As its name implies, these are not strictly visual effects. Motion effects are related to the orientation of the user’s device. They provide an easy way to map real-world attributes of a device – its orientation – to the interface of your application (this is something we’ve done before). Motion effects affect the appearance of the interface as the device is tilted horizontally and vertically.
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2 hours ago by dlkinney
Sometimes I code in Rails or Javascript and wish I could use a particular Python function. Obviously I'm not going to set up a Python server to call a single function, so I'm out of luck. I built Blockspring so I could use my favorite functions in any language - without needing to set up servers, authorization, and endpoints.
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9 hours ago by bloom
dweet.io - Share your thing- like it ain't no thang.
If your product, device, machine, gadget or thing can connect to the Internet, it can use dweet.io to easily publish and subscribe to data.

dweet.io doesn't require any setup or sign-up— just publish and go. It's machine-to-machine (M2M) for the Internet Of Things (IOT) the way it was meant to be.
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9 hours ago by tma

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