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hapi-auth-jwt2 - The simplest Hapi.js authentication plugin using JSON Web Tokens.
json  web  tokens  api  auth  authentication  scheme  hapi 
yesterday by diff_sky
learn-json-web-tokens - Learn how to use JSON Web Token (JWT) to secure your next Web App!
json  web  tokens  api  auth  authentication  scheme  hapi 
yesterday by diff_sky
Face/Scene recognition API
Integrated visual recognition solution based in the Cloud
api  tools 
yesterday by sawyer
Mollie: Accept payments online
Offer your customers the payment methods Creditcard, SOFORT Banking, iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal or paysafecard. Mollie is known for reliability, transparency, nice API’s and ready-to-go modules.
payments  api  payment-processor  payment-provider 
yesterday by alexmc
Body Labs · The world's most precise 3D body models
Transform scans or measurements into precise 3D body models. Align survey data from population studies. Advanced technology for human body size, shape, and motion.
3d  api  quantified+self 
yesterday by hamhoagie
Simple Authenticated JSON API Kit
api  javascript  dev  library  nodejs 
yesterday by gfarrell
Real-time and historical data about every reported United States drone strike
api  tools  idea-journalism-book 
yesterday by robertocarroll
Fanout is a cloud service that makes it easy to push data to browsers and apps.
api  python  django  realtime 
yesterday by brecke

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