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Scale - API For Human Labor
API for Human Labor.
Get human tasks done with just one line of code.
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8 hours ago by laurajnash
Using JSON Web Tokens as API Keys
Using a JSON Web Token offers many advantages:

Granular Security: API Keys provide an all-or-nothing access. JSON Web Tokens can provide much finer grained control.
Homogenous Auth Architecture: Today we use cookies, API keys, home grown SSO solutions, OAuth etc. Standardizing on JSON Web Tokens gives you an homogenous token format across the board.
Decentralized Issuance: API keys depend on a central storage and a service to issue them. JSON Web Tokens can be "self-issued" or be completely externalized, opening interesting scenarios as we will see below.
OAuth2 Compliance: OAuth2 uses an opaque token that relies on a central storage. You can return a stateless JWT instead, with the allowed scopes and expiration.
Debuggability: API keys are opaque random strings. JSON Web Tokens can be inspected.
Expiration Control: API keys usually don't expire unless you revoke them. JSON Web Tokens can (and often do) have an expiration.
Devices: You can't put an API key that has full access on a device, because what is on a phone or tablet can easily be stolen. But you can put a JWT with the right set of permissions.
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14 hours ago by rufous

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