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A collaborative developer hub for your API or code.
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ReadMe.io : Crowdsource Your Developer Hub
A collaborative developer hub for your API or code.
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Build a RESTful API Using Node and Express 4 ♥ Scotch
// on routes that end in /bears
// ----------------------------------------------------

// create a bear (accessed at POST http://localhost:8080/api/bears)
.post(function(req, res) {

var bear = new Bear(); // create a new instance of the Bear model
bear.name = req.body.name; // set the bears name (comes from the request)

// save the bear and check for errors
bear.save(function(err) {
if (err)

res.json({ message: 'Bear created!' });

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yesterday by simonf
Turn up the volume: API Scalability with Caching | Apigee Blog
gee Enterprise simply returns the exact response from the back-end server from its in-memory cache.
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yesterday by symm
The following highlights the API design concepts underlying a Resource Blueprint.

Semantically define data and affordances (link relations).
Define state-machines representing a resource.
Includes transitions in different states (business rules) and the conditions (permissions) for their inclusion in a response.
Ideally, this should ultimately draw the state-machine as part of the design process.
Will be used mock the API to act as a true hypermedia API based on state.
Specify supported media-types.
The API Blueprint parser will generate sample representations based on the semantics, state-machine and known media-types.
Specify the entry point to the resource.
Adding metadata to elements that could be used to define a profile (e.g. ALPS) from the blueprint and other uses in the machine-readable output of the API Blueprint parser.
Enter protocol specific information as an implementation detail well after having designed the actual API.
Initially only supports HTTP protocol.
The only actual URI you will see in the human-readable version is the entry point, even though you can enter URIs in the blueprint.
APIs associated with specific resources can be designed individually as parts of an overall API that may span several resource blueprints to represent the overall API application state-machine.
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yesterday by rybesh
Getting Started with API Monitoring and Testing · Runscope API Tools Documentation · Runscope
A Runscope Radar test is a group of one or more HTTP requests executed sequentially. For each request in the sequence you can define Assertions on expected response data and Variables containing extracted response data to be used in subsequent requests.
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yesterday by rybesh

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