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Insane Coding: OAuth - A great way to cripple your API
From the RFC: "However, as a rich and highly extensible framework with many optional components, on its own, this specification is likely to produce a wide range of non-interoperable implementations."
oath  api  authentication  standards 
4 hours ago by mr_stru
Form endpoints for designers and developers
api  forms  service 
6 hours ago by stuarth
CloudRail – The Universal API
CloudRail’s vision is to create a single universal interface to access all services. Simply integrate our solution into your product and connect seamlessly with other services faster and easier than ever before. This “one-to-many” approach works because our interface can download special API definitions to automatically adapt to other systems. Speed up your development process rapidly and focus on building stunning software instead of wasting time for integrations. The Internet of tomorrow will be intelligent and interoperable, be part of it!
cloudrail  api  meta  interface  universal  cloud  hosted  201410 
8 hours ago by jakoubek
Android Lollipop
API's for Android 5 - incl updateable Webview (good, but could break apps in some cases)
android  android5  lollipop  api  webview 
9 hours ago by stuarth
Crowdsourced financial estimates from over 4,500 hedge fund, brokerage, and independent analysts
analysis  crowdsourcing  finance  investing  money  api 
12 hours ago by jkp
A type-safe REST client for Android and Java
android  java  api 
12 hours ago by PeterGumball

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