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A simple and fast NodeJS based crawler for sites powered by CKAN http://ckan.org

Uses the CKAN package_search Action.Get API to crawl packages / datasets
vizicities  data  portal  open_data  ckan  api  javascript  node.js  module  package  library  crawl 
5 hours ago by robhawkes
A Javascript client library for CKAN designed for both the browser and NodeJS.

The library provides full support for accessing both the CKAN Catalog and CKAN DataStore API.

It also provides a Recline compatible backend.
vizicities  data  portal  open_data  ckan  api  javascript  node.js  module  package  library 
5 hours ago by robhawkes
Clearbit person lookup takes an email address and tells you who it belongs to. Clearbit can also do domain lookups to tell a business what kind of company a lead came from, including their employee count, market categories, and funding raised. Clearbit also has one last API, which lets businesses look up whether someone is on a government watch list.
programming  webservices  REST  API 
6 hours ago by thomasyung
Business Intelligence API
6 hours ago by meandmybadself
Transactional Email from MailChimp - Mandrill
email api service, for sending bulk mailings. analytics
email  api  service 
8 hours ago by tswaterman
How to Write Middleware for Express.js Apps - Stormpath User Management API
Express.js is a lightweight HTTP framework for node.js that allows you to create a variety of applications, from a standard website to a REST API. It gets out of your way with a minimal API that you fill in with your custom needs.
express  tutorial  reference  mIddleware  api  routing  node.js  javascript  web_app 
10 hours ago by robhawkes

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