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The microservices cargo cult
Weaknesses of Microservices:

Complexity: You immediately increase the things your servers have to do tenfold. You’re sticking intermediate layers in-between them, you’re putting a network all up in your stack, you’re increasing your total deployment and ops workload by an order of magnitude and you increase the amount of services you need to monitor by many tens of times.
There’s also a bunch of code necessary to marshal/unmarshal data from and to the other services, and, while it’s typically not a large amount, there are always dragons in there.
Overhead: All these disparate data stores, data transformations and network calls come with a pretty hefty premium. Personally, I’ve seen slowdowns on the order of 1000% when moving to microservices (yes, ten times slower).
Data segregation: Since all your data now lives in different data stores, you’re responsible for relationships between data. What would be a simple cascading delete in a monolith is now a complicated symphony of dependencies, calls and verifications. This is pretty much the same as if you’re using a non-relational data store, so if you have experience there and are good at managing it, you’ll have no problems.
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The Movie Database (TMDb)
The Movie Database (TMDb) is a popular, user editable database for movies and TV shows.
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Clarifai: Amplifying Intelligence
Bring the future into focus with our world class visual recognition system
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