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The Availability & Scheduling API - Timekit.io
The Availability & Scheduling API

Timekit is the API-driven building block for creating products with calendars, bookings & scheduling.
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12 hours ago by forestinsb
The Availability & Scheduling API - Timekit.io
Use Timekit to do the heavy lifting when building a marketplace for car sharing, a virtual assistant or productivity tool you can. Timekit is a modern API-first calendar platform built for developers, by developers.
development  api  tools 
15 hours ago by mezdef
Russ Bishop - UITouchType.Stylus
In this post I want to cover the basics of supporting UITouchType.Stylus, some conveniences to make it easier to support iOS 8 and iOS 9.0, and a hole in the current processing of events in iOS that can make supporting the Pencil tricky (plus how you can work around it).
ios  api  pencil  uitouch  stylus 
16 hours ago by dlkinney
Get a full fake REST API with zero coding
REST  api  server 
18 hours ago by thameera

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