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Google’s rumored Android Silver program is reportedly dead | Ars Technica
Frankly, Android Silver never seemed like it would be all that successful. The whole point was to get stock Android phones into carrier stores, but the rumors said that only Sprint and T-Mobile were on board in the US. AT&T and Verizon were probably in opposition to the program, no doubt worried about the amount of power Google already has in the smartphone market. OEMs would have disliked the idea that they were just "dumb pipes" for hardware without any say in the user experience.
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Android Auto puts Google Maps where they belong: Right in your dash [REVIEW]
Mashable Choice highlights the products and services we've tested and would recommend to others. Consider it Liked, Favorited, +1'ed and Pinned. In-car navigation has a checkered history. Unquestionably useful, dashboard GPS systems usually have notoriously clunky interfaces.
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Xamarin - Developer Center
Framework for developing mobile apps, with hooks into platform features (like TouchID, HealthKit, iOS Document Picker in the cloud). Includes tons of documentation on platform features.
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[Rumor] Google taking renewed focus on battery and RAM in Android M, Dev preview expected again this year » Android Police
Liam Spradlin:
According to our information, battery is set to be a big focus in Macadamia Nut Cookie, with Google emphasizing performance and smarter use of features that might drain your battery.

Google is apparently urging its own teams to focus on battery performance by cutting location checkins when possible, trimming down RAM usage, and reducing activity off-charger and when the device's screen is off. Presumably this renewed focus on performance will extend to Google's own Play Services package, which frequently manages to wiggle its way to the top of battery usage stats.

According to our info, Google will discuss these changes at I/O.

It's hard to say how these efforts will materialize in Android M. Google, with additions to L like JobScheduler and Project Volta, has already taken aim at improving battery and performance on Android, but familiar battery life complaints still linger on for many users, even on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, Google's flagship Lollipop devices.

Commenters unimpressed: "every year they say this".
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loadtoast - Pretty material design toasts with feedback animations
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