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Experts Explain Key Drivers of App Development Cost |
Clutch interviewed representatives from more than 15 leading mobile application development companies to determine the key drivers of cost in building a mobile app. Building a mobile app requires a significant monetary investment. The cost of a mobile app can vary widely depending on the individual app's requirements and complexity, as well as the type of development partner or tool you utilize to build the app. In Clutch's interviews with some of the top mobile app development firms, the most frequently cited variables of cost included: Type and number of platforms supported; Complexity, newness, and number of features; Backend infrastructure and application programming interfaces; Customization of visual design.
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The web’s best hidden gems
The web's best hidden gems: 56 amazing, less-traveled sites worth exploring
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Tutorial · mchav/froid Wiki
froid - A library for using the Frege programming language in Android development.
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Android ConstraintLayout详解 - 简书
1. 概述 在本篇文章中,你会学习到有关ConstraintLayout -- 一种构建于弹性Constraints(约束)系统的新型Android Layout。最终你将会在Android Studio中编辑与构建一个相对复杂的Layout。 收获 新Layout Manager所使用的Constraints系统 创建Constraints来构建弹性高效的Layouts 新Layout编辑...
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