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Project Fi and Google Voice: Your questions answered | Computerworld
Simplicity is a key selling point of Google's Project Fi wireless service. If you're coming to the service as an existing user of Google Voice, though, things can get awfully complicated.I've been
yesterday by writesquire
An interesting collection of apps, many music-related
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yesterday by frankfarm
The limitations of Android N Encryption – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
A comparison between full-disk versus file based encryption and the trade-offs between the two techniques.
android  security  encryption  apple  ios  iphone 
yesterday by jefframnani
RT : Big news: ALL themes on & are now ! Get all the details here: …
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2 days ago by Sabas
All SwiftKey themes on Android & iOS are now free!
RT : Big news: ALL themes on & are now ! Get all the details here: …
FREE  Android  iOS  from twitter
2 days ago by Sabas

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