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A free and open source toolchain built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React.
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Bitty Software
We provide smartphone and Chromebook applications which work with devices like the BBC micro:bit. But we also aim to help you learn how to code and so provide hands-on tutorials that show you how to write the code needed to make your micro:bit work with our smartphone apps. You'll learn about coding *and* about wireless communications too.
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microG Project
A free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries.
yesterday by adam.gibbins
Different from a "web app", "HTML5 app", or "hybrid app", you can use Weex to build a real mobile app. The code that you write is relatively simple, because you can build native applications just using HTML, CSS, Javascript. But underneath, the core of the application is Objective-C or Java. At the same time, Weex will provide a lot of native components or modules for developers to use.
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yesterday by archangel
Android Nougat’s Freeform Window Mode: What It Is and How Developers Can Utilize It
Android Nougat’s Freeform Window Mode: What It Is and How Developers Can Utilize It

Freeform window mode, as first demonstrated by Ars Technica
When Android 7.0 Nougat was first announced early in 2016, it brought with it a much-requested feature to the Android platform — multi-window support. Most people are aware of the split-screen multi-window support enabled by default on all Android Nougat phones and tablets. Android TV devices with Android Nougat come with support for picture-in-picture multi-window support.

However, there is a third multi-window mode present in Android Nougat that not very many people are aware of: freeform window mode. This mode allows Android to present apps as floating windows that can be moved and resized at will by the user. It’s essentially Android’s implementation of a stacking window manager.
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There's a Hidden Feature in Nougat That Gives Your Android Phone or Tablet a Desktop-Like Experience « Android :: Gadget Hacks
This new "Freeform Window mode," as it's called, lets you move apps around just like you're using a desktop—and it even supports mouse and keyboard input, so it's a great experience on devices with larger screens. All you need to activate this new feature is one simple app, so check out how it works below.

Don't Miss: How to See if Your Device Suppor
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Mobile development | Android | Mobile App Development
RT : Mobile development by vijayenglish: I need an app. I would like it designed and…
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RT : PECS is a top-notch app development company in india offering mobile application development services for ,…
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Andy Android Emulator
The Best Android Emulator For PC & Mac
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Nox App Player
Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac - Download Nox App Player
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Android Oreo review: conclusion • BirchTree
Matt Birchler:
<p>Honestly, if I could run all of my iOS apps on the Android operating system I think I’d feel a lot better about Android. It’s a lack of consistent quality software on the platform that really drives me away. The vast difference in quality software from non-Google companies is just depressing for someone coming from the iOS world. Websites like MacStories exist almost completely to talk about third party apps on iOS, and there is enough new and exciting software coming out on a regular basis that they can make a business of it. You simply don’t have that on the Android side, as Android-centric sites instead focus mostly on hardware, sales, and what updates Google themselves are making. In the past 2 months with the Pixel 2, the only “exciting” app releases have been AR Stickers for the Pixel 2 camera app and a new file management app made by Google.

As I return to iOS full time, I do intend to keep carrying the Pixel 2 with me for a while. I’ll carry it mostly for the camera, which is indeed quite excellent, but there will also be a few Android features I’ll miss. I’ll miss the superior notification management. I’ll miss the far superior do-not-disturb options. I’ll miss having Google Assistant as my main digital assistant. And I’ll miss picture-in-picture on my phone. I will miss these things, but as I think is very clear by now, I’ll miss those things less than I missed all the goodies iOS brings me.</p>

Nails it about Android news sites. There's really very little to chew on there.
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yesterday by charlesarthur

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