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What NOT to do with your Android device » AndroidAuthority
John Dye:
<p>About a month ago now, Reddit user 19683dw pointed out the fact that there aren’t really many guides out there that attempt to tackle this issue. He and fellow redditors put together a great list of points, and it inspired us to run with his idea and dig a bit deeper. Not every point made in the Reddit thread is mentioned here, and we also added several different points of our own, but we do recommend checking out <a href="">the original post</a> and wanted to give a big thanks to 19683dw for putting this idea on our radar.</p>

Among them: "don't install the official Facebook app" (rapidly becoming this year's meme on both iOS and Android); "don't expect an Apple-like experience"; and "don't install apps with unnecessary permissions".
19 hours ago by charlesarthur
Preparing for Release | Android Developers
Developer documentation on how to build the signed, release-ready APK. This process is the same for all Android apps.
23 hours ago by alivelee
MakeAppIcon - Generate app icons of all sizes with a click!
This icon resizer optimizes your icon designs into all formats needed for iOS and Android mobile app.
icons  generator  online  iOS  Android  utility  development  workflow 
yesterday by JohanHWB
BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast - Android Apps on Google Play
Stream all your music, videos and photos to various devices in your house
android  music  video  streaming  app 
yesterday by orlin

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