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Godless mobile malware can root 90% of Android devices
<p>The mobile malware masquerades as harmless-looking mobile apps, including this Summer Flashlight app:

<img src="" width="100%" />

Several clean apps on Google Play also share the same developer certificate with malicious versions containing the Godless code. This means there is the potential for a user to be upgraded to a malicious version of an app without their knowledge.

If and when that infection occurs, Godless won't lock their screen and demand hundreds of dollars in ransom. Neither will it place calls to mysterious Chinese phone numbers. Instead it will have the ability to download any app it chooses, including those that spam users with ads and/or install backdoors onto an infected device.</p>

More details on the <a href="">Trend Micro blog post</a>. It starts installing when the screen switches off - sneaky.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
Dropsource - Home
Dropsource is a powerful automated development platform for creating native iOS and Android apps. Build, test, and deploy production quality apps from scratch.
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Sony’s Marshmallow Beta Has A ‘Slow Charging’ Feature.
Sony's Android Marshmallow update has a 'slow charging' feature to pro-long the overall life of the battery
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yesterday by nrturner
Google’s own non-Nexus Android phone could launch this year—report | Ars Technica UK
Google formally established a hardware division in April, which is headed up by Rick Osterloh, a former president of Motorola. The division was formed in an effort to streamline the production of all the hardware currently in development. And while an own-brand smartphone would always have been on the cards at the division, few expected to see such an aggressive timeline for such a project.
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yesterday by jasonsamuels
GitHub - 52inc/Scoops
Android library for managing and applying multiple themes and custom theme modification
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yesterday by wheely
GitHub - kongnanlive/SideBar
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yesterday by wheely
Welcome to Flutter! - Flutter
Cross platform development environment.
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