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dweinstein (David Weinstein)
dweinstein has 230 repositories written in JavaScript, Shell, and Python. Follow their code on GitHub.
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yesterday by zacanger
Pepperoni - Empowered by Futurice
A free and open-source blueprint to kickstart your mobile product development for Android and iOS, powered by React Native.
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yesterday by nivs
Android Platform Guide - Apache Cordova
In Android, the OS can choose to kill activities in the background in order to free up resources if the device running the application is low on memory. Unfortunately, when the activity holding your application is killed, the Webview in which your application lives will be destroyed as well. Any state that your application is maintaining will be lost in this case. When the user navigates back to your application, the Activity and Webview will be recreated by the OS, but state will not be automatically restored for your Cordova app. For this reason, it is imperative that your application be aware of the lifecycle events that are fired and maintain whatever state is appropriate to make sure a user's context in your app is not lost when they leave the application.
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yesterday by jesterea
Pepperoni – A framework to build apps faster, powered by React Native
A free and open-source framework to kickstart your mobile product development for Android and iOS, powered by React Native.
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yesterday by vscarpenter

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