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GitHub - pengan1987/BingMapsAndroidSDK
Updated SDK for the original BingMapsAndroidSDK from InKnowledge
map  android  library 
13 hours ago by wheely Etar Calendar
Etar (from Arabic: إِيتَار) is an open source material designed calendar made for everyone!
calendar  software  android  open-source 
15 hours ago by mikael
Casper is an alternative Android client for the popular ephemeral messaging app Snapchat™. With Casper you can Save Snaps, Send Snaps from your Gallery and much more!
software  android  hack 
16 hours ago by mikael
Find Free Airport Wi-Fi With This Interactive Map
WiFox, an app built by computer security engineer Anil Polat, pinpoints free Wi-Fi spots and passwords at 127 airports worldwide. You simply browse the app to find your airport, and then you can tap wireless icons to see more information or look at a listview by airport.
wifi  travel  airport  ios  android 
17 hours ago by ssorc
quiet/org.quietmodem.Quiet: Quiet for Android - TCP over sound
org.quietmodem.Quiet allows you to pass data through the speakers on your Android device. This library can operate either as a raw frame layer or as a UDP/TCP stack.
audio  communication  tcp  network  android  cool  sound  modem 
19 hours ago by raphman
4.0 ice cream sandwich - I've deleted Google Play Store. How can I reinstall it? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange
You cannot uninstall the PlayStore/GoogleMarket app without having your device rooted -- so as Shedo guessed, you probably just uninstalled the latest update. Which means, the original app included with your firmware takes over -- and probably is called "Market" (the original name of the Playstore, before some market specialists started toying with the name).
android  mobile  stackoverflow  support 
yesterday by ndf

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