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99.6% of new smartphones run iOS or Android; RIP Windows and Blackberry
"Remember those crazy days in 2011 and 12 when we thought that the mobile market might become a three-horse race between Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, with Blackberry bringing up the rear? Well, I have bad if unsurprising news: by the end of last year, 99.6 percent of all new smartphones ran either Android or iOS—a return to the status quo that Ars first wrote about way back in 2009."
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9 days ago by jonerp
NNEDV's Tech Safety App
> This app contains information that can help someone identify technology-facilitated harassment, stalking, or abuse and includes tips on what can be done. Although geared toward someone who’s experiencing technology harassment, this app also covers safety and privacy tips that will help anyone use their technology more privately and securely.

The app has an option to listen to audio of the tips read by a real-human. :)

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10 days ago by rebeca

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