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First 64-bit Android phone has no 64-bit software | Ars Technica
And I'm sure the update will be on hold for 6 months after release pending carrier approval.
2 hours ago by peter
Compile native applications with Javascript, CSS, HTML5 and node.
app  node  javascript  windows  osx  linux  ios  android 
4 hours ago by squiddisco
Rumor: Motorola Is Working With Google On Shamu, A Possible Nexus Phone With A 5.9" Display
The phone is supposed to carry a sizable 5.9" display of unknown resolution, and - interestingly - a fingerprint sensor. It will also allegedly be targeted for a November release.
android  nexus  rumor  google  motorola 
4 hours ago by jasonsamuels
Remote Debugging on Android with Chrome - Google Chrome
Use Tools
Inspecting & Tweaking
Debugging JavaScript
Device Mode & Mobile Emulation
Remote Debugging on Android
Saving Changes with Workspaces
Set up remote debugging
Debug browser tabs
Debug WebViews
Port forwarding
Additional information
chrome  android  debugging  webdev 
5 hours ago by patku
Designer's guide to DPI
good first primer on asset generation for all platforms
mobile  design  tutorial  links  reference  ios  android  from delicious
6 hours ago by inrgbwetrust

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