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yesterday by lgtout
Testing App Standby – Google Developers – Medium
App Standby is an idle mode that the system can place your app in if it hasn’t been active in a while. And while this may sound scary, don’t panic. Because other than testing your app, I’ll bet you a…
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yesterday by lgtout
bignerdranch/doze-logger: Simple app thrown together to help demonstrate the effects of doze mode on your background schedulers.
doze-logger - Simple app thrown together to help demonstrate the effects of doze mode on your background schedulers.
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yesterday by lgtout
OnePlus 5 uses the same display panel as the 3T - news
The OnePlus 5 uses the same screen as the OnePlus 3T – no, we don’t mean the same specs, it’s the exact same panel. AIDA64 detects a Samsung S6E3FA5 panel on both devices. This is a change from the original OnePlus 3, which had an FA3 panel. via Pocket
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yesterday by jbattams
Google Play is fighting an uphill battle against Android adware | Ars Technica
Process A keeps monitoring the lock status of file b1 while Process B monitors file a1. If any file is unlocked, it means the related process is dead. Then another process can restart it again.
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yesterday by zephyr777
More Android apps from dangerous Ztorg family sneak into Google Play
"For the second time this month, Google has removed Android apps from its Google Play marketplace. Google did so after a security researcher found the apps contained code that laid the groundwork for attackers to take administrative 'root' control of infected devices.

'Magic Browser,' as one app was called, was uploaded to Google's official Android App bazaar on May 15 and gained more than 50,000 downloads by the time it was removed, Kaspersky Lab Senior Research Analyst Roman Unuchek said in a blog post published Tuesday. Magic Browser was disguised as a knock-off to the Chrome browser. The other app, 'Noise Detector,' purported to measure the decibel level of sounds, and it had been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Both apps belong to a family of Android malware known as Ztorg, which has managed to sneak past Google's automated malware checks almost 100 times since last September." - Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
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yesterday by dmcdev
My Ubuntu for mobile devices post mortem analysis – LIEBERBIBER
What went wrong with Ubuntu Mobile ?

This is partly interesting from a "oh my God Canonical really messed up everything" point of view, but it also just shows how much proprietary lockdown there is in Android ...

"I personally built BD Navigator, a clone of the Deutsche Bahn Navigator. I reverse engineered their client-server protocol down to the point where I would have been able to replicate pretty much everything except buying an actual train ticket, but they built a small piece of encryption into it, and using stolen encryption keys is illegal in Germany. I asked Deutsche Bahn if they would allow me to do it, they said no. In the end the whole app was degraded to just being a glorified web container with bookmarks for their mobile web pages.

The exact same story is true for WhatsApp, Twitter, Instragram, Google Plus, Google Drive etc. We could have replicated a lot of stuff, but the service providers didn’t allow us to. WhatsApp allegedly wanted a seven-figure sum to just allow access to the API, not for developing a working client app. Instagram locked down their API so much that the built-in Instagram Scope had to be removed. Google doesn’t even have a public API for many services."
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yesterday by ssam

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