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Google's Nexus phones are just ads | The Verge
There is no Android villain left for the Nexus crusader to slay. The premium Nexus 6P and the value-for-money Nexus 5X are just diving into a crowded field without any mission for improving it — in fact, they're going to make everyone worse off by hastening the price erosion that is the bane of every Android device manufacturer's existence. This situation might look just dandy for us, the consumers, today, but I don't think we'll be happy if it leads to the extinction of companies like HTC or the exit from smartphone making by the likes of Sony.
11 hours ago by danmichaelo
Android Icon Site
Android 공식 Icon 페이지
Android  Icon  IconFont  Design 
21 hours ago by beckryu31
Android Material Color
안드로이드 Material Design에 사용되는 컬러값들
Android  Design  Material 
23 hours ago by beckryu31

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