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The Denial Twist - beethechange - Buzzfeed Unsolved (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
The premise of this is ridiculous. Give it like two chapters and suddenly it's surprisingly deep and very lovely.

Basically: the mothman ships it, and the mothman does something about it. Sometimes with dinosaurs. (Not joking.)
buzzfeed-unsolved-supernatural  shane/ryan  nc17  sweet  pining!shane  pining!ryan  oblivious!shane  oblivious!ryan  mothman  aliens-made-them-do-it 
august 2018 by mklutz
semivowel: Fic
John's used to not getting what he wants. Includes: public sex, the good drugs, the bad drugs, penis-shaped fruit, Dancing!Rodney, and the ping pong ball from hell.
sga  mckay/sheppard  drugs  aliens-made-them-do-it 
november 2013 by riceishere
Desiderata - stereobone
Tony doesn't know anything about love. He's convinced himself it's for the best.
tony/loki  avengers  first-time  aliens-made-them-do-it  angst  break-up  make-up  >30000 
may 2012 by lambourngb
frivolous vitriol - four boots, five thousand two hundred and eighty feet, Sheppard/McKay, NC17
WIN. It's body swapping, but with fabulous detail in a way you rarely see! Somehow the execution is unique and fascinating; I was completely hooked. Also, Rodney's body is love.
sga  sheppard/mckay  in-city  off-world  alien-tech  ancient-tech  aliens-made-them-do-it  kink  bodyswap  via:mklutz 
april 2012 by aggybird
Weddings, Plural, and a Yak
Another Surfacing Zine rec-- amazing jealous-but-oblivious!John and pining!Rodney. Very sweet, very full of action.
sga  sheppard/mckay  aliens-made-them-do-it  kid-fic  angst  humour  domestic  in-city  off-world  sweet  pining!Rodney  oblivious!John  jealousy  via:mklutz 
april 2012 by aggybird
sardonicsmiley - Blessings (kink bingo) (5)
Uh, all I have to say is that if Sardonicsmiley can, I would recommend she just keep doing kink bingo -forever-.
sga  aliens/mckay  orgy  sheppard/mckay  aliens-made-them-do-it  kink  pwp  favourite  via:mklutz 
april 2012 by aggybird
Decreasing Radii
a device causes john and rodney's cells to expand painfully when not around each other. classic aliens made them do it, with a little john coming to terms with his sexuality thrown in.
author:cathalin  sga  fic  mckay/sheppard  aliens-made-them-do-it 
october 2011 by openmydoors
Grass Tatters
There wasn't any music and Sheppard's lap dances weren't all that great.
humor  aliens-made-them-do-it  sga  mckay/sheppard 
february 2011 by riceishere
yinfic: FIC: Operant Conditioning 1/3 by Yin; NC-17; McKay/Sheppard
One of the four contexts of operant conditioning is positive reinforcement, which occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by a favorable stimulus (commonly seen as pleasant) that increases the frequency of that behavior.
slavefic  angst  nc-17  aliens-made-them-do-it  sga  mckay/sheppard 
december 2010 by riceishere
sga_flashfic: i hope you take seriously, by SomeInstant (S, D, and R&R Challenge)
It had seemed like such a nice planet. Steady job, good provider, nice house-- the kind of planet your mother would like you to date, if your mother were insane and indifferent to the idea of grandchildren.
humor  rating:r  aliens-made-them-do-it  sga  mckay/sheppard 
december 2010 by riceishere
Chafed (K/S)
Prompt: Yes, I know, another 'aliens made them do it' propmt. But this one has a twist! Jim is drugged by some alien race as some sort of 'thanks' for whatever he did to help them. What the drug does is make him only able to achieve orgasm with his 'soulmate'. So Jim does what Jim does best and tries to have sex with everyone on the Enterprise, only to find that he can't fucking come. After a week (or however long he tries) Jim gives up and locks himself in his cabin and avoids everyone. Finally Spock comes to check on Jim and, seeing the state he is in (he's got the worst case of blue balls since he went to that no-touching Orion sex bar) he offers his assistance with the *ahem* matter. Spock makes Jim come with just a few touches and Jim's so relieved that he almost forgets he can't come unless it's at the hands of his so-called 'soulmate'. But then he remembers, and he realises he just came at Spock's hands. Dun dun duhhhhhhh.
kirk/spock  first-time  aliens-made-them-do-it  author:janice_lester 
february 2010 by therealw
SGA Big Bang: "Nice Place To Visit" by sabinelagrande
Rodney held up a finger for silence. "Just hold up a minute while I take a look at this."

And then the gate exploded.
sga  sheppard/mckay  pining!John  oblivious!Rodney  pining!Rodney  oblivious!John  kink  slavery  aliens-made-them-do-it  off-world  in-space  in-city  on-earth  elizabeth  teyla  ronon  sg-1  landry  jack  carter  teal'c  plotty  hurt-comfort 
december 2009 by mklutz

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