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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
AWS Professional Services created the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) to help organizations design and travel an accelerated path to successful cloud adoption. The guidance and best practices provided by the framework help you build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across your organization, and throughout your IT lifecycle. Using the AWS CAF helps you realize measurable business benefits from cloud adoption faster and with less risk.
aws  amazon  cloud  adoption  framework  migrations  bestpractices  lessonslearned 
10 days ago by dlkinney
Why Organizations Are Adopting or Avoiding Serverless -
When asked about the benefits of adopting serverless (Figure 2), there were some stand-out issues. Reduction of operational costs was the number one reported benefit… This likely goes hand-in-hand with the second most popular reason for adoption: scales with demand automatically. Instead of planning for average or maximum usage, you can deploy serverless and it will scale to current usage. Educating current staff was the number one serverless concern among respondents whose organizations have adopted serverless. The second biggest challenge was vendor lock-in. Writing code for one vendor platform does not make it portable or simple to move elsewhere. Because serverless is a nascent space, it seems the market is waiting to see how the issue of portability among vendors plays out… Turning to the 60% of respondents whose organizations have not adopted serverless (Figure 4), they cited security concerns as the chief reason they have avoided serverless. Because we’re in an environment where security is a paramount concern, the adoption of any new technology carries a lot of weight. Moreover, serverless introduces a different paradigm for data management where sensitive data is much more dynamic. Adjacent to security is also the challenge of meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR. In the cloud on third-party servers, can you guarantee the same levels of security and quality as your own on your own infrastructure?
serverless  marketing  business  adoption 
10 days ago by dlkinney
Brazeal: Dead tree, donut, asteroid -- why cloud migrations get stuck
What do the dead tree orchards, the asteroid farms, and the donut holes have in common? They’re all attempts to graft cloud onto an existing technical and organizational structure, without undertaking the messy, difficult work of rehabilitating the structure itself. There are no shortcuts with this approach. You need comprehensive education, executive buy-in, and clear success metrics, as well as tolerance for the messiness of the process, to get off the ground. But a healthy cloud migration requires nothing less.
cloud  acloudguru  acg  blog  article  migrations  adoption  business 
15 days ago by dlkinney
King's Cross Redux
Harry died - again - and woke up in King’s Cross - again. This time, he was alone when a train came for him. But his next great adventure wasn’t onward, it was backward, and Harry found a new destiny and a world to save - one child at a time.
fandom:Harry.Potter  era:after.books  timetravel  timetraveller:Harry.P.  master.of.Death!Harry.P.  defeat.Voldie!101  parent!lock  parent!Harry.P.  kidfic  kid!Snape  adoped!Snape  adoption  adopter:Harry.P  shenanigans  bashing  bashing:Dumbledore  Ravenclaw!Snape  complete  author:penumbria 
18 days ago by Kehlen
Support, by Margaret Ashmun.
Constance Moffatt returns to her home in the midwest after her marriage ends, and slowly figures out what she really wants from life.
books  fiction  byWomen  HathiTrust  1920s  America  MiddleWest  divorce  adoption  business  MargaretAshmun 
5 weeks ago by redeemingqualities
Should I use microservices? - O'Reilly Media
Microservice architectures are often a bad choice for brand new products or startups. In either case, the domain that you are working with is typically undergoing significant change as you iterate on the fundamentals of what you are trying to build. This shift in domain models will in turn result in more changes being made to service boundaries, and co-ordinating changes across service boundaries is an expensive undertaking. In general, I feel it's more appropriate to wait until enough of the domain model has stabilized before looking to define service boundaries. A five-person startup is likely to find a microservice architecture a drag—a 100-person scale-up that is growing rapidly is likely to find their growth is much easier to accommodate with a microservice architecture properly aligned around their product development efforts.
microservices  legacy  monoliths  bestpractices  adoption  startups  maturitymodel 
6 weeks ago by dlkinney
“5 workhacks to raise TEAMS adoption to a new level”
Teams adoption and improvements through focusing on work methodologies and tweaks
collaboration  adoption  microsoftTeams 
6 weeks ago by esinclai
Use of internet, social media, digital devices plateaus in US | Pew Research Center
The use of digital technology has had a long stretch of rapid growth in the United States, but the share of Americans who go online, use social media or own key devices has remained stable the past two years,
socialmedia  hardware  public  adoption  CAP3104 
6 weeks ago by mikeRuns
Cordelia the Magnificent by Leroy Scott
Cordelia and her sporty car become the tools of a society blackmailer, and she finds herself in the middle of several scandals. She works her way out the mess with the help of a butler who is not only a butler.
books  fiction  1920s  LeroyScott  byMen  GoogleBooks  NewYorkCity  LongIsland  motoring  blackmail  servants  familydrama  adoption  PostWar 
7 weeks ago by redeemingqualities
Court strikes down Native American adoption law, saying it discriminates against non-Native Americans - The Washington Post
The landmark law governing adoptions of Native American children, designed to keep them within Native American families, has been struck down as unconstitutional by a federal judge in Texas.

In an Oct. 4 ruling that has stunned Native American rights advocates, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor found that the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 illegally gives Native American families preferential treatment in adoption proceedings for Native American children based on race, in violation of the Fifth Amendment’s equal protection guarantee.
Native_American  child  adoption  law 
7 weeks ago by Quercki

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