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Say yes to the progressive web | HPE
Say yes to the progressive web
If you’re doing native mobile app development, you’re doing it wrong. These days, writes Larry Seltzer, the best option is progressive web apps: websites that work like apps on a mobile device. They have all the capabilities of native apps, including offline functionality, but also the considerable advantages of websites.
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17 days ago by jchris
Mein erster DSGVO Rant - Zu viele Mythen und gefährliches Halbwissen zum neuen europäischen Datenschutzrecht - Internet, Social Media & Recht
Nun bringt mich aber auch die DSGVO bzw. eigentlich das ganze diesbezüglich im Internet verbreitete, gefährliche Halbwissen dazu, mich hier im Blog ein wenig aufzuregen und einigen DSGVO Mythen den Garaus zu machen.
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22 days ago by jchris
Introducing Cloudflare Access: Like BeyondCorp, But You Don’t Have To Be A Google Employee To Use It
Tell me if this sounds familiar: any connection from inside the corporate network is trusted and any connection from the outside is not. This is the security strategy used by most enterprises today. The problem is that once the firewall, or gateway, or VPN server creating this perimeter is breached, the attacker gets immediate, easy and trusted access to everything.
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january 2018 by jchris
PowerShell Module
Microsoft released a PowerShell module to help admins determine Spectre/Meltdown mitigation status.
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january 2018 by jchris

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