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Kagan releases third quarter u.s. multichannel subscriber report • PR Newswire
<p>Legacy multichannel customer defections accelerated in the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2017, coming in just shy of the 1.2-million mark to bring year-to-date losses to 2.9 million according to data compiled by Kagan, a group within S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The combined cable, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and telecommunications multichannel subscriptions fell to 94.9 million at the end of the period, including 91.7 million residential customers, for a 74.8% residential multichannel penetration.</p>

These are "cable cutters". It might not sound significant, but the figure is accelerating. Weirdly, people can end up paying more to drop cable because they <a href="">then sign up for monthly TV packages from related companies</a>.

Even so, there are long-term implications for the US TV industry. What happens if it accelerates to 5m per quarter or more?
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Deep South – Deep South Cork City
Whether it’s a great night out in Cork, a corporate party venue, a birthday party, engagement party or a summer BBQ, we would love to help you celebrate.

Nestled in the heart of Cork City, Deep South opened its doors in 2013 and has fast become a favourite among our fellow Corkonians and those further afield.

Boasting what is undoubtedly the best Beer Garden in the city, along with craft beer, cocktails, party food, a food truck serving BBQ and Brunch, you need to see it to believe it.
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Why Have Liberals Been Such Horrendous Hypocrites on Women's Rights? | Roger L. Simon
To ask the question why liberals have been such hypocrites about their treatment of women and about women's rights is not to say that conservatives haven't been.  They have. And some of their actions have been pretty bad. But by comparison, GOP hypocrisy in this area has been quite literally dwarfed by the Democrats.
liberal  sexualAssault  hypocrisy 
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FCC unveils plan to repeal net neutrality rules - The Washington Post
Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), pauses while speaking during an open meeting in Washington on Nov. 16. Photographer: Zach…
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Ernie's Page - Project Nsearch
Ernie, Yvette Johnson, enos brubaker and 19 more joined Project Nsearch
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Jon Wertheim (@jon_wertheim) | Twitter
Executive editor and senior writer @sinow, contributing correspondent @60Minutes, analyst @tennischannel. Husband, dad, coach of softball, champion of Indiana.
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@KirkleesTownHls @KirkleesCouncil @Examiner @DewsReporter @spenguardian #ourday #localgov folk: Please would you up…  localgov  ourday 
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Promethea Unbound — The Atavist Magazine
For Georgia Smith, home was a beat-up red Plymouth Voyager minivan with a bad engine block. A Greek immigrant in her early forties, she had been evicted from her San Francisco apartment in the fall of 1996. Georgia didn’t want anyone to alert social services that she and her daughter Jasmine were destitute, so for several months they’d been living as nomads. She shuttled the five-year-old around the city by day before finding a parking lot where they could spend the night. They never stayed in one place for very long.
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AllConcur: Leaderless Concurrent Atomic Broadcast (Extended Version)
Many distributed systems require coordination between the components involved. With the steady growth of such systems, the probability of failures increases, which necessitates scalable fault-tolerant agreement protocols. The most common practical agreement protocol, for such scenarios, is leader-based atomic broadcast. In this work, we propose AllConcur, a distributed system that provides agreement through a leaderless concurrent atomic broadcast algorithm, thus, not suffering from the bottleneck of a central coordinator. In AllConcur, all components exchange messages concurrently through a logical overlay network that employs early termination to minimize the agreement latency. Our implementation of AllConcur supports standard sockets-based TCP as well as high-performance InfiniBand Verbs communications. AllConcur can handle up to 135 million requests per second and achieves 17x higher throughput than today's standard leader-based protocols, such as Libpaxos. Thus, AllConcur is highly competitive with regard to existing solutions and, due to its decentralized approach, enables hitherto unattainable system designs in a variety of fields.
broadcast  protocol 
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Mobile browsers for iOS and Android | Firefox
Favorite tweet:

speed: ✔︎
privacy: ✔︎
fresh new look: ✔︎
Firefox for mobile is all new, too. Check it out:

— Firefox 🔥 (@firefox) November 21, 2017
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xandtor (@xandtor) | Unsplash Photo Community
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A touch to stop time
feat. @Xandtor

— Unsplash (@unsplash) November 21, 2017
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Benjy Sarlin on Twitter: "Trump insisted the Central Park Five were guilty after they were exonerated by DNA evidence and a confession. But Roy Moore "totally denie…"
Never, ever, ever forget that Trump wanted innocent black boys executed and refused to believe their innocence after a confession and DNA proof.

— Ryan MacMichael (@supalaze) November 21, 2017
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Northern Ireland Is Sinking Into a ‘Profound Crisis’ - The New York Times
As the standoff drags on, and polarization increases, people find it harder to envisage Northern Ireland as an autonomous entity. “We’re back to this binary situation where people either see it as a problematic part of the U.K. or as a part of united Ireland,” said Graham Walker, a politics professor at Queen’s University, Belfast.

To resolve the crisis in the long term, some suggest reshaping the Good Friday Agreement to allow for other kinds of coalitions, instead of a mandatory partnership between the region’s two largest nationalist and unionist factions. Others predict a referendum on Irish reunification within a decade, arguing that the current dysfunction, coupled with the fallout from Brexit, may encourage moderate nationalists to see a united Ireland as a more urgent priority than they did previously.
politics  government  GoodFridayAgreement  SinnFein  DemocraticUnionistParty  review  critique  NorthernIreland  UK  NYTimes  2017 
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Why blocking the AT&T-Time Warner merger might be right • The New York Times
Tim Wu (author of "The Kill Switch", about the way that companies inevitably want to monopolise spaces, and that competition prevents that):
<p>Time Warner, meanwhile, is threatened by the past decade’s shake-up of the TV and film industries, when new competitors, especially independent programmers like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, leapt into the market. Facebook may soon join the field. Mergers that marry companies that produce content with those that distribute it create new ways to keep newcomers at bay. AT&T’s use of Time Warner content to defeat wireless competitors could force companies like Verizon to acquire their own content empires. The result might be a media industry like the film studios of the 1950s, which were vertically integrated and jointly resisted competition. (The studios were broken up by the Justice Department.)

There are numerous political and free speech concerns that come when those who control “the pipes” that distribute content also control the programming and news operations. Companies that controlled both the distribution and production of news programs could have enough power to influence elections. In theory, the F.C.C. should intervene to prevent such abuses, but the current commission has shown zero interest in what was once called “the public interest.”

In short, there are good reasons for the Justice Department to be concerned about this merger. Yes, the department over the past two decades has allowed many mega-mergers or taken tepid steps to restrict them through consent decrees. But the department is capable of learning from its mistakes, and the consensus now is that consent decrees don’t work.</p>

You can <a href="">read the DOJ complaint on its site</a>.
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How to Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
How to Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator #how-to #photography
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Easy Pieces: 10 Ways to Animate a Photograph in Adobe After Effects
Easy Pieces: 10 Ways to Animate a Photograph in Adobe After Effects #how-to #photography
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New temperature inversion tool helps assess dicamba drift risk - Ag Daily 11/21/17
Kansas State University has a new tool to help farmers assess when temperature inversions occur in their region — information that can be very useful in assessing the risk for dicamba drift.
The new information is available on the Kansas Mesonet website.
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스타트업 더윙(The Wing), 경쟁사인 위워크(WeWork) 등으로부터 350억원 투자 유치 – 테크니들
여성전용 공유오피스 스타트업인 더윙(The Wing)이 경쟁사인 위워크(WeWork) 등으로부터 $32M(약 350억원)을 시리즈 B 라운드에 투자받은 것으로 알려졌다.
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