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Atomkrieg: Ein globales Wettrüsten hat begonnen | ZEIT ONLINE
Mit dem Ende des Kalten Krieges schwand auch die Angst vor einem Atomkrieg. Jetzt ist sie zurückgekehrt. Das Schlimme ist: Sie ist berechtigt.
just now by longfried
SyntaxHighlighter - Themes
It looks like Jira’s syntax highlighter uses this syntax-highlighting engine.
jira  syntaxhighlighting  2018  work 
just now by handcoding
Einsamkeit: "Ich nenne es das Bridget-Jones-Phänomen"
Einsam sind nur die Alten? Nicht ganz. Rebecca Nowland forscht über die Ursachen und Gefahren von Einsamkeit und sagt: Gerade die 20- bis 30-Jährigen haben ein Problem.
1 minute ago by martenlehmann
iPhone X vs. Pixel 2, three months later - The Verge
There’s reviewing a new phone, and then there’s living with a phone for an extended period of time, which is what I — excuse me, “we” — have had the chance to do in the few months since the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 started shipping. via Pocket
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1 minute ago by joostw
Motion Parallax - Laughsalot3412 - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
So, apparently Amy’s boss was part of a criminal gang.

// and apparently i never save this here? gross oversight
fic  fandom-TV:Leverage  OT3  pairing:AlecHardison/Parker/EliotSpencer  outside!POV 
1 minute ago by chaoticallyclev - alarm-pogodowy Sobota przyniosła bardzo duże zanieczyszczenie powietrze na południu kraju. W wielu regionach jest źle, a nawet fatalnie. Zobacz, gdzie sytuacja jest najgorsza.
rssOdo  pogoda 
3 minutes ago by architektura
Larry Krasner Sues Big Pharma, Drops All Marijuana Possession Charges – Philadelphia Magazine
Additionally, the DA’s office said that it had filed a lawsuit on February 2nd against Big Pharma under Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Laws for their alleged role in creating the city’s opioid epidemic. The defendants are Purdue Pharma, L.P.; Purdue Pharma, Inc.; The Purdue Frederick Company, Inc.; Allergan Finance, LLC; Cephalon, Inc.; Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.; Endo Health Solutions, Inc.; Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; and Johnson & Johnson.
3 minutes ago by spectrevision
[Changelog] Republic of Ireland Patch notes for version : ireland
Hello and welcome, I’m Leo Varadkar, lead developer of the MMO “Republic of Ireland”, which currently has 4,700,000+ players, and today we’ll be discussing changes coming eventually with the new patch.

-- genius
changelog  funny  mmo  gaming  ireland  patches  comedy 
4 minutes ago by jm
The Florida School Shooting Suspect Snapped Into A Jealous Rage When Another Student Began Dating His Ex-Girlfriend
The Florida School Shooting Suspect Snapped Into A Jealous Rage When Another Student Began Dating His Ex-Girlfriend via Instapaper
IFTTT  Instapaper  Archive  Article 
4 minutes ago by TypingPixels
Bike-friendly Victoria keeps visitors rolling - SFGate
"There is a network of about 450 miles of trails in the Greater Capital Region, and it's possible to cycle off ferries from Vancouver and Anacortes, Wash., then wheel all the way downtown, or to ride from the city to the Gulf Islands and even up to the country roads of the Cowichan Valley."
vacation  bike 
4 minutes ago by look
Strobist: Lighting 101: Introduction
Abstract: Welcome to Lighting 101, and what to expect. Learning how to light is one of the coolest doors you can walk through as a photographer. Photography is, literally, writing with light. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket 
5 minutes ago by trisignia
Countdown: Alles Wichtige zur Datenschutz-Grundverordnung der EU › Jan Philipp Albrecht
Die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung der EU ist seit 25. Mai 2016 in Kraft und wird ab dem 25. Mai 2018 angewendet werden. Hier finden sich alle ...
6 minutes ago by longfried
Saskia Freeke on Twitter: "Geometric Animations / 180217 / #processing #creativecoding #everyday… "
@sasj_nl: "Geometric Animations / 180217 / #processing #creativecoding #everyday"

Geometric Animations / 180217 / #processing #creativecoding #everyday

— Saskia Freeke (@sasj_nl) February 17, 2018
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6 minutes ago by icco
Ultimaker Cura software
basis for Monoprice IIIP slicer software
3d  3dPrinter 
7 minutes ago by Anubus
That Kind of Movie by Anonymous
Groundhog Day AU. V-Day keeps re-setting for Eggsy, but it’s not just as simple as making sure that Harry Hart lives.
fandom:kingsman  pairing:harry/eggsy  rating:pg  author:anonymous  misc:timetravel 
7 minutes ago by krissielee
RT : The main goal of the Russian propaganda and misinformation effort is to divide America by using our institutions, l…
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8 minutes ago by kcarruthers
devje: Right There All the Time
His mothers are obviously in love and totally married in everything but name, so why is Henry the only one in their house who knows this? His moms don't even seem to have noticed that Mom kisses Emma on the cheek every morning when she leaves for work.

Every. Single. Morning.

[Post 4A, Swan-Mills family fluff] (28,300 words)
fandom:ouat  medium:fic  creator:devje  *secondary.fanworks.policy:unknown  length:20k-50k  relationship:femslash  focus:regina.mills  focus:emma.swan  pairing:emma/regina  focus:henry.mills  concept:family  posted:2015-02  bookmarked:2018-02  !no.smut  concept:POV.outside.character  pairing:grace/henry 
9 minutes ago by sylvaine
And when your fairytale is through. - Werepirechick - The Shape of Water (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
Once the police are done stripping Elisa’s apartment of items with ‘questionable origin’, the non-disclosure papers are signed, and a hefty ‘goodwill’ sum deposited in Giles’s bank account, he’s not entirely sure what to do with himself.

It’s been only a few days, hardly a week, and he’s already starting to feel suffocated by the quiet of his apartment.

Which makes the sound of a swift and polite knock on his door all the more surprising.
t:fic  f:theshapeofwater  p:elisa/asset  g:gen  g:outsiderpov 
10 minutes ago by partypaprika
RT : This is the state of play:
- Nick Ross writes truth about LNP’s NBN - He’s Gagged.
- Chris Uhlmann misleads about S…
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10 minutes ago by kcarruthers
Infamous Google memo author shot down by Federal Labor Board • Arc Technica
Sam Machkovech:
<p>The National Labor Relations Board <a href="">published its memo</a> this week, which was issued in January after Damore filed a charge against his former employer on August 8. In spite of Damore withdrawing his NLRB filing in September, the board proceeded to examine and issue its own ruling:

Google "discharged [Damore] only for [his] unprotected conduct while it explicitly affirmed [his] right to engage in protected conduct." The NLRB emphasized that any charge filed by Damore on the matter should be "dismissed."

In explaining the board's reasoning, NLRB member Jayme Sophir points to two specific parts of the controversial memo circulated by Damore in August: Damore's claim that women are "more prone to 'neuroticism,' resulting in women experiencing higher anxiety and exhibiting lower tolerance for stress" and that "men demonstrate greater variance in IQ than women."

Sophir describes how these gender-specific claims resemble other cases decided by the NLRB that revolved around racist, sexist, and homophobic language in the workplace. She says that specific Damore statements were "discriminatory and constituted sexual harassment, notwithstanding [his] effort to cloak [his] comments with 'scientific' references and analysis, and notwithstanding [his] 'not all women' disclaimers. Moreover, those statements were likely to cause serious dissension and disruption in the workplace."
The NLRB memo also includes a quote from Google's letter of termination given to Damore in August, which Sophir says focused specifically on offending, fireable content while also protecting other portions of his speech:
I want to make clear that our decision is based solely on the part of your post that generalizes and advances stereotypes about women versus men. It is not based in any way on the portions of your post that discuss [the Employer’s] programs or trainings, or how [the Employer] can improve its inclusion of differing political views. Those are important points. I also want to be clear that this is not about you expressing yourself on political issues or having political views that are different than others at the company. Having a different political view is absolutely fine. Advancing gender stereotypes is not.

I'm sure that will be the end of it 🙄 But of course not. Jordan Peterson has tweeted that it's the end for science. Google's HR made a subtle distinction in its dismissal, and Damore might not be able to get around that. But every cause needs its martyr.
Damore  gender  sexism 
10 minutes ago by charlesarthur
But hey those millennials are feckless 🙄
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11 minutes ago by kcarruthers
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